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May 21, 2014
'No amount of words can describe how amazing this piece is. Creativity at it's best.'
Beacon - The Monster of 7th and Tells by AdrianDadich
Featured by Shue13
Suggested by 7meeting8
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Beacon - The Monster of 7th and Tells

A character from a project called 'A Reverie' that I've been working on with Fiore Marra, who is currently creating a really cool sci-fi world. 

Bio preview - 

Gang: Whimsical
Threat level: Unknown
Kill Toll: Unknown 

- A materialised shadow separated from its owner
- Can manipulate shadows to attack
- Contained within an Evtal system, a cybernetic device that keeps his form solidified and assists in keeping him under control
- When his 'talents' aren't needed by his master he is bound against his will to Tells Avenue and tasked with reaping the energy from those unfortunate enough to meet him

Other gang members - 
Versus Nottington - The Paper Witch by AdrianDadich

Characters belong to Fiore Marra 
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theclassicscotch's avatar

Oh this is dope, kind of like that movie but cooler

Disney08's avatar
Plot Twist: The Robot girl with turquoise hair isn't dead yet and beg's to join a group and to be rebuild.
darkyson's avatar
so cool ◠‿◠
Disney08's avatar
I couldn't find Fiore Marra.
loverofmynight's avatar
Wow. I alittle shy to admit it but i feel some sympathy for him. To kill when it is not his choice. I feel for him. If only there was a way to help.( im sorry im a sucker for guys that are WAY out of my league.)
AdrianDadich's avatar
hehe thats ok he is being forced to do terrible things, tho I don't know if a materialized shadow killer would be out of anyone's league ;P 
loverofmynight's avatar
Sorry to ask thing but do you rp at all? You seem like you would be fun to rp with...
greendragon-gecko's avatar
:) So has he just met this unfortunate cyborg-girl? At first sight you may also guess he picked her up that way - until you notice the stains. - that the moment it turns creepy! Well done.
AdrianDadich's avatar
hehe thanks! yep he is responsible D: 
joeFJ's avatar
looks like a dark Ultron. This looks epic tho
Janea99's avatar
This is so gorgeous! I love the contrast between the mysteriousness of the guy and the beauty of the girlHeart Love 
AdrianDadich's avatar
Hehe thank you 
kennethochoa's avatar
wow i like the way you made the girl  full of emotions even through death
Kaguyo's avatar
That's deep !
Sonic-CDX's avatar
Very cool work! 
BroJoe2015's avatar
bertrandcd's avatar
Wonderful work

Congratulations Thanks for this share
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