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Chaos Emeralds

Ok, I just needed to make something Sonic Related. And the Chaos Emeralds are about as Sonic related as you can get.

Ok Ok, I admit that each emerald is just a recoloration of the other emeralds, same model copied and recolored, but you always need to do the seven emeralds together.

Time to make
Model Design: 5 minutes
Skin Texture: 20 minutes (no automation, I did the texture by hand)

Don't complain about what colors I used. These are the colors I use in my games so live with any inconsistancy with SEGA's games

EDIT - I have had at least a dozen cases of people using this without permission. So if you want to use it contact me. I'm putting the watermark on this.
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*brings out grabby hands*
Adreos's avatar
*puts candy chaos emerald replicas in the hands*
superawesome89's avatar
nvm I made my own, thanks for the candy! *nom nom*
PlushBuddies's avatar
Cool! That looks hard 2 do. Awesome icon 2 btw!
Hiei-Lover's avatar
They look good.
VRemedyz's avatar
Looking good, I like the textures.
Lilrxox's avatar
ha ha the chaos emeralds....
AbominableSnoCone's avatar
hmmm... i wonder what would happen if Amy came into posession of those... that would be freaky... lol random, i know, but wouldn't that be strange?
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