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Voyage of the Herald

By adrhaze
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"Held captive in a tower looking out over the sea, Devan Rensburg has no other choice but to tell his story to the woman holding him prisoner. The Rani, as she calls herself, has acquired Devan’s journal and demands to know everything about his journey aboard the Herald."

For over a year I have been working hard on Herald, a 3D point and click adventure game/visual novel. We're currently running a Kickstarter campaign to get some funding to complete the project. Give it a look!…

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WOW!! You're the lead art director of Wispfire's Herald!  =0o0=

I just found about the game recently, but I'm already deeply in love with it!! You can tell by just the artwork that game is pretty amazing! :heart:

Have you play the game yourself? You will be continue working with the Wispfire staff on the art work for Book III & IV? The ones you already made is really beautiful and would love see more! :heart:

Please keep spreading the word about Herald!! ^-^
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Heya glad you liked Herald! Sorry I've been so inactive here I only noticed your comment just now.

Haha I've played the game many many times yes, to the point of dreaming about it. You can't really make a game without having to playtest it.

I will continue working on Herald along with my company Wispfire yes :D Hopefully we can make a lot more great things in the future and I hope you will enjoy them!
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Oh, thank you for answering me!! =^-^= Wispfire staff are sure active on their SNS and generous to response to their fans! That's a really good thing too! Gamers that are fans and players of really popular video games like it when the companies actually take the time to update their fans and keep them inform. 

I been keeping up Wispfire's SNS, so I know about all the interviews and reviews you guys are getting! Congrats! Clap I'm sure Wispfire is happy Herald is doing well!

I will keeping an eye on things, so I hope to heard news about how the development for Book III & IV are going soon!
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I played the demo at First Look this saturday and I WAS SO AMAZED BY IT!!!!!!! I can't wait till I can play it completely <3 the art and the character design and just all of it Heart Heart Heart 
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So glad you liked it! :D [enough to track down the artists x3]
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Haha yes I completely fell in love with it and I'm pretty hyped about it now! Can't wait for it to be released :3 (When that happens I'm definitely going to make some fanart <3) I totally cherish that sticker from the one with the rooster you made.
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