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Chaos Emeralds again?

I can NEVER seem to get the chaos emeralds right. So here I go, once again, making the famed Chaos Emeralds.

So how badly did I screw up this time?

Made 100% with Blender
Chaos Emeralds © SEGA/Sonic Team
Models, art © =Bluehog
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© 2012 - 2021 Adreos
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llirbwerdnadivad's avatar
mmm...they look kinda artificial to me. I think the color is a bit too solid. Maybe try making them more transparent?

Though the effect doesn't seem so strong with the ones in the back, so it might be something else...
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I'm gonna need to tweak these. Transparency is something most people are complaining about.
llirbwerdnadivad's avatar
I'm sure the end result will be well worth it. :)
destrowthedragon's avatar
i want a set of those rare beauties
Adreos's avatar
Who doesn't?
Mad-rus's avatar
I voting for diamonds
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As ~Mc-Squiggle said, get Cycles. Seriously. It may be a pain in the ass to learn how to use at first, but it's well worth it once you adapt to the new material system (the nodes are gorgeously flawless, by the way--nothing like Autodesk's). I know that my own work has made astronomical leaps in quality since I adopted Cycles.

But as for troubleshooting your Emeralds, try turning of the 'emit' function (I'm assuming you have it on). That can sometimes take away from the realism of transparent/crystalline objects. The specularity should be a little higher (are you using WardIso?), and there should be a world environment thingything so that there are realistic reflections. This [link](Massive-07-update!) should be wonderful, if you know how to use angular maps.

Finally, a bit of beveling or subsurf+creasing should make the edges less unrealistically sharp. I apologise; I didn't really mean to write a full-blown critique, but I wanted to help out a fellow Blenderhead and 3D modeler.

Cheers and good luck! :3
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Dude, I rarely get full blown critiques, its nice and refreshing.

As I said to Mc-Squiggle, I haven't HEARD of cycles before.

I had emit on low to generate indirect lighting.

Stupid me, forgot to change the type of specularity.

Thanks for all the help.
JackBryanReynard's avatar
Always a pleasure to assist.
Mc-Squiggle's avatar
Also the IOR of a Crystal is 2.00 type that into the settings of the material.
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Mc-Squiggle's avatar
If your using Cycles then Give it a HDRi Background to give it nice realistic reflections. And if you don't have Cycles. Get it.
Adreos's avatar
I have not heard of Cycles before.
Mc-Squiggle's avatar
It is incredble, :)
HoneyMagixJustice's avatar
looks epic!
u didnt mess up, all u need is sparkles o_o
i saw sparkles in the chaos emerald before in a sonic game...
Adreos's avatar
The ONLY game I've seen them sparkle in when not actively using there power is Sonic 06.
HoneyMagixJustice's avatar
oh o_o i thought i saw the chaos emeralds sparkling is at sonic heroes... bc i was trying to get one and it was sparkly O_O
Kurokari's avatar
Something seems off, not sure if it it the transparency or something else, but they just don't look like jewels to me. I just can't put my finger on what would make them look better...
Adreos's avatar
Well if you figure it out let me know.
MatkatMnM's avatar
I have a feeling that they should be a bit more transparent but otherwise, you did good.
Adreos's avatar
Simple tweak, thanks
Ninetails2000's avatar
IMO they should be shinier and more glass-like, but otherwise they're pretty awesome.
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