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EDIT: I'm waiting CassidyGilgun and Izayoi1265 characters, so it's still open for any characters of yours to join!!!

EDIT 2: I'm finishing my own characters to join you guys properly, we could say the party is so good it's been rolling through months XD

What's all this about?

- I had a hard time figuring out what to do for celebrate my 400+ watchers... So, after some frustration and some very helpful fellas' suggestions <3 I've got this idea:

LET'S MAKE AN OC HALLOWEEN PARTY! ~ kinda a giant collab!


1. Any watcher (new ones always welcome) may participate in this event. You may draw as many original characters of yours - NO MEDIA EXISTENT CHARACTERS, BUT MEDIA OCs ARE WELCOME - in halloween party outfits - or any kind of costume/dress up.
- For example, you can draw your character into a kimono, or an indigenous clothing - it would qualify as dress up, not costume - it's not disrespectful to try on new outfits, specially if you admire their culture/style.

2. You may draw in any media type or style, BUT YOU MUST EDIT IT AS A NO BACKGROUND PNG.
- So I can put everyone together through Photoshop magic!

3. You can draw your character in any pose or clothing, but MUST BE FULLBODY AND COLORED! NO NSFW OR GORE allowed - not even boobies - aka is forbidden: female nipples, both male and female sexual parts, butthole showing, gore of any kind - please note that a little blood can be portrayed for Halloween's sake, but no violence or proper gore.
- And please keep them at least not too much hyper sexualized cause I don't want anything that could be mature tagged. Sexy characters are welcome, just don't overdo it please - or your character won't be featured/ kindly be asked to redraw.
- if you read this, comment 'spoopy' - can be styled - so I know you've read it all!
- Also, keep in mind if any character can be flying or floating, it would be preferred as I don't know how many ocs will be submitted!
- And I may have to resize some OCs, for size comparison sake.
- If your OC has multiple forms, choose only one! (I know it's hard to choose)
- Don't repeat your character, not draw them multiple times, don't draw other peoples' ocs.
- I'm asking all fullbody and colored so they can fit together nicely, please don't be rough about it!

4. You also can draw your OCs together, even if they're a bunch!

5. Animal, feral, humanoid, closed species or even monster OCs, everyone is welcome!

6. AFTER drawn, you must comment your DEVIATION LINK, NOT STASH in this journal. No special title is needed, but would be nice to link this journal so more people can join! - I guess it's no need to make this a rule, I'd just kindly ask this.

7. Characters are only gonna be featured in the Halloween Watchers Party deviation if they follow all the rules! - I will kindly comment to you if your comment or art fail some of the aspects, so you may re-do it - please don't take it too personal!
- P.S. My own caracters will join ^^ but they will be surprise poses!

8. You may show on comments WIP processes, WIP images or even ask me if it's under the rules about sexyness and gore restrictions ^^
- PS. You may comment asking someone to collab with you, making your characters interact! - Or just make your own characters interacting! ^^

9. I'd like to ask someone (anyone, even if not watcher) to contribute creating a BACKGROUND to this, as I can't do backgrounds for the sake of me - It can be anything Halloween/night/scary/party related, it will also be featured after approval.
- If more than one background is suggested, we'll have a poll deciding the choosen one - or even have multiple bgs with same character positions!

10. Deadline - 23:59 OCTOBER 28TH GMT -3:00
- So I have time to add last ones to the batch.
EDIT: I'm waiting CassidyGilgun and Izayoi1265 characters, so it's still open for any characters of yours to join!!!

11. The participants will have their arts featured above in a tracker (only when art is done and approved)

PNG helper Volunteer: CensoredSecret

Background Contributions:
A unique landscape. by Sakura-of-Zendikar


The Nightmare Before Christmas - This is halloween - YouTube
Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters - YouTube
Luigi's Mansion Theme (Orchestral) - YouTube
London Symphony Orchestra's Thriller with Michael Jackson and Vincent Price's Vocals - YouTube
(1) Scooby Doo on Zombie Island - It's Terror Time Again [FULL SONG W/ LYRICS] - YouTube
Monster Mash , Bobby "Boris" Pickett , 1962 Vinyl - YouTube
Werewolves Of London - YouTube
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Best Version Ever) - YouTube
Don't Scream (It's Only Halloween) - YouTube
Love potion number 9, The Searchers - YouTube
Mysto & Pizzi - Somebody's Watching Me (GEICO) - YouTube
(1) Siouxsie The Banshees - Halloween - YouTube
(1) santana- black magic woman - YouTube
The Devil Went Down to Georgia - YouTube
Edgar Winter, The Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein (Audio) - YouTube
THE HEX GIRLS || Live Action Music Video - YouTube
Luigi's Mansion [Remix] - YouTube
Grim Grinning Ghosts - YouTube
Ghost - Rats (Official Music Video) - YouTube
UNDERTALE ★ MiatriSs - Mad Mew Mew Song - YouTube
UNDERTALE - Mad Mew Mew (Gooseworx Cover) - YouTube
WELCOME HOME: A BATIM Animated Musical [SquigglyDigg & Gabe Castro] - YouTube
Set It Off - Killer In The Mirror (Official Music Video) - YouTube
Set it Off - Hypnotized [Lyrics] - YouTube
Set It Off - Kill The Lights (Lyric Video) - YouTube
Say Amen (Saturday Night) - YouTube
Evangelion - "Cruel Angel's Thesis" (FULL Opening) | ENGLISH ver | AmaLee - YouTube
Soul Eater - "PAPERMOON" (Opening) | ENGLISH ver | AmaLee & dj-Jo - YouTube
Attack on Titan - "Guren no Yumiya" (OP/OPENING) | ENGLISH ver | AmaLee - YouTube
Blue Exorcist OP/Opening - "In My World" | ENGLISH Ver | AmaLee - YouTube
Overlord III - "Voracity" (Opening) | ENGLISH Ver | AmaLee - YouTube
Overlord III Opening - Voracity [Full English Version] - YouTube
Optimus Prime vs Gundam | Death Battle Music (Name in description) - YouTube
Stronger Together (Power Rangers vs Voltron) - YouTube
Phantom of the Opera THEME SONG (Original Cast Members) - YouTube
Camille Saint-Saëns - Danse Macabre - YouTube
Dark Vampire Music - The Vampire Masquerade | Waltz - YouTube
One Eyed one Horned Flying Purple People Eater - YouTube
Hellraiser soundtrack 02 - Resurrection - YouTube
Oingo Boingo Dead Man's Party - YouTube
Oogie Boogie song lyrics - YouTube
Spooky Scary Skeletons - ANDREW GOLD - YouTube

Adriane's pick:
Luca Turilli - I'm Alive - YouTube
"Earth, Wind, Fire, and Air" by the Hex Girls - YouTube
Voltaire - Almost Human - The Night - YouTube
Land of the Dead by Voltaire - YouTube
Powerwolf "We Drink Your Blood" (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - YouTube
Luca Turilli - Demonheart - YouTube
She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart - YouTube
Vernian Process - Something Wicked (That Way Went) - YouTube
She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart - YouTube

Participating Watchers' Original Characters: 
Halloween by Da-random-drawer

Jack Halloween Costume by CoolCordova Sophie Halloween Costume by CoolCordova  Tommy and Mercy's Halloween Costume by CoolCordova

Berserker halloween costume by NecromancerKing85

Voodoo Halloween by watercat1

Terror Beast Halloween by Springtrap9Atlas

CKR and Princess Elsie's Halloween Costumes by Colonel-Knight-Rider

Rozu And Alice Halloween by coatedwolf

[Drawing] Happy halloween! by lucia2112

Kambry Disguised As Rockstar Freddy For Hallowen2 by chocolateadict12

Kimono chrystal. by marshmellowcookies Samuel  Ninja by marshmellowcookies

Zeke (and his tag) by Light-He-arth  Hariken, the Demon of Wind by Light-He-arth  Zacory Zakrei by Light-He-arth  Rose Thorn by Light-He-arth

<da:thumb id="769510301"/>

month of cosplay by HowAmIInSoManyFandom month of cosplay 2 by HowAmIInSoManyFandom

Tis The Magic In The Season by MysticMokenba3131

Halloween Party by CensoredSecret

It's Terror Time Again by JJproduction297  That's me as a skeleton ink by JJproduction297

Halloween  Collab   Shiwan by Izayoi1265  Halloween  Collab   Kenji by Izayoi1265

© 2018 - 2021 AdrianeCasini
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Colonel-Knight-Rider's avatar
Hey, Adriane, would you like to give this Halloween party another go?  I know you weren't able to do so last year because of family drama as well as the fact that you live in a politically troubled environment, but I hope things are less tense now. :D :hug: :aww:
AdrianeCasini's avatar
In fact I intend to finish last party - maybe it was so good it took a whole year... XD but I can see if people may want it...
HowAmIInSoManyFandom's avatar
Hey, what happened to this? Are you still working on it?
AdrianeCasini's avatar
Yes, it's not dead. I'll say a word about it soon
Izayoi1265's avatar
finally my second boy join the party. XD
Halloween  Collab   Kenji by Izayoi1265
AdrianeCasini's avatar
(sorry for late reply, but I had seen) welcome to the party!
Izayoi1265's avatar
(it's alright. :D

Thank you, nice to be here. ^^
AdrianeCasini's avatar
Dear, I'll send you a note, check it please?
Izayoi1265's avatar
here is my entry, even if didn't saw the note in which I send him XDD
Halloween  Collab   Shiwan by Izayoi1265
AdrianeCasini's avatar
Sorry for late reply, sweetie!
Izayoi1265's avatar
it's okay, sweety.
I just was a little bit confused as you send your second reminder for the collab, after I send you my first part. XD
So I post it here once again, to be sure that you see it. ^^
AdrianeCasini's avatar
No problem dear ^^ I'll wait if you come up with any more characters
Izayoi1265's avatar
You way to patient to me, my deary.  ^^ Now I feel a bit guilty for letting you wait.  ...... although,  Thank you very very much.  *sigh*
Okay I will see if I have enough time to finish a second one till sunday, so I could load him up, at the moment I couldn't do it because of a low internet connection. p__q
AdrianeCasini's avatar
No problem dear ^^ Anyone got angry or sad, so there's no problem to me on waiting ^^
MysticMokenba3131's avatar
AdrianeCasini's avatar
Welcome to the partay!
AdrianeCasini's avatar
HowAmIInSoManyFandom's avatar
AdrianeCasini's avatar
Where's your first one, dear? btw welcome to the partay!
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