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January 23, 2015
Tora Portrait by AdrianDadich
Featured by MidnightExigent
Suggested by lovelessdevotions
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Tora Portrait

Portrait of my original character Tora ^^

Print available here…

Her full design
Tora by AdrianDadich

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© 2015 - 2021 AdrianDadich
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CrimsonRedAllOver's avatar

Solid all around art from the background to the main suject! Well done on this amazing beautiful art!

AdrianDadich's avatar
AdrianDadich's avatar

Stunning design and colors !!

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EpisOd's avatar
This character is more than perfect!! Genius!!!
Dezaina9's avatar
Love the character! The designs are mesmerizing, and it looks like a bad guy turned good guy. Keep up the good work!
AdrianDadich's avatar
thank you! yeah i often prefer the antagonist or anti hero kinda characters ^^ 
Dezaina9's avatar
no problem. its really awesome. is she smoking or can she breathe fire?
BabySupernova's avatar
this is extra awesome... what a killer character!
Aden2002's avatar
Hello! Aden2002 from :iconprojectcomment:

The style is beautiful! I like the half mecha style of her face - It reminds me of a Lucha mask! The background is stunning - I love doodling backgrounds for my characters! The colours are a mixture of vibrant and dull, which usually ends up in a mess. You've astonishingly pulled off the combinations, so...job well done! :clap: Perhaps if you opened her eye up more, and maybe coloured it yellow? It's just a suggestion! :)

Your art style is lovely, and the overall result is amazing! Good job!
ViollentHippie's avatar
absolutely freaking beautiful ugh I think I've fainted. 
Daniloolinad's avatar
It looks like people in the future smoke with style, huh?
ShinigamiRyuku's avatar
STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That background looks MEGA MEGA STUNNING!!!!!!! and character is AWESOME!!!
AdrianDadich's avatar
hehe thanks man!! :D
Yiskah-chan's avatar
Omg it was just happenstance that I found this artwork but wow I'm so glad I did it's uber wicked!! I love it!!!
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