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Had this sitting unfinished on my desktop since last year, thought I'd complete it as I'm avoiding finishing something else I'm working on now D:
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Very good drawing! I like it.
So uh, she's sort of my desktop background. The softness that it conveys despite being obviously electronic is a beautiful paradox. Thank youuuuu
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Thanks, thats so cool! ^^ 
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I can't get over how great your work is!
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hehe thank you :D 
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hey, it's one of my favorite works! you are very talented, awesome! ^____^Hug 
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Hi ^^ Thanks so much ♥ 
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Beautiful would be such an understatement.
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Thanks bro! too kind ^^ 
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incredible! you should submit your work in Hi-Fructose Magazine.
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Hey thanks! great idea I'll look into it :D Thank you ^^ 
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now this looks like a traditional painting, what brushes are you using? are you using photoshop?
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Hey, thanks yep I'm using photoshop, its mainly just the standard round and a ragged edge round at varying opacities ^^ 
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