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Which game should I play on the channel? (some of these I do not own, so I'd have to grab a unofficial copy, if you know what I mean) 

18 deviants said Minecraft (I'd play it on a mod launcher but would play vanilla 1.14)
18 deviants said Niche (an indie game I own and I can play the new experimental version <3 )
9 deviants said The Sims 4 (I'd have to download a unofficial copy)
7 deviants said Others (please suggest)

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Hi sweets!

First of all, thank you guys so so much for all the kindness I received on my birthday! You guys were so amazing! <3 Love y'all!
If I haven't replied someone, so sorry but too much notifications -@

My health issues are slowing down, and I'm getting used to my new routine, so... I may come back soon, but way less online as earlier this year because of personal life happening. My spine s being treated, I'll get back to the psychiatrist soon to her evaluate my  mind, and my wrist is not hurting anymore - but I got tooth pain LOL.

What it means? Well, I have almost 7k notifications to go through, and haven't being able to be too much online. I'm gonna do my best to work my way through notifications and stuff. May release some photo packs soon - I know some of you missed my photography! May rework my schedule and I'll notify you guys as soon I get on track!

 Pink Heart Icon  I love you, everyone! 


Mon Dec 31, 2018, 8:21 AM
Commissions | | My Original Characters List

The projects gonna be added as I set priority - it is also a Done List for the future.

I already apologize for the late works, as you may or may not know, a lot of stuff happened in 2018 - and the very beggining of 2019's January - it affected not only my productivity, but also my mental health. Sorry for tagging everyone, but it helps me to keep track.

PS. Changed post name so it don't look so... Job-ish, and also cause I want it to be a little like a daily, a tracker for any small victories over unproductivity! Also, you guys get to know what I'm doing!

Pink Heart Icon= ALL DONE
Blue Heart Icon= NOT STARTED 

February Progress

Pink Heart Icon
#1 - Posted my first photopack, from 'My Little Forest' session (08/02)
There are 16 photos in the pack, half the price from the single photo deviations! 
[Photo Pack] My Little Forest by AdrianeCasini

Pink Heart Icon
#2 - My first 'Weekly Art Update' post (09/02)
It covers my current commission list and the to-do list for February 10-16 week…

Pink Heart Icon
#3 - Created public-access Commission and Weekly To do Lists (09/02)
Commission To Do List:
Weekly To Do List:

Pink Heart Icon
#4 - Finally choose a Tagline! (09/02)

Newb Character Creation Goddess!
LOOOOOOL I like it very much cause it's so funny it makes me smile XD 

Green Heart Icon
#5 - ShowYourHeart! (09/02)…
This is part one cause I intend finishing a couple drawing before it ends!

Pink Heart Icon
#6 - Renamed all unnamed characters of my Toyhouse! (10/02)…

Pink Heart Icon
#7 - Finished Jeff Callahan for FreeFallingUp13 (10/02)
[TRADE] Jeff Callahan for FreeFallingUp13 by AdrianeCasini

Green Heart Icon 
#8 - Started reuploading some old art I had stored (10/02)
Idea is to unstorage everything

Pink Heart Icon 
#9 - 30 minutes art challenge - Lionfish (11/02)
Lionfish by AdrianeCasini

Blue Heart Icon 
#10 - Got challenged to do a 15 minutes artwork XD (12/02)

Pink Heart Icon 
#11 - Adopted a cute gal from Anat-nem


January Progress

Pink Heart Icon 
#1 -  
littlestsocipath’s COMMISSION - {DONE}
Finished sketching (01/01)
Commission finished and posted (08/01)
  Alex and Felicity by AdrianeCasini  [COMMISSION] - Alex e Felicity for littlestsocipat by AdrianeCasini

Pink Heart Icon 
#2 - Sold Alyssa to LunaSukii (03/01)
[FAST ADOPT] #1 Alyssa - CLOSED by AdrianeCasini

Green Heart Icon 
#3 - Shiomareeha (gift for a friend) - {DONE}
Finished and posted (03/01)
Shiomareeha by AdrianeCasini
Sketching Shiomareeha and her boyfriend - preview (22/01)…
Jpeg 20190122 012404 by AdrianeCasini

Green Heart Icon 
#4 - Genki The Inccubus (FREE ADOPT FOR WATCHERS) - {1/3 DONE}
Announced, open for watchers to join (04/01)……
Sketched and posted (08/01)
[FREE ADOPT] - Genki The Inccubus [CLOSED] by AdrianeCasini
Owner randomly drawn - wallboi (09/01)…
COMING SOON: Child and Teen Bios for 

Green Heart Icon 
#5 - Mal the Succubus (FREE ADOPT FOR WATCHERS) - {Announced}
Announced, open for watchers to join (09/01)…

Blue Heart Icon 
#6 - OC OF THE MONTH: Annye, The Pokémon Trainer and Researcher (09/01)
Working her concept (16/01)

Blue Heart Icon 
#7 - 
Darkfire73's COMMISSION has been delayed - 48h without reply
His profile page says he's been offline for 14 weeks (10/01)

Pink Heart Icon 
#8 - Bought an Adopt (10/01)
Daq2eku-72ca85d8-4beb-4635-8c1d-76ffd6b9067d by UnseenIvy
She will be named and related to Lady Eyna in some way!
It's a Collab of 
UnseenIvy and Aelinau (now my mermaid gorgeous)
  Head shot adoptable batch closed!!! by UnseenIvy

Pink Heart Icon 
#9 - 
FreeFallingUp13's ART TRADE {1/2} - FINISHED
Old Previews (2018)
40805302 1437597609675894 6338703049732653056 N by AdrianeCasini  44307039 1997095386996383 9184372209093705728 N by AdrianeCasini  44282951 314655235782926 2498292930310045696 N by AdrianeCasini
  44087370 2199567000368943 837409225608003584 N by AdrianeCasini
Finished piece of Jeff:
[TRADE] Jeff Callahan for FreeFallingUp13 by AdrianeCasini

Blue Heart Icon 
#10 - A collab with UnseenIvy may be in the way, probably next month (11/01)

Blue Heart Icon 
#11 - Possibly also having a collab with GreyLightSolstice13 some day (11/01)

Green Heart Icon 
#12 - Torrin-McFinn77's COMMISSION - {SKETCHING}
Preview (11/01) -…
50009489 329386044575993 4052399543260545024 N by AdrianeCasini

Pink Heart Icon 
#13 - Bought another Adopt! (16/01)
A by UnseenIvy
It's a Collab of UnseenIvy  and AelinauI've bought my beautiful pinkie opal gal!
Head shot adoptable batch closed!!! by UnseenIvy
Pink Heart Icon 
#14 - Opened Gacha Gemsonas!

Green Heart Icon 
#15 - Working on Little Circle Headshots for Anythea as reference for her! (12/01)
20190112 010408 by AdrianeCasini
More of them to come!

Green Heart Icon 
#16 - Working on an Anythea's portrait (24/01)
First Preview:
20190125 204744 by AdrianeCasini

Pink Heart Icon 
#17 - Made a Guessing Game at Discord server (25/01)…
Winner: Just-An-Artist97 - Prize: A5 Sketch Headshot of Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)
[GAME PRIZE] - Aqua for Just-An-Artist97 by AdrianeCasini

Blue Heart Icon 
#18 - Won 3 full REOSAN breeding slots from Diamond-Dust-Dragon (28/01)…
Of her beautiful Akai:
Akai 3885 by Reos-Empire
(marked blue as I didn't breed any Varyon with her - yet)
- YES I finally jumped into a Closed Species and I loved them
- Gonna adopt some cubs and make them able to breed
- Persona for riding my own Varyons incoming someday

Green Heart Icon  
#19 - Adopted 2 male Varyon Genos from Reos Adoption Center! (30/01)
B737 -…
B762 -…
Yet to work their designs, and wait to being accepted (I hope they do!)
Marked green cause I'm waiting them both be accepted!

Green Heart Icon 
#20 - Designed my very first Varyon! (30/01)
B737 -…
Izeefeir 0.1 by AdrianeCasini… (31/01)
What you guys think of my Izeefeir? ^^ I've loved doing his design!
- I was afraid I couldn't manage it cause I'm not too good at digital art - but in the end, I've got preety satisfied with his design! I coloured everything using only mouse and photoshop - It was so long I had properly tried to paint on photoshop that I was researching how to do some stuff XD
- His design had to be retouched, here's the second try:
Izeefeir 0.2 by AdrianeCasini

Pink Heart Icon 
#21 - Adopted some pups from bro-palmer (31/01)
OTA Puppo Adopts [OPEN] by bro-palmer
Mine are #3 and #7 Heart 
1232 by bro-palmer  22i by bro-palmer

Pink Heart Icon 
#22 - Adopted 2 cute gals from GirlfaceRen (31/01)
  Phantom Amethyst by GirlfaceRen   Iphone Case Gal  Monika By Girlfaceren Dbzdc6p by AdrianeCasini
She's doing an oc purge, try get some here: OC purge
- I just loved the Phantom Amethyst toooo much to let her pass!
- I may have plans for Monika in Annyz'phaeir stories...


February Progress - At the top!

Follow me on Instagram:
Join my Discord:
There we chat, play some (prized) small games and have fun!


Sat Sep 22, 2018, 12:49 PM
Commissions | | My Original Characters List


*Commissions asked while my commissions are formally closed may enter the waitlist upon paying the current commission price as the commission is asked. This is so there's no confusion or extra charge after new prices are set.

What I will draw:

- Original characters of yours (reference needed)
- Fan Art of any media
- Humanoid creatures (please send a reference by note, detailed characters may vary price) 
- Steven Universe Gems or Gemsonas (provide gemstone, reference or description)
- You or any other person you may ask (photo reference needed)
- Portrait by photo, of you or any other person you may ask (photo reference needed)
- Simple poses (if you choose a reference that would be great)


What I will NOT draw:
- Porn, Gore, violence, fetishism, etc
- Animals, furries, unapproved creatures
- Landscapes, backgrounds
- Complicated and dynamic poses (send a reference if you're not sure the pose is simple or not)

What's a Commission? - It's a paid art you may ask me.

How do I pay? - By Points or Paypal.

How I ask you for a drawing? - Send me a note and we'll talk.


Okay, I got it... What do I send in the note? - Send a note, explaining:

- Reference of the character/person to be drawn
- Name, age, gender, personality, a brief description of the character/person
- Haircolor, hairstyle, eyes color, skin tone, body tipe
- Desired outfit and pose (references needed)
- Details like jewelry, tattoos, scars, special features
- What kind of commission (please keep reading, it's just below)


Commission Rules:

- Commission subject only;
- You must send the full payment upfront (do not send it untill commission is set);
After 48h without replying the note I sent you, calling your place in line, your commission will be delayed and the next one in the list will take your place;
- Contact me if you ever come back after the delay, and your commission will take place after the current one;
- A link to my Paypal account will be sent if you choose Paypal payment;

- Do not say the artlines are yours, credit me, please respect my art;
- You may resubmit the art, crediting properly;
- No deadlines. I make art at my free time, and art progress may vary;



[A5] Inked Lineart Headshot (optional gridding) - 20 points per character 
Surprise Happy Birthday to dazzle-stock by AdrianeCasini

[A5] Pencil Half Bodyshot - 50 points per character
OC: June - You... Soothes Me by AdrianeCasini  [OC] Lady Eyna by AdrianeCasini  [OC] Yxua, The Princess of the Vixusn by AdrianeCasini 

[A5] Inked Half Bodyshot - 100 points per character

  Stevonnie by AdrianeCasini   [TRADE] Austin and Oliver! For Yahmera by AdrianeCasini

[A4] Sketch Pencil Headshot - U$ 1,50 per character / 150 points
  OC: Samantha (Portrait) by AdrianeCasini   Ganymede [Free Art Raffle Winner March 2018] by AdrianeCasini

[A4] Pencil Headshot -  U$ 3 per character / 300 points

[COMMISSION] - Hunter for CassandraMoon by AdrianeCasini  


[A4] Ink Headshot - U$ 3,50 per character / 350 points

Anna! For Akarudsan by AdrianeCasini

[A4] Full Color Headshot -  U$ 5 per character / 500 points

[COMMISSION] - Okiko Shinjuhana for Izayoi1265 by AdrianeCasini   Fan Art - Nicky - Let's play a bit rougher by AdrianeCasini


[A4] Sketch Bodyshot, simple pose - U$ 2 per character / 200 points

  OC: June (W.I.P) by AdrianeCasini  [Concept Art] Risa'ad by AdrianeCasini  

[A4] Pencil Bodyshot, simple pose - U$ 3 per character / 300 points
Oc: Anythea - That moment when people deifies you by AdrianeCasini  Shiomareeha by AdrianeCasini

[A4] Ink bodyshot, simple pose -  U$ 4 per character / 400 points

OC: The Plain Ripper (LineArt) by AdrianeCasini

[A4] Full Color Bodyshot, simple pose - U$ 6 per character / 600 points

  [FANART] Aarel by AdrianeCasini

- Ask me for complex poses, couples or more characters together, detailed outfits/armor/weapons, black pages, simple background and other art styles!

Other Art Types examples:
[OC] Annyz - Luck Smiles To You by AdrianeCasini  Waiting for Their Dad by AdrianeCasini  Anna! For Akarudsan by AdrianeCasini  [FANART] God Pisces Aphrodite - Royal Demon Roses by AdrianeCasini  [COMMISSION] - Alex e Felicity for littlestsocipat by AdrianeCasini


Torrin-McFinn77 (starting tomorrow)


1. MysticMokenba3131
2. PinkMoustacheWolf
3. MysticMokenba3131

DELAYED COMMISSIONERS: (No reply sent, after 48h)
They will take place after current commission, upon contact

- Darkfire73

Waiting List (2018 prices)

1- EtherealDragonLord

Closed Waitlist (2018 prices)

1- MonsterIsland1969


Fri Sep 21, 2018, 8:09 PM
Commissions | | My Original Characters List

EDIT: I'm waiting Constantine-Woodhull and Izayoi1265 characters, so it's still open for any characters of yours to join!!!

EDIT 2: I'm finishing my own characters to join you guys properly, we could say the party is so good it's been rolling through months XD

What's all this about?

- I had a hard time figuring out what to do for celebrate my 400+ watchers... So, after some frustration and some very helpful fellas' suggestions <3 I've got this idea:

LET'S MAKE AN OC HALLOWEEN PARTY! ~ kinda a giant collab!


1. Any watcher (new ones always welcome) may participate in this event. You may draw as many original characters of yours - NO MEDIA EXISTENT CHARACTERS, BUT MEDIA OCs ARE WELCOME - in halloween party outfits - or any kind of costume/dress up.
- For example, you can draw your character into a kimono, or an indigenous clothing - it would qualify as dress up, not costume - it's not disrespectful to try on new outfits, specially if you admire their culture/style.

2. You may draw in any media type or style, BUT YOU MUST EDIT IT AS A NO BACKGROUND PNG.
- So I can put everyone together through Photoshop magic!

3. You can draw your character in any pose or clothing, but MUST BE FULLBODY AND COLORED! NO NSFW OR GORE allowed - not even boobies - aka is forbidden: female nipples, both male and female sexual parts, butthole showing, gore of any kind - please note that a little blood can be portrayed for Halloween's sake, but no violence or proper gore.
- And please keep them at least not too much hyper sexualized cause I don't want anything that could be mature tagged. Sexy characters are welcome, just don't overdo it please - or your character won't be featured/ kindly be asked to redraw.
- if you read this, comment 'spoopy' - can be styled - so I know you've read it all!
- Also, keep in mind if any character can be flying or floating, it would be preferred as I don't know how many ocs will be submitted!
- And I may have to resize some OCs, for size comparison sake.
- If your OC has multiple forms, choose only one! (I know it's hard to choose)
- Don't repeat your character, not draw them multiple times, don't draw other peoples' ocs.
- I'm asking all fullbody and colored so they can fit together nicely, please don't be rough about it!

4. You also can draw your OCs together, even if they're a bunch!

5. Animal, feral, humanoid, closed species or even monster OCs, everyone is welcome!

6. AFTER drawn, you must comment your DEVIATION LINK, NOT STASH in this journal. No special title is needed, but would be nice to link this journal so more people can join! - I guess it's no need to make this a rule, I'd just kindly ask this.

7. Characters are only gonna be featured in the Halloween Watchers Party deviation if they follow all the rules! - I will kindly comment to you if your comment or art fail some of the aspects, so you may re-do it - please don't take it too personal!
- P.S. My own caracters will join ^^ but they will be surprise poses!

8. You may show on comments WIP processes, WIP images or even ask me if it's under the rules about sexyness and gore restrictions ^^
- PS. You may comment asking someone to collab with you, making your characters interact! - Or just make your own characters interacting! ^^

9. I'd like to ask someone (anyone, even if not watcher) to contribute creating a BACKGROUND to this, as I can't do backgrounds for the sake of me - It can be anything Halloween/night/scary/party related, it will also be featured after approval.
- If more than one background is suggested, we'll have a poll deciding the choosen one - or even have multiple bgs with same character positions!

10. Deadline - 23:59 OCTOBER 28TH GMT -3:00
- So I have time to add last ones to the batch.
EDIT: I'm waiting Constantine-Woodhull and Izayoi1265 characters, so it's still open for any characters of yours to join!!!

11. The participants will have their arts featured above in a tracker (only when art is done and approved)

PNG helper Volunteer: CensoredSecret

Background Contributions:
A unique landscape. by Sakura-of-Zendikar


The Nightmare Before Christmas - This is halloween - YouTube
Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters - YouTube
Luigi's Mansion Theme (Orchestral) - YouTube
London Symphony Orchestra's Thriller with Michael Jackson and Vincent Price's Vocals - YouTube
(1) Scooby Doo on Zombie Island - It's Terror Time Again [FULL SONG W/ LYRICS] - YouTube
Monster Mash , Bobby "Boris" Pickett , 1962 Vinyl - YouTube
Werewolves Of London - YouTube
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Best Version Ever) - YouTube
Don't Scream (It's Only Halloween) - YouTube
Love potion number 9, The Searchers - YouTube
Mysto & Pizzi - Somebody's Watching Me (GEICO) - YouTube
(1) Siouxsie The Banshees - Halloween - YouTube
(1) santana- black magic woman - YouTube
The Devil Went Down to Georgia - YouTube
Edgar Winter, The Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein (Audio) - YouTube
THE HEX GIRLS || Live Action Music Video - YouTube
Luigi's Mansion [Remix] - YouTube
Grim Grinning Ghosts - YouTube
Ghost - Rats (Official Music Video) - YouTube
UNDERTALE ★ MiatriSs - Mad Mew Mew Song - YouTube
UNDERTALE - Mad Mew Mew (Gooseworx Cover) - YouTube
WELCOME HOME: A BATIM Animated Musical [SquigglyDigg & Gabe Castro] - YouTube
Set It Off - Killer In The Mirror (Official Music Video) - YouTube
Set it Off - Hypnotized [Lyrics] - YouTube
Set It Off - Kill The Lights (Lyric Video) - YouTube
Say Amen (Saturday Night) - YouTube
Evangelion - "Cruel Angel's Thesis" (FULL Opening) | ENGLISH ver | AmaLee - YouTube
Soul Eater - "PAPERMOON" (Opening) | ENGLISH ver | AmaLee & dj-Jo - YouTube
Attack on Titan - "Guren no Yumiya" (OP/OPENING) | ENGLISH ver | AmaLee - YouTube
Blue Exorcist OP/Opening - "In My World" | ENGLISH Ver | AmaLee - YouTube
Overlord III - "Voracity" (Opening) | ENGLISH Ver | AmaLee - YouTube
Overlord III Opening - Voracity [Full English Version] - YouTube
Optimus Prime vs Gundam | Death Battle Music (Name in description) - YouTube
Stronger Together (Power Rangers vs Voltron) - YouTube
Phantom of the Opera THEME SONG (Original Cast Members) - YouTube
Camille Saint-Saëns - Danse Macabre - YouTube
Dark Vampire Music - The Vampire Masquerade | Waltz - YouTube
One Eyed one Horned Flying Purple People Eater - YouTube
Hellraiser soundtrack 02 - Resurrection - YouTube
Oingo Boingo Dead Man's Party - YouTube
Oogie Boogie song lyrics - YouTube
Spooky Scary Skeletons - ANDREW GOLD - YouTube

Adriane's pick:
Luca Turilli - I'm Alive - YouTube
"Earth, Wind, Fire, and Air" by the Hex Girls - YouTube
Voltaire - Almost Human - The Night - YouTube
Land of the Dead by Voltaire - YouTube
Powerwolf "We Drink Your Blood" (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - YouTube
Luca Turilli - Demonheart - YouTube
She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart - YouTube
Vernian Process - Something Wicked (That Way Went) - YouTube
She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart - YouTube

Participating Watchers' Original Characters: 
Halloween by Da-random-drawer

Jack Halloween Costume by CoolCordova Sophie Halloween Costume by CoolCordova  Tommy and Mercy's Halloween Costume by CoolCordova

Berserker halloween costume by NecromancerKing85

Voodoo Halloween by watercat1

Terror Beast Halloween by Springtrap9Atlas

CKR and Princess Elsie's Halloween Costumes by Colonel-Knight-Rider

Rozu And Alice Halloween by coatedwolf

[Drawing] Happy halloween! by lucia2112

Kambry Disguised As Rockstar Freddy For Hallowen2 by chocolateadict12

Kimono chrystal. by marshmellowcookies Samuel  Ninja by marshmellowcookies

Zeke (and his tag) by Light-He-arth  Hariken, the Demon of Wind by Light-He-arth  Zacory Zakrei by Light-He-arth  Rose Thorn by Light-He-arth

Little bee by VanishingSilence

month of cosplay by HowAmIInSoManyFandom month of cosplay 2 by HowAmIInSoManyFandom

Tis The Magic In The Season by MysticMokenba3131

Halloween Party by CensoredSecret

It's Terror Time Again by JJproduction297  That's me as a skeleton ink by JJproduction297

Halloween  Collab   Shiwan by Izayoi1265  Halloween  Collab   Kenji by Izayoi1265

Welcome to Raffle Pals Crew - Ask to be tagged and your name will be tagged into any events I get into, and may also be tagged by other people from this list or others who aren't tagged - remember to tag the others too, if you don't have anyone to tag in your events, you can use this list!

I love raffles, and some of them ask you to tag people - most of the time I don't know whoever would like being tagged, but in this journal I'll feature people who'd like to be tagged in any raffles - feel free to tag them all!

PS. You are free to share this list with others so they can ask to be on the list or anyone can use it to tag anyone along!
PS 2. Vakiarts deactivated her account, so she's not in the list, but I've let her name here in this PS cause I miss her <3


1. AdrianeCasini 
2. Springtrap9Atlas
3. MysticMokenba3131
4. Anat-nem 
5. CassidyGilgun 
6. Hincaru 
7. lucia2112
8. ProtoTEnterprise
9. CensoredSecret
10. SquadPlusUltra
11. Caroline--Doupe
12. SnowyBlossoms
13. chocolateadict12
14. BlueWarriorWolfeh
15. arikaro
16. MelMuff
17. Prinnamon
18. teapuq
19. GuardingOkami
20. marshmellowcookies
21. UltimateChris
22. hnw-adopts



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Guys! Just recorded my first gameplay... What background music (not copyrighted) should I put on?

(looking for those songs rn)
Everyone! Show some love to my friend Ediiee  ! He did a lovely commission for my June! :love:

- He's needing commissioners, if you can check his commissions, they are really nice priced!

Comission by Ediiee
Today gotta do blood test ;-; hope they don't get my right arm, or else I won't be able to draw today 
I BELT you guys will love who's coming back!

BELT by AdrianeCasini
Should I over spoil you guys posting one more art today? Or keep it to tomorrow? Or tuesday? XD


Page Design Credits and Thank You! <3


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