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What's Going On

You may know by now I'm saving for running from my country... Someone suggested start the Patreon 

42 deviants said What you guys think? It may help? (This is a Yes)
6 deviants said What you guys think? It's not a way of getting some money? (This is a No)


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Crowdfunding my Runaway to Uruguay

Mon Nov 5, 2018, 7:31 AM
Commissions | | My Original Characters List

As mostly people from here must know by now, I'm going away from my country. The crowdfunding websites I looked for, doesn't allow Brazil as a suitable country to pledge, so I'll start here my campaign using my DA profile. I may start a Patreon next year, but by now, I can't.


1. If you already helped or want to help, I'll keep myself a register of who helped and the amount. - Note me if you want to help!
2. The values are gonna be kept between me and the helper/pledger - you can note me to ask how much you donated already. 
3. The amount will be translated to a commission pack or themed arts of the helper's choice/like.
4. When I get ready to do your arts I will note you - don't tell me already what you want cause I have a big art pile to do.

The arts will be started by next year, as I have pending commissions yet. Don't note me what kind of arts you want yet. I'll contact you when I get ready to do it.

The amount I'm gathering will be used only for the travel, documents and any costs of living there. Please note that the amounts written are the ones donated by Paypal.


1. Passport costs </strike> - REACHED - U$ 90/90
2. Plane ticket and travel bag security - OPEN - U$ 26/905

Commissions | | My Original Characters List

~~~~Most are name-coded for the sake of surpise / privacy~~~~


# littlestsocipath’s COMMISSION - Sketching at it's perfect state!

# A4 colour headshot  (1/2) - Inking on
2 Arts for 3 characters, 08/08-now SO LATE


# Pokémon Adopt Idea (on hold undefinitely)

AdrianeCasini's September Song Titles - Art Challenge for September, kindly made for me by :iconthe-darkwolf: - I'll finish it yet


FAST ARTS - Simple/small art pieces, so they'll probably get done first

# 200th watcher celebration 
  (art + post which is coming soon, cause of this is late)

# This is Sparta
  (sketchy fun thing)

# 2x A5 half-bodies
  (buying two characters *deep breath*)

# A5 headshot for watcher

DETAILED ARTS - They take a bit much of time, but it's my perfectionism's fault

# 2 A4 fullbody, 1 A5 halfbody and 1 A4 headshot of the same character
  (for buying two more characters)

# Art Raffle Winners - 3 sketchy A4 headshots

PERSONAL PROJECTS and suggestions (hope I get time for them somewhere in the near future)

# Heavy Fire (I didn't forget)

# Sweet couple

# Art to awesome designer (i didn't forget)

# Gift to the kindiest person

# RPG character - player 1

# RPG character - player 2

# Digital portrait (keep it secret)

# art trade


# siren

# my friends's black page fantasy art

# she-ra

# Someday I'll redraw/give colours and make a toyhouse page for all of my characters: My Original Characters List - Fanarts Appreciated!
The ones I bought - will only be shown when I draw them first time, but some of them are on my

Guys,to whoever don't know yet... My country is almost turning into a damn military dictature. My sister's college works may surely put a target on her, as it's connected to Marx. The last time Brazil had a military dictature, it was devastating, and many artists and researchers had to flee the country or being killed - loads of people are still missing their graves from this day, families who coudn't even bury their beloved ones. 

I know this is a very tough subject. I normally intend to be very light hearted to y'all. This threat is preety much real. Today when I'm writing this, we had people being assaulted, women being threatened... and this only the ones I had touch myself. All LGBT+, women, black, disabled, chronical sick, minorities and whoever needs our free healthcare service, are in danger.

My parents don't understand the real deal what's going on. I'm afraid my big sister and I may have to flee we two only. I may have to leave my boyfriend I just started to date... I'm sick of this, very sick. My sister works, but I'm a full time college student, I can't help her with money... 
Someone suggested I could start a crowdfunding. I'm very ashamed of being in need of asking this. If my sister's works weren't considered 'communist' we wouldn't be in such trouble, but that's not her fault - yeah, communist, there's stupid people in my country that doesn't know Cold War it's over...

Anyways... My boyfriend said me, it's better be safe than sorrow. As I can't work, I'd wish to help my big sis someway... I'm ashamed of this situation... I still don't know if the fascist can be stopped, I'm really desperate. We gonna have a second round of election before Halloween. If the fascist is stopped, I intend trying to repay you guys, or even do works for you by your donations... But  by now, our necks are at line. I saw my big sis disgusted and stressed out, she couldn't even think of where we're going. 

If any of you would like to help someway, no matter the price, please note me so I can send you my paypal link... I'm sorry I'm asking this, I'm preety desperate.

Commissions | | My Original Characters List

What I will draw:

- Original characters of yours (reference needed)
- Fan Art of any media
- Humanoid creatures (please send a reference by note, detailed characters may vary price) 
- Steven Universe Gems or Gemsonas (provide gemstone, reference or description)
- You or any other person you may ask (photo reference needed)
- Portrait by photo, of you or any other person you may ask (photo reference needed)
- Simple poses (if you choose a reference that would be great)


What I will NOT draw:
- Porn, Gore, violence, fetishism, etc
- Animals, furries, unapproved creatures
- Landscapes, backgrounds
- Complicated and dynamic poses (send a reference if you're not sure the pose is simple or not)

What's a Commission? - It's a paid art you may ask me.

How do I pay? - By Points or Paypal.

How I ask you for a drawing? - Send me a note and we'll talk.


Okay, I got it... What do I send in the note? - Send a note, explaining:

- Reference of the character/person to be drawn
- Name, age, gender, personality, a brief description of the character/person
- Haircolor, hairstyle, eyes color, skin tone, body tipe
- Desired outfit and pose (references needed)
- Details like jewelry, tattoos, scars, special features
- What kind of commission (please keep reading, it's just below)


Commission Rules:

- Commission subject only 
- You must send the full payment upfront (do not send it untill commission is set)
- A link to my Paypal account will be sent if you choose Paypal payment
- Do not say the artlines are yours, credit me, please respect my art
- You may resubmit the art, crediting properly
- No deadlines. I make art at my free time, I'm at college and it may slow my art progress



[A5] Inked Lineart Headshot (optional gridding) - 20 points per character 
Surprise Happy Birthday to dazzle-stock by AdrianeCasini

[A5] Pencil Half Bodyshot - 50 points per character
OC: June - You... Soothes Me by AdrianeCasini  [OC] Lady Eyna by AdrianeCasini  [OC] Yxua, The Princess of the Vixusn by AdrianeCasini 

[A5] Inked Half Bodyshot - 100 points per character

  Stevonnie by AdrianeCasini  
[TRADE] Austin and Oliver! For Yahmera by AdrianeCasini

[A4] Sketch Pencil Headshot - U$ 1,50 per character / 150 points
OC: Samantha (Portrait) by AdrianeCasini   Ganymede [Free Art Raffle Winner March 2018] by AdrianeCasini

[A4] Pencil Headshot -  U$ 3 per character / 300 points

Commission - Hunter by AdrianeCasini  


[A4] Ink Headshot - U$ 3,50 per character / 350 points

Anna! For Akarudsan by AdrianeCasini

[A4] Full Color Headshot -  U$ 5 per character / 500 points

Commission - Okiko Shinjuhana by AdrianeCasini   Fan Art - Nicky - Let's play a bit rougher by AdrianeCasini


[A4] Sketch Bodyshot, simple pose - U$ 2 per character / 200 points

Oc: Anythea - That moment when people deifies you by AdrianeCasini  OC: June (W.I.P) by AdrianeCasini  [Concept Art] Risa'ad by AdrianeCasini  

[A4] Ink bodyshot, simple pose -  U$ 4 per character / 400 points

OC: The Plain Ripper (LineArt) by AdrianeCasini

[A4] Full Color Bodyshot, simple pose - U$ 6 per character / 600 points

  Fan Art - Aarel by AdrianeCasini

(Starting to work in these commissions on September 1st)

littlestsocipath (On hold until current art pile finishes)


1. darkfire73
2. Torrin-McFinn77



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Parents sent scanner to be fixed, maybe next week I'll be able to scan a load of art I had to take pictures

A friend asked me if I could delay I so her characters are ready tomorrow.... So I'll wait her!
Uruguay flight funds: 145/905 U$ dollars

My plan from now on:

1. I'm gonna drop off most of my college classes, at the end of the year I'll time off and ask for transference.
- I decided that I will make the most of my time here making money through commissions, so I'll drop off so I can work as much as I can. I need to make up how much money I can so I have enought to the move out.

2. I started working on my documents to travel, already paid U$ 75 for the passport alone.

3. Me, my boyfriend and a couple which are our friends are gonna flee together to Uruguay. One of the couple will go after some months, saving money working here as much as he can. We're planning to go halves on a 2 bedrooms studio at Montevideo, Uruguay's capital.

4. The ideal plane ticket to Uruguay may cost me U$ 835 and I yet don't have this money at all.
- Ideal because would allow me to take 2 travel bags - and so I could take more clothes and shoes with me. If I can't afford it, I'll have to take very little clothing and shoes than I may need because I'll take all my art supplies and college materials.
- This price does not include any travel bag security, it would come to cost me around U$ 70 more - it means enloping both my travel bags, the padlocks to lock then, and a travel bag tag.
- So by all means, the best way for me to moving out the country would cost me around U$ 905 dollars.

Me and my boyfriend are getting out the country as soon as we can, going to Uruguay - by now we're getting the documents we need to go. Do you guys believe a passport here costs around 75 dollars?! That's a harsh pricing, I'd say!
Guys... I need a plan. Any ideas. I may be alone in this.
How and where can I go?

- I made a request for passport but yet is not ready.

- I could try some south american country, I just... Have no money.

- I don't know any family members in other countries or any ways of having any support of moving out.

Page Design Credits and Thank You! <3


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