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Favourite Visual Artist
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Toy Story, Cars, A Bug's Life, Open Season, Monster Inc, Shrek,
Favourite TV Shows
Robotboy, The Loud House, Veggietales, South Park, Sesame Street, Spongebob Squarepants, Battle For Dream Island, Thomas and Friends, Inanimate Insanity, The Simspons, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Andrew Spencer, Maroon 5, Ween Ocean Man, Michael Jackson,
Favourite Books
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Plants vs Zombies, Super Mario, Angry Birds, Minecraft, Sonic The Hedgehog
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS4, Wii, Xbox,

The Adventures of Firey Official Trailer

The Adventures of Firey Official Trailer

The Adventures Of Firey Official Trailer #1 (The trailer starts with the music, About You by Bobby Darin, while Warner Bros. Pictures, YouTube and TimeWarner logos appeared, panorama . Then it fades to black and The camera switches to a city of The Bay Area, California.) MePhone4: Hello, Firey, How you doing Firey: Oh I'm Very Awesome (Firey walking in outside the House) Firey: Leafy did you Find Rocky? Leafy: No Firey and Leafy: Rocky?, Rocky?, Rocky?, Rocky?, Rocky!!!!!!!!! Firey: Well can't Find Rocky Leafy: Agreed (With Bastille Things We Lost In The Fire played in the background with title, "From the studio that brought you Looney Tunes Back in Action.") Narrator: From the studio that brought you Looney Tunes Back in Action Firey: Okay guys, Let's Get find Rocky OJ: But How? Firey: I Need to build boat rescue Rocky. Bubble, You will finding Woods. OJ and Knife, you guys go to find nails and Hammer. Pen, you must find Saw. and Ruby.... Ruby: Um, Didn't

The Adventures of Firey Teaser Trailer

The Adventures of Firey Teaser Trailer

(The trailer starts with the music, Five Armies by Kevin MacLeod music, With Firey.) Male Announcer: Before Object Show. (Another with Leafy) Male Announcer: They will be prepared to train hard, move fast, be brave, relentless... (A Third with Bubble) Male Announcer: ... and above all, be ready, for anything like the most daring quest. (A Fourth with Ruby) Male Announcer: Now, in the summer of 2020, They will be called upon to the team and do what they can to save the entire world. (The music stops with the Burning.) Firey: Um Guys? I Think were gonna have to take Action, Oh well maybe. (Burn by Ellie Goulding starts to play as a st

Battle For Dream Island Again 2 Ep2

Battle For Dream Island Again 2 Ep2

Coiny: Let's try to come up with a team name. Donut: Please tell me you did not just say that. Coiny: Why? Donut: JUST FORGET IT! Coiny: Donut, we need a way to identify ourselves. Donut: Whatever! (Leaves) Tree: (Covered in ooze), (appears) Coiny: Woah! Pin, what happened?! Wait you Not Pin. Tree: No I'm Not Last night, I got really nervous about being eliminated, so I got all sweaty! Coiny: But this isn't sweat, it's ooze. Tree: I know. Pins sweat ooze, not water. Coiny: Weird. Anyway, got any team names? Tree: Oh, let's call ourselves: The Bomby Firey Coiny Me Teardrop Snowball Spongy Lollipop Saw Fanny Donut Bunch. Coiny: Ser

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Thanks for the fave, but it's too bad that you haven't added a comment ON the pic...

Thank you for the fave! :)

Thanks for the favorites! :)

requests: two tommys turnbulls please?

hurry up is just minutes!

Acepting Requests????

Thanks for the fav!