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Dignity Broken
Crying wont bring back anything taken, Memories disappear as anger is awaken. Kiss me goodbye as you go on your way, Watching you forget every moment of yesterday. Revengeful pains numb me inside, Confidence broken I try not to hide. Neither can remember what feelings were there, Everyday reminded that nothing is fair. Disgusted by how everything is so cold, Personal display, by this world's mold. No getting back what was stolen from me, No one to trust, nothing is free. Wanting to run but have no where to go, I tried so hard, but have nothing to show.
How It Goes
The snake coils within him, Giving power so profound. An empty bottle shatters, But will it ever make a sound? He steps on the road, He'd never thought he'd take. And with each anxious motion, A tiny smile, but still a fake. It's suppose to make him happy, After all he is a man. He settled for what was waiting, And destroyed the master plan. But no silent cries to save him from, No lonely hand to hold. No chapter's left unwritten, And no words have gone untold. No struggles deep within his soul, Waiting to be fixed. No controversy debating him, His feelings are not mixed. No other path was given, He took what was there.
Destiny Is Yours
When the star shines, That gleam in your eye. And the perfection of the moment, Leaves destiny in the sky. When the hand on my face, Makes me feel right. And the way you want me, Pulls me in tight. When the moment shows me, I have only to gain. Throwing away past memories, Of any kind of pain. When you wake up, And just know its pure. And time does nothing, But strenghten the allure. When you want to stick around for the bad, You just know. That this person is there, To teach you and grow. When the night gives you energy, And awakens you inside. And this huge world, Leaves you nowhere to hide. When you find the one,
Forever Running
Running in a circle, eternally unknown Blessing the point, where destinies thrown. New start is given, and taken with pride How to do good, a past is nowhere to hide. Meditation, spinning, till she can't see the floor Heart racing, she knows she wants more. Inside the blinds where you can't see the tears Uncover the mirror, unravel the fears. Smirked adrenaline masks her back door A spoiled soul exposing the poor. Memories sunken in guilt, for names with no face Eternally stuck in this winnerless race. How many new starts until finally the end And how many more battles and horrors to fend. How does she find out why she must
The Black Rose Wilts
The hot, trickling release of grace, Burning, scalding, his tempered face. Blackened roses, frightened heart, A violent mind that got broken apart. Slashes of burgundy darken his skin. Failing the battle he's fighting within. Taking one step, he falls two behind. Farther from the lock and the key that's confined. He yearns and aches on the darkened floor, The soiled earth and distant core. Sinking mind and dieing street. Wanting everything he refuses to meet. Broken wings, last train home, Trapped in his skin, with nowhere to roam.
Blissful Serenity
Close your eyes and listen to The things you cannot see. And open your empty hand to feel The taste of serenity. Take off all your cloths And feel the raindrops on your heart. Listen to the moon As you dance in a world apart. Feel the beauty come upon you As you smell the grass below. And rearrange the stars above For your eyes to grow and glow. Feel the rainbow as it glistens Above your beaming soul. And touch the elements around you As you body becomes a whole. Watch the open flame As it burns throughout the night. And breath in the things around you Just relinquish all your sight.
-Utter Bliss-
I can still remember the smell and taste in the air there. The way it blew through my hair, seemed to entrance my mind. I would sit on the same rock every time I visited, the one right next to the shore. The dew would chill my feet as I hugged my legs close to my chest. I would sit there and close my eyes, dreaming that the waves would rescue me. That by the time I opened them it would be to the feel of the salty waters embrace. To the sea of eternal bliss. I would go in the mornings, barefoot, with sand still encrusting my squinted eyes. But I knew the second that the wind touched my face they would magically disappear. Everything would. The
My Sanctuary
Running fast twords sanity Too fast, she falls. Blood trickling down her scratched hands. She must run harder her serenity calls. Canvas like scenery paints across her eyes. Dawn dampens the ground. Bowing down to the perfection, She sits in the canvas nobodys found. Animals and insects scurry across their path. Not a second thought to stop or slow, Away from the city, Away from the flow. Stones formed on the ground sit at her feet, Laying silent and dead yet still strong, still solid. When everything was to much, with them she hid. Alond she sits, not as strong but the beauty brings peace. Dead weeds trickle her arms, As she
Gasping For Air
blinded by tears silent with longing if i dont sleep I wont die if i dont cry i wont hurt tired of being here surrounded in a pool of pain embraced by only me i want to scream but who would hear slapped by the hollowness inside i lie in reality trying to escape trying to fly but only to fall finally i drown holding my last breath
The walls slowly sink, Around my dieing skin. And my lungs have frozen solid, When they see the state im in. I want to scream and let it out, But who would even hear? I want to cry and see my blood, But I can only shake in fear. I\'m trapped in this prison, With no reason to awake. And the walls are sinking deeper, As I feel my body ache. My eyes are getting blurry, And no light can be seen. Consumed with frustration, Life and death I lay between.
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Inside The Dream
Only to dream eternally Shall steal this dull reality Night has come Leaving behind Every reasoning, restless mind Hopes now been overcast Reasoning, turned into our past Is it what we see or what it seems In each soul, Lies an undieing dream The sun awakes the arising dawn Back to my dreams I stay drawn The heart it glows while shown in light While the soul stays, Caught in the tranquil night The presence of the morning now in delight But the spirit is perplexed In a mysterious freight.
Looking For A Reason
My weeks just keep slowing he days are always going Want to look on the outside how I feel right now. Looking for a reason of why I\'m here My body stopped feeling joy and fear. So many questions running through my mind So many answers I\'m unable to find. Dazed and confused wondering where to go Taking lives path, following my flow. I dont want to live I dont want to die Have to stay happy promised you I\'d at least try. Heart\'s thumping, bloods pumping, Can\'t find what I\'m chasing my mind is racing. Sitting in the dark waiting for light, Looking at life as an ongoing fight, I cant stop looking Or wondering where I\'ll be,
Hatred For You
Hating is one thing That\'s very easy to do But loving you Is one I will never put myself through Respecting you is forced A task that must be done A relationship from that Will never have begun This passion has come And swooped down upon me But this type of hate makes me feel free. It is tough hate And these eyes they have not cried I will not let myself be the bait Vulnerability will forever be denied. About you I no longer care Its now not me sitting On the treshold of despaire.
Torn Heart
There are two paths to take but which way do I go? I can never walk back so how do I know? I can\'t fortell the future to what each path shall hold, I must choose now, and let it unfold. It has come soon quick and I walk astray, And bear the pain of throwing one choice away. Both paths are georgeous so how will I pick, Never knowing if the beauty\'s a trick I cannot move and am stuck in this place Comforted only by a remembered embrace. All of a sudden a hand appears bringing light And im flown away from this dreadful night. My confusion is over, someone stole me away, The ending I am left only to pray.
Purging Life
I binge once, and then once more I feel like I just settled some sort of score Its not the image I try to portray Its not my body or how much I weigh. My body in its physical sense, Holds my pain, keeps me tense I have to rid my body of these toxins that kill The acid in my throat makes me ill. The body is the minds brace If I can just solve one, the other will fall into place.
The Bell
Im disgusted by the sound of the bell Routine making my life a living hell Shuffling quietly from class to class Waiting for the time to slowly pass Letting people tell me what to do Wanting to be done, tell them I\'m through Learning about things that dont affect me This is jail and I want to be free. Opening the doors, its the same old thing. Wondering what today will bring: Giggling, gossip, diseit, and lies? Those are the things I see through my eyes. Wanting people to look at what I see Murder, rape, death, and poverty. When will they find reality? When will they grow up and surpass the little things And understand wha
Box Of Life
Life is a broken box, waiting to be healed The box is a secret, one we keep concealed Decieving ourselves with everyday thoughts Slowing killing each other with acheing shots What will fill it next is translusive A piece of information only one can give Everyday something new is added on Opening at the start of a rising dawn Away from your box your unable to stray, Its past, a mistake, the price you pay Your box can be destroyed at any time Something most consider crime This box you get just one And you decide if its the start or just begun.
Underneath The Stars
I could stay in this moment for eternity With your arms around me tight Your eyes stare into mine As you brush a single strand of hair from my face I feel more complete with each embrace Your gentle touch glides across my body No thoughts dare cross my mind While our bodies intertwine I fell purer then ever My heart races and I foget to breath This moment is more perfect yet nothing is clear A moment so intense nothing could interfere Hand in hand I feel safe I am pressed up against you, Our bodies held tight Lying quietly, lost in the moonlight.
Something Missing
Breathing ceases Im looking for the missing pieces Trying to fill this void that I feel Wanting to get over it Wanting to heal Knife in my hand Im ready to go Somethings holding me back, Its the piece I dont know I live for others I guess you could say But if they were gone, Id still live this way, My emotions are blind And sights been confined Constantly trying to fill this empty void Everytime failing, and feeling destroyed When will I feel content once more When will I feel like I did before?
Death By Pills
Want to be numb and no longer feel I let out a scream but out comes a squeal The darkness consoles me and caresses my heart This pain is eating and tearing me apart I take the pills and fall to the floor My life it now goes on no more Nobody understood what went through my mind Happiness I no longer wanted to find Each day I sat there waiting and waiting My life I was always perpetually debating Always searching for something to live for With each memory, I took one more Nobody talks as I\'m being mourned The reason for death I shall forever be scorned Everything is perfect, silent, and still No one believes that this sight is
-mirrors truth-
so many times i've stared into this reflection and nothing has changed. it's the same sad face. my pathetic blurred brown eyes and the sloppy makeup i wear in an attempt to convince... somone of something. too often does this picture bring me to tears and i have to quick pain on a smile as much as it hurts... maybe eventually i'll convince myself of everything i need to.
-let her be-
sounds hides anywhere it can careful not to wake her. she is so very pacified lost in her dreams no one knows of these dreams she has of the monsters calling her name. you see a peaceful sleeping girl. but she is the one who konws. only she can feel them. the ever so sneaky tears crawling down her cheeks. only she hears those words the lying words that pierce like no other. let her be. let her be. she is safe in her dreams. just let her be.
The Void in Me
These anguished screams still echo, Through the void in me flowing, Unleashing pain you could not know, And yet I still feel nothing... This body died, its soul has fled, Lifeless corpse all that remains. After all the blood I've bled, Life itself has left my veins. Empty now I stand alone, I have nothing left to give. All that I had ever known, Sacrificed that you might live.
-cold as ice-
paralyzed here in this bed of mine these tear soaked sheets they know so much. once my tears cried.. they used to be warm now everything is ice. ice cold is the blood that runs through my icy bones inside my cold cold flesh. and so here I lie once again numb to all extremes and there is no warming my soul so cold. ice cold.
Forever Dreaming
How Did I get into this What am I doing in here How did my arms go numb Why is my sight blurry Im cold Im sad No one knows Everyone's watching So Here Is where I forever dream Nothing but nightmares I cant move I cant see I cant scream Im so lonely
then i scream
another drip and the bottle fills slowly to the neck, and then straight up to the lip. now its spilling out and its too late cause this bottle is breaking and the cracks are starting to show. everybody knows your hurting and they can't do a damned thing. so you swallow those pretty pills. quickly to the gut, and then straight down to the basement where you can let out all the pain in silence and alone, knowing they wont see the anger unless these wounds dont heal right. those men in suits tell you as you lay on their leather couches that you should let it out, but you can't. you try and the whole world knows theres somethi
Raped by all
trashing whores riping out your chest guns exploding through your breast words echoing out of your mind fucking the anuses of the human kind signs of protest and or signs of war burning the flags of a country already born disgust in the man that gave you this land but who did they take it from, shurely not their own hand the bleed their mindless public with ease because no one stops to think, just please thats\'s all they\'ll ever do you see they can\'t think for themselves, like you and me but then again, what do we think were do we get our info, some dirty sink? or is it just made to look like that really cleaned and spotless
-taken away-
is it my turn to wish you were lying here? take my mind. can i hold you hands and tell you i love you or will you not hear me? take my heart. can i be the one to watch you walk out of my life and totally understand? take my soul. now i\'m drowning under my pool of tears take my mind take my heart take my soul because if you\'re gone inside i would die without you
Scarred by Tears
A jagged scar hides the tears, I vowed would never be shed, Yet the sorrow is too much, To contain within this wound. All at once it surges forth. Saddness flowing through my veins, Pain now free torments the soul, Raging fires consuming mind, And shards of ice impale heart. Saturated by my hurt, Crying out for it to end, Knowing relief will not come, I give in to the anguish, As tears flow from my closed eyes.


-Utter Bliss-
I can still remember the smell and taste in the air there. The way it blew through my hair, seemed to entrance my mind. I would sit on the same rock every time I visited, the one right next to the shore. The dew would chill my feet as I hugged my legs close to my chest. I would sit there and close my eyes, dreaming that the waves would rescue me. That by the time I opened them it would be to the feel of the salty waters embrace. To the sea of eternal bliss. I would go in the mornings, barefoot, with sand still encrusting my squinted eyes. But I knew the second that the wind touched my face they would magically disappear. Everything would. The
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Kahlil Gibran
This author is great so I though I would share: A woman spoke saying, Tell us of Pain. And he said: Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that its heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain. And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life, your pain would not seem less wondorus that your joy; And you would accept the seasons of your heart, even as you have always accepted the seasons that pass over your fields. And you would watch with serenity through the winters of your grief. Much of your pain is self-chosen. It is the
Just some scrap poetry I didnt feel was worth submitting~ How to escape From what you learn How to forget Who you were What to do When theres nothing to fear How to fight When you have no more control Who to pick you up When nobodys left Who will see you When you no longer exist How to wake up When your already dead?
A late night thought
Ive been thinking alot lately about what the hell im doing with my life, thinking that ive failed the obstacles life threw at me and now, im screwed. A year ago the obstacles thrown gave me a challenge and an opportunity for growth that excited me and was kinda what i lived on but so much was thrown at me at once that instead of giving me a challenge I became a huge realist and stop caring about everything, i decided that this is life and i have no choice but to fucken deal with it. It made me angry for a long time but tonight i find peace in the fact that my life is good and the fact that i know that life is about living it and i have no rea


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i think your poems are beautiful


++ im about to add you x
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hey, just wanted to tell you i miss you! and i am always thinking of you! hope all is well. :hug: :heart:
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dunkler-adlig|Professional Artist
*random love* :hug: :D
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I had to get a new da account because someone hacked my school one. it's permanently unfixable. Just thought I'd let you know the change. I"m glad I joined da and met people like you and many others. Have a great day and night. And I never did find out who hacked up my account. but I assure you it's never going to be usuable. I tried submitting poetry on it and my cpu crashed. I couldn't view my journals or anything. I am being very serious about this all. I hate hackers that do this. I hope the hacker gets caught and is taught a lesson. Luckily I have tons of nicknames. Otherwise I would of permanently had to say goodbye to everyone on da. THat would suck so much. Because I'd miss you all. This is your friend Dan. Please add me to your da watch ok
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hey thanks for the comment on my poem. but it doesnt really apply to me right now, so no worries. thank you:)
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You have a wonderful gallery. You are very talented, and your poetry is so obviously heartfelt. Just dropped by to say thanks for the comment, but I think I might stay and browse a little. :D
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