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Babs Seed - One. Bad. Apple. (Wallpaper)

NOTE: the paint splatters are not blood. Stop complaining.

Graffiti writing
:bulletblack: Babs Seed (That's her name, duh :P)
:bulletred: "CMC [Cutie Mark Crusaders] sucks" (Or Cutie Mark Crybabies, either way's fine with you.)
:bulletblack: Relentless
:bulletred: "[I] don't give a damn"
:bulletblack: "Cooler than [yo]u"
:bulletred: Boss
:bulletblack: "Twilight [Sparkle] is an egghead" (No offense, Twi.)

Recording artists listened to during the making of this wallpaper
:bulletblack: Kylie Minogue
:bulletred: Kanye West
:bulletblack: Coldplay
:bulletred: Björk
:bulletblack: La Roux
:bulletred: Little Boots
:bulletblack: deadmau5
:bulletred: Avril Lavigne
:bulletblack: Rihanna

Used as/for...
:bulletblack: Cover art for the Rare Diamonds Remix of Babs Seed: [link]
:bulletred: YouTube video: [link] (by ~4Suit)

Created in (Sumo Paint).
Babs Seed from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro, Inc. / The Hub / Discovery Communications.

Babs Seed vector by *MarelynManson.
Film Burn, pt. 8 by ~AproposResources.
Light leak: [link]
Seamless brick wall texture: [link]
Subtle grunge texture by ~lostandtaken.
Fonts/typefaces used: Avant Garde Gothic, Lubalin Graph.
Time: 45-75 minutes.
Image details
Image size
1920x1080px 5.34 MB
© 2012 - 2021 AdrianMata26
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EllyJacksonsGurl's avatar
i like that u listened 2 la roux while making it :3
i dont like mlp tho
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Talmunen's avatar
Shes on her period :3
WatchPonyDA's avatar
Hope yo don't mind but I featured your wallpaper on my YouTube video here. [link]
AdrianMata26's avatar
I watched the video a few hours ago, but thanks for using it! Nice to see that this wallpaper is being used probably almost everywhere.
ajshim's avatar
Someone please go to Manhattan and make this real!
Krasniye's avatar
haha, this is great, I think Babs is a really welly designed character.
bryfury's avatar
nice wallpaper, also, the cherry juice is a nice touch ^^
AdrianMata26's avatar
Uh... cherry juice? I think they're supposed to be paint splatters...

But thanks anyway!
DarknessOfRain's avatar
Um... You can hate me for asking...

But why is she bleeding there? O.o
AdrianMata26's avatar
UtterlyLudicrous's avatar
Congrats, man! SimGretina used this as his song background on YouTube.
AdrianMata26's avatar
AkantiaSolaris's avatar
Awesome wallpaper <3
Juria316's avatar
Ah, makes me think of the end line. :D
supersonic3225's avatar
Unblock him now please.
AdrianMata26's avatar
There, I did it. Happy now?
supersonic3225's avatar
Thank you you won't hear from him again I promise.
AdrianMata26's avatar
I already posted a short apology to him on his page. Sorry 'bout that.
Azure-Dragon-Seiryu's avatar
and forget about spoilers I always find ways and go ahead and look for new pictures of new charactes.
Azure-Dragon-Seiryu's avatar
at least she should've been differen't shades of green. I don't like her colors.
AdrianMata26's avatar
At least be appreciative of what Hasbro and DHX Media has got in store for us and be open-minded... geez...
nicolushka's avatar
I just found my new wallpaper for my laptop!
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