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Risa Tail Swish

Random result of being sleep deprived at 5:25 am

Don't ask why, I just made this for the heck of it.

Making tails go swish in 3D is fun

Made with Blender
Animated with Macromedia Flash 8
Risa, Model, animation, and art © ~Bluehog
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© 2009 - 2021 Adreos
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Agaave's avatar
I like the way the tail is moving! Facial expression is also a bit irritated so this reminds me a cat who is annoyed to people! :D
Adreos's avatar
I can actually see that comparison, and all I did was give her an angry face.
Agaave's avatar
I think it is also the way she moves the tail, those swipes are quite sharp and are directed to downwards; if she was happy I think moves should be higher. Or then I am losing my cat comparison here and started to think about dogs' tail wagging... Hmmm... I guess cats don't wag their tails when they are happy? :confused:
Adreos's avatar
Not necessarily, cats might twitch their tail when happy in certain circumstances, but its generally the purring that tells you.

Tail wagging if more of a dog and wolf thing.

However Risa is a fox, and foxes behave very differently from dogs or wolves. (Had the opportunity to see and hear a fox in a happy mood. :O_o: Defiantly not what you'd expect)

But I have to remove some animal behavior realism with Risa and replace it with stuff most people associate with that mood. Would confuse them otherwise.
Agaave's avatar
I guess it is not easy to make this kind of human like animal character. Have to keep balance while mixing both species.
DigiTails's avatar
Very nice. I like the motion of her tail and her pissed off expression. The tail motion really does go with her mood. She looks like she's thinking, "And that guy is gonna get bombed in five seconds if he doesn't shut up."
Lorwynne's avatar
That's awesome!

I have Flash Professional 8 (A completely legal version), but I can't import 3d objects...

How dost thou do it?
Adreos's avatar
That would be because Flash is a 2D medium and does not work with 3D.

What I did was render a bunch of pictures in 3D and then had flash playback the pictures.
Lorwynne's avatar
Gotcha. I thought you had used a medium between both, such as PaperVision 3D or Swift 3D.
Kurokari's avatar
Swish, swish. XD

Not a lot of movement in the tail, but then again she does look annoyed so I guess the tail is reflecting her mood?
sheezy93's avatar
nice ^^ i really want to see you try rabbit character but no it's your choice really 83
Adreos's avatar
Unfortunatly for you all the characters I make are my own characters (original characters or fan characters) with the exceptions being a few official characters from the Sonic series. I have no rabbit characters at this time so odds are I will not be making a rabbit character.
sheezy93's avatar
oh okay ^^ so it's your choice i guess
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