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iOS Scrollbars

iOS Scrollbars for Mac OS 10.6 only

How to install:
Open the file with ThemePark and press on "Apply Theme".
Then restart your mac.
This file only replaces the scrollbars.

Known bugs:
The background of the scollbar is white, so it stays white if the background is colorfull.
I didn't find a way to fix that. If someone has an idea just tell.

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and how to restore to the default mac? tks :)
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just press "revert to aqua" in the menubar of theme park.
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the mac os x lion square buttons... the default.. you know in snow leopard and leopard there are round buttons... in snow leopard there are square buttons! but i made a lion theme for snow leopard, and i used this scroll bars!!! THX again.. can you create a lion progress bar???
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No. Not enough time. I'm working on a game called Gentle Clonker 2.
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This is amazing!!! can you crate one with the lion's square buttons???
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thank you :>
which buttons do you mean?
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good work man!
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i think i can fix the white bg bug but i need to give it a nother try ,did u try to change the column sizer color as the default sucks and i cant manage to change it to plain white or just 2 bars to match the rest of the mod..
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i fixed the column sizer beside some minor stuff ,and to make it colorefull u will have to make the scroll bar trans ,without any color < thats the only way for it to work if u want to have a colorful bg ,if u want i can send u the fixed one.
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its not working like Lion ,its totaly different and cant be transparent ,it have to be colored :(.
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Great!. I love this. Fantastic work. I have one question: Can You make this mod for iTunes too? Please.
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Sorry, but i can't :(
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how can i reset them ?
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Just revert your theme to aqua [link]
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different idea...I wanted more and you definetely got the skill....can you help me making wooden theme for 10.6.6 wiht themepark 4.1 ... i ve collected all wooden icons dock icons.... here is my email .. let me join your opportunitites
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Sorry, but i don't have enough time for this.
But if you want to change your dock icons you have to use Candybar [link]
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Thank you for super fast reply ... can you guide me how cani change the menu bar color to wooden waxy using theme park ... thanks you much
AdrianFahrbach's avatar
I'm exactly not really experienced in theme park. :(
You have to open the extra or art file and search for the menu bar.
Maybe google can help you finding the file you have to change.
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I created this..hehe
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very nice setup, simple and crisp. already installed and everything works fine. (10.6.6)
is it possible that you make a lighter version of this one. a decent gray tone would be lovely?!
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I'll make grey version too, but it will look a little bit different...
I'm glad that you like it :)
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that is great new!
thank you very much for your effort and time.

i really like that mod a lot. i have another little request if that is ok with you:
previously i used "Caesar Leopard" mod which came also with a different progressindicator i really liked a lot (see screenshot) [link] but lost after switching to your version. is it possible for you to also implement the same on maybe ?!

if not it is no problem at all. (:
keep up the great work!
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So do you want me to input the progress bar into this theme?
I don't really understand, because my english sucks ^^
A scrollbar like the progress bar is a great idea...
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