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AdrianeCasini has started a donation pool!
86 / 1,200

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Commissions | | My Original Characters List

What I will draw:

- Original characters of yours (reference needed)
- Fan Art of any media
- Humanoid creatures (please send a reference by note, detailed characters may vary price) 
- Steven Universe Gems or Gemsonas (provide gemstone, reference or description)
- You or any other person you may ask (photo reference needed)
- Portrait by photo, of you or any other person you may ask (photo reference needed)
- Simple poses (if you choose a reference that would be great)


What I will NOT draw:
- Porn, Gore, violence, fetishism, etc
- Animals, furries, unapproved creatures
- Landscapes, backgrounds
- Complicated and dynamic poses (send a reference if you're not sure the pose is simple or not)

What's a Commission? - It's a paid art you may ask me.

How do I pay? - By Points or Paypal.

How I ask you for a drawing? - Send me a note and we'll talk.


Okay, I got it... What do I send in the note? - Send a note, explaining:

- Reference of the character/person to be drawn
- Name, age, gender, personality, a brief description of the character/person
- Haircolor, hairstyle, eyes color, skin tone, body tipe
- Desired outfit and pose (references needed)
- Details like jewelry, tattoos, scars, special features
- What kind of commission (please keep reading, it's just below)


Commission Rules:

- Commission subject only 
- You must send the full payment upfront (do not send it untill commission is set)
- A link to my Paypal account will be sent if you choose Paypal payment
- Do not say the artlines are yours, credit me, please respect my art
- You may resubmit the art, crediting properly
- No deadlines. I make art at my free time, I'm at college and it may slow my art progress



[A5] Inked Lineart Headshot (optional gridding) - 20 points per character 
Surprise Happy Birthday to dazzle-stock by AdrianeCasini

[A5] Pencil Half Bodyshot - 50 points per character
OC: June - You... Soothes Me by AdrianeCasini  [OC] Lady Eyna by AdrianeCasini  [OC] Yxua, The Princess of the Vixusn by AdrianeCasini 

[A4] Sketch Pencil Headshot - U$ 1,50 per character / 150 points
OC: Samantha (Portrait) by AdrianeCasini   Ganymede [Free Art Raffle Winner March 2018] by AdrianeCasini

[A4] Pencil Headshot -  U$ 3 per character / 300 points

Commission - Hunter by AdrianeCasini  


[A4] Ink Headshot - U$ 3,50 per character / 350 points

Anna! For Akarudsan by AdrianeCasini

[A4] Full Color Headshot -  U$ 5 per character / 500 points

Commission - Okiko Shinjuhana by AdrianeCasini   Fan Art - Nicky - Let's play a bit rougher by AdrianeCasini


[A4] Sketch Bodyshot, simple pose - U$ 2 per character / 200 points

Oc: Anythea - That moment when people deifies you by AdrianeCasini  OC: June (W.I.P) by AdrianeCasini  [Concept Art] Risa'ad by AdrianeCasini  

[A4] Ink bodyshot, simple pose -  U$ 4 per character / 400 points

OC: The Plain Ripper (LineArt) by AdrianeCasini

[A4] Full Color Bodyshot, simple pose - U$ 6 per character / 600 points

  Fan Art - Aarel by AdrianeCasini

(Starting to work in these commissions on September 1st)

littlestsocipath (On hold until current art pile finishes)


1. darkfire73
2. Torrin-McFinn77


Fri Sep 21, 2018, 8:09 PM
Commissions | | My Original Characters List

What's all this about?

- I had a hard time figuring out what to do for celebrate my 400+ watchers... So, after some frustration and some very helpful fellas' suggestions <3 I've got this idea:

LET'S MAKE AN OC HALLOWEEN PARTY! ~ kinda a giant collab!


1. Any watcher (new ones always welcome) may participate in this event. You may draw as many original characters of yours - NO MEDIA EXISTENT CHARACTERS, BUT MEDIA OCs ARE WELCOME - in halloween party outfits - or any kind of costume/dress up.
- For example, you can draw your character into a kimono, or an indigenous clothing - it would qualify as dress up, not costume - it's not disrespectful to try on new outfits, specially if you admire their culture/style.

2. You may draw in any media type or style, BUT YOU MUST EDIT IT AS A NO BACKGROUND PNG.
- So I can put everyone together through Photoshop magic!

3. You can draw your character in any pose or clothing, but MUST BE FULLBODY AND COLORED! NO NSFW OR GORE allowed - not even boobies - aka is forbidden: female nipples, both male and female sexual parts, butthole showing, gore of any kind - please note that a little blood can be portrayed for Halloween's sake, but no violence or proper gore.
- And please keep them at least not too much hyper sexualized cause I don't want anything that could be mature tagged. Sexy characters are welcome, just don't overdo it please - or your character won't be featured/ kindly be asked to redraw.
- if you read this, comment 'spoopy' - can be styled - so I know you've read it all!
- Also, keep in mind if any character can be flying or floating, it would be preferred as I don't know how many ocs will be submitted!
- And I may have to resize some OCs, for size comparison sake.
- If your OC has multiple forms, choose only one! (I know it's hard to choose)
- Don't repeat your character, not draw them multiple times, don't draw other peoples' ocs.
- I'm asking all fullbody and colored so they can fit together nicely, please don't be rough about it!

4. You also can draw your OCs together, even if they're a bunch!

5. Animal, feral, humanoid, closed species or even monster OCs, everyone is welcome!

6. AFTER drawn, you must comment your DEVIATION LINK, NOT STASH in this journal. No special title is needed, but would be nice to link this journal so more people can join! - I guess it's no need to make this a rule, I'd just kindly ask this.

7. Characters are only gonna be featured in the Halloween Watchers Party deviation if they follow all the rules! - I will kindly comment to you if your comment or art fail some of the aspects, so you may re-do it - please don't take it too personal!
- P.S. My own caracters will join ^^ but they will be surprise poses!

8. You may show on comments WIP processes, WIP images or even ask me if it's under the rules about sexyness and gore restrictions ^^
- PS. You may comment asking someone to collab with you, making your characters interact! - Or just make your own characters interacting! ^^

9. I'd like to ask someone (anyone, even if not watcher) to contribute creating a BACKGROUND to this, as I can't do backgrounds for the sake of me - It can be anything Halloween/night/scary/party related, it will also be featured after approval.
- If more than one background is suggested, we'll have a poll deciding the choosen one - or even have multiple bgs with same character positions!

10. Deadline - 23:59 OCTOBER 28TH GMT -3:00
- So I have time to add last ones to the batch.

11. The participants will have their arts featured above in a tracker (only when art is done and approved)

PNG helper Volunteer: CensoredSecret

Background Contributions: 0 yet.

Party's Spooky Playlist:
The Nightmare Before Christmas - This is halloween - YouTube

Participating Watchers' Original Characters: 
Halloween by Da-random-drawer

Jack Halloween Costume by CoolCordova Sophie Halloween Costume by CoolCordova

Berserker halloween costume by NecromancerKing85

Voodoo Halloween by watercat1

Terror Beast Halloween by Springtrap9Atlas

CKR and Princess Elsie's Halloween Costumes by Colonel-Knight-Rider

So, as you already know, I love raffles, and some of them ask you to tag people - most of the time I don't know whoever would like being tagged, but in this journal I'll feature people who'd like to be tagged in any raffles (and any of you can come check this journal for tagging into new raffles, or comment to be added to the list)!

PS. You can share with others so they can be on the list to anyone tag them along! - Or tag these below to any raffles!

1. AdrianeCasini 
2. Springtrap9Atlas
3. MysticMokenba3131
4. Vakiarts
5. xAnatneMx 
6. Constantine-Woodhull 
7. Hincaru 
8. lucia2112
9. ProtoTEnterprise
10. CensoredSecret
Commissions | | My Original Characters List

(Most are name-coded for the sake of surpise / privacy)


AdrianeCasini's September Song Titles - Art Challenge for September, kindly made for me by :iconthe-darkwolf:

# littlestsocipath’s COMMISSION - PAID (college stuck me, sorry being late)

# A4 colour headshot  (1/2) - 2 Arts for 3 characters, 08/08-now

# Pokémon Adopt Idea (probably uploading it by day 15/09)

# I'm gonna join Constantine-Woodhull 's Draw Your Dreams Challenge!!


FAST ARTS - Simple/small art pieces, so they'll probably get done first

# 200th watcher celebration 
  (art + post which is coming soon, cause of this is late)

# This is Sparta
   (sketchy fun thing)

# 2x A5 headshots
  (you guessed right - or not - buying one more character)

# 2x A5 half-bodies
   (buying two characters *deep breath*)

DETAILED ARTS - They take a bit much of time, but it's my perfectionism's fault

# 2 A4 fullbody, 1 A5 halfbody and 1 A4 headshot of the same character
  (for buying two more characters)

# Art Raffle Winners (there will be 3)
  (Starting on September 16th )

PERSONAL PROJECTS (hope I get time for them somewhere in the near future)

# Heavy Fire (I didn't forget)

# Sweet couple

# Art to awesome designer

# Gift to the kindiest person

# RPG character - player 1

# RPG character - player 2

# Digital portrait (keep it secret)

# art trade


# siren

# Someday I'll redraw/give colours and make a toyhouse page for all of my characters: 
  (and the ones I bought - they will only be shown when I draw them first time)

(Added 01/09) OBS 01: Added more characters to Toyhouse:  AdrianeCasini on Toyhouse
Annyz page on toyhouse is being used for testing programming custom pages
Gave most of my characters a journal for their own: My Original Characters List - Fanarts Appreciated!

(Added 07/09) OBS 02: Some updates!
The pageviews are coming in 300+ PER DAY! That's awesome, I'm still shook everytime it happens (it has been 3 days straight by now)
I reached 300+ Watchers! That's insane, cause I only reached 200 last month! - Thank you all guys <3
I'm gonna keep my plan of doing a Watchers Feature (suggestede by the 200th watcher, in case would be only the watchers until 200th) for celebrating 200+ Watchers, now I'll have to work on 300+ celebration as well (probably making one to the watchers from 200 to 300 too) besides some special celebration/event we should do... Accepting ideas and suggestions!
Added 'Whats Going On' custom box next to comments, so you guys can see what I'm doing right now (it is more for me, it calms me to know y'all won't be wondering where I am) - I'm still gonna reply any comments.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Guys, sorry for the video Being late. Throwback Tuesday video will be posted by 1 am gmt - 3:00 hope you guys don't get mad :(
I just did a 4.5 hours test. Drawing a mechanism. I'm so dead and with headache. But at least I have chance to get an A
That moment a friend says I'm gonna be her "agent" to her future streamer career.

Me: *laughs having fun and joking about*
She: I'm serious, let me know what I need
Me: Oh, you need *some stuff here*
She: I'll tell you when I buy it
Me: OH.MY.GOD. What?!
I just came back home... There's 600+ notifications just of today... In total 5.740+ 
I'm so done. Sorry I'll have to erase all deviations and journal notifications, I just can't

BTW my little cousin's dance group yesterday got first place in their category, Constantine-Woodhull 

Page Design Credits and Thank You! <3


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