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Rino Icons for Docks

:bulletred: Rino Icons for Docks

:bulletred: 200 icons - png 256 x 256
:bulletred: each icon has 4 colors to choose

:bulletred: NOTE: this icons are only for docks like RocketDock or any applications that support pngs icons.

Icon list:

Programs >

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Flash
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe GoLive
Adobe inDesign
Corel PainterX

Office >

Ms Word
Ms Excel
Ms FrontPage
Ms PowerPoint
Ms Acces
Ms Outlook

Browsers >

Internet Explorer

Ims >

Miranda Im
Google Talk
Msn Messenger
Yahoo Im

Media Players >

Real Player
Bs Player
Windows Media Player

Games >

Half Life 2
Counter Strike :D

System >

dsk = desktop
ctl = Panel Control
f+ = My favs
net = lan
md = My docs
mm = My music
mp = My pics
mv = My videos
sys = system
trs = trash

Extras >

Bonus star


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Thx for the people who download and fav my works! :D
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Thanks for sharing
It's great, but I can't found bin.
Wowwwwwww, Very cute
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I've seen some requests for a PSD so we can make icons for progs not included. Is there any chance I can get one? I have been using your rino icons on multiple machines for a long time, but I would love to make some icons for programs I use like Lightroom and such. Thanks. BTW I really like that you included one for the Opera browser, the best IMHO.
donsaemo's avatar
nice! pretty thanks dude! :) fav
cheaterguy's avatar
Brilliant work, mate!
I think I'm gonna use these... :D
I love this pack.

What are the chances of you releasing a PSD? It would be extremely helpful.

I have a lot of programs that are rare and you won't want to do, like NewzBinPro, Grabit, WBFS Manager, painttool SAI, uTorrent, Core FTP, Digsby, Pidgin, Defraggler, Treesize Free, GenoPro, CDisplay, WildRename, WildReplace

I could name a crapload more, point is, it's not a big problem for me to do them because I'll be using them, but you'd be making them basically only for one person because I doubt many people here use most of those or have even heard of some of them.
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Can I request a google chrome icon?
VectorArrow's avatar
Would it be possible if I could get a copy of the PSD to make some custom icons for other programs that I have?


Can we request for icons?
VectorArrow's avatar
Great icons though. I'm using em right now.
FlasherDZ's avatar
looks great! very good job
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Nice work! may i ask what font is used for your name "adrenn"? i would like to use i with your Miranda skin. thanks
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Thank you,
The adren typo is not a font, is a logotype.
You can see it here [link]
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Super! Just what i needed:))
ElectricCoffee's avatar
perfect for the steelflash final VS...
HentaiNeko's avatar
Groso! zarpado laburito te tomaste! hasta uno de DA :D
NuTech's avatar
Love your work, man.
PinkCherry92's avatar
Holy shit I LOVE them!
I used the Counter Strike Icon for my actual InGameSprayer:
Hope it's okay for you, if not, please send me a message so I can delete it. I wont use it as my sprayer then, too.

Byby =)
adrenn's avatar
:D you can use it! im glad that you use my icon as a spray.

Have a nice frags.

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