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Transformers / revenge of the fallen

This is my entry for the REEL Player Contest

The skin was tested on Vlc player version 0.8.6f, it support playlist and equalizer windows.

NOTE The last 0.9.4 version is having some serious problems whit .png support, the skin is not working on that version.

But is working fine on the Nightly Builds of 0.9.4.
You can download it here -> [link]

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It is not downloading

LOVE this skin! but where is the volume control??
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Just tryed it and its very well done but isnt my style but thank you for sharing.
About to download thank you for sharing
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nice work i like it :D
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man u r gr8!!!!!!! can u make a skin for me pleeeeeeaaaaaaase.

im the son of vlc graphic worker......he can give u what u want....
but u'll have to create a skin of youtube for vlc and send it to

pleeeeeeeease, i'll give it to my dad and he'll reward u + i'll get it too.
he couldn't make it !!! may be u can for the REWARD!!!
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The download url isnt working and will this work on the mac version of vlc? i'm drooling over your design.
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Awesome skin!
would you care submitting it to the offical skins list on
You can do so with the following form:

Also I'd like to notify you that there is held a skins contest for the release of VLC 1.0. Check it out at [link]
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Thats a nice idea.

Thank you :>
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For some reason the link doesn't work for me. Thats really awesome and I want to download it but it won't let me, is there another link where I can download it from?
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Just a amazing skin :wow: Do more skins please :D
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Thx for faving :>
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Se ve bárbaro! Me encanta la forma en que te quedaron las texturas y los brillos.
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Muchas gracias :)
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what the fuck mate...this just f***** unbelievable...LOVE IT!
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great to see something other than minimal design wise from you mate, very well done, textures look great ;)
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Thank you bro, glad that you like it.
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back to tech hrhhr - great work!! :+fav: :ahoy:
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tech styleeerr :)

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well, i won't use the skin, but the preview image looks absolutely stunning. :O_o:
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