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Cutie Mark Crusaders + Babs Seed (Wallpaper)

Used as cover art for stooylen (~KrisTheUnoriginal)'s Pop Remix: [link]

Created in (Sumo Paint).
Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Babs Seed from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro, Inc. / The Hub / Discovery Communications.

Annoyed Scootaloo by *piolet231.
Devious Bloom by ~NewLunaticRepublic.
Babs Seed vector by ~KannaTC.
Sweetie Belle vector by ~HSLDoperator.
Cutie Mark Crusaders logo vector by *AtomicGreymon.
Seamless smooth metal texture by ~hhh316.
Seamless diamond texture by Patrick Hoesly: [link]
Font/typeface used: Avant Garde Gothic.
Time: 2 days (30-75 minutes).
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1920x1080px 1.05 MB
© 2012 - 2021 AdrianMata26
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if the cmc`s were a band This would of been an album cover :)
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We call it, The badass crusaders.
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ok have you been watching too much my little pony
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The reason why people ask if Babs Seed is a cousin to Apple Bloom is probably because she has freckles and eyes similar to Applejack in shape and color.(The mane could be another reason as well.)
lollysholl's avatar
Freckles are like some kind of trait that runs in their family.
www-arturq's avatar
What's that font?
AdrianMata26's avatar
Read the description; the font used is Avant Garde Gothic ;)
www-arturq's avatar
Thank you, I was a dummy =P
www-arturq's avatar
Got it. Avant Garde Gothic ITC
Sakugen's avatar
It looks like Babs is giving me the finger...or hoof.
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Cutie Mark Crusaders - We're Done With Playing The Cute Kids.
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I know what font it is, but how did you cross the Os and Ls like you did in the pony names?
AdrianMata26's avatar
The ITC version of Avant Garde Gothic has an OpenType version which allows me to put in discretionary ligatures and stylistic alternates in the names of the four CMCs. It brings in a more modern but fashion-esque light to it.
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Sucks that I can't find a place to download it for free. :/
ZebulonSmiley's avatar
Don't care what you say guys, Babs Seed is a great addition to the CMC. ^^
x-MidnightAura-x's avatar
She is kind of......awesome?
MrPikmario's avatar
Whole-heartedly agreeing!
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darkoverlords's avatar
I've found my new wallpaper.
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U mess wit da crusaders, yea get bucked!
darkoverlords's avatar
Babs Seed looks more of a cousin to Scootaloo than to Apple Bloom.
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