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Dignity Broken
Crying wont bring back anything taken,
Memories disappear as anger is awaken.
Kiss me goodbye as you go on your way,
Watching you forget every moment of yesterday.
Revengeful pains numb me inside,
Confidence broken I try not to hide.
Neither can remember what feelings were there,
Everyday reminded that nothing is fair.
Disgusted by how everything is so cold,
Personal display, by this world's mold.
No getting back what was stolen from me,
No one to trust, nothing is free.
Wanting to run but have no where to go,
I tried so hard, but have nothing to show.
:iconadrenalinerush:adrenalinerush 0 6
How It Goes
The snake coils within him,
Giving power so profound.
An empty bottle shatters,
But will it ever make a sound?
He steps on the road,
He'd never thought he'd take.
And with each anxious motion,
A tiny smile, but still a fake.
It's suppose to make him happy,
After all he is a man.
He settled for what was waiting,
And destroyed the master plan.
But no silent cries to save him from,
No lonely hand to hold.
No chapter's left unwritten,
And no words have gone untold.
No struggles deep within his soul,
Waiting to be fixed.
No controversy debating him,
His feelings are not mixed.
No other path was given,
He took what was there.
But he doesn't worry about the future,
He knew it never would be fair.
:iconadrenalinerush:adrenalinerush 0 4
Destiny Is Yours
When the star shines,
That gleam in your eye.
And the perfection of the moment,
Leaves destiny in the sky.
When the hand on my face,
Makes me feel right.
And the way you want me,
Pulls me in tight.
When the moment shows me,
I have only to gain.
Throwing away past memories,
Of any kind of pain.
When you wake up,
And just know its pure.
And time does nothing,
But strenghten the allure.
When you want to stick around for the bad,
You just know.
That this person is there,
To teach you and grow.
When the night gives you energy,
And awakens you inside.
And this huge world,
Leaves you nowhere to hide.
When you find the one,
That will do anything to stay.
Theres nothing else you can do,
But keep going that way.
When you know it can be,
Everything you want it to be.
Just look into my eyes and realize,
Maybe its me.
:iconadrenalinerush:adrenalinerush 2 6
Forever Running
Running in a circle, eternally unknown
Blessing the point, where destinies thrown.
New start is given, and taken with pride
How to do good, a past is nowhere to hide.
Meditation, spinning, till she can't see the floor
Heart racing, she knows she wants more.
Inside the blinds where you can't see the tears
Uncover the mirror, unravel the fears.
Smirked adrenaline masks her back door
A spoiled soul exposing the poor.
Memories sunken in guilt, for names with no face
Eternally stuck in this winnerless race.
How many new starts until finally the end
And how many more battles and horrors to fend.
How does she find out why she must run.
With a fatal ending, or has she just won?
:iconadrenalinerush:adrenalinerush 0 6
The Black Rose Wilts
The hot, trickling release of grace,
Burning, scalding, his tempered face.
Blackened roses, frightened heart,
A violent mind that got broken apart.
Slashes of burgundy darken his skin.
Failing the battle he's fighting within.
Taking one step, he falls two behind.
Farther from the lock and the key that's confined.
He yearns and aches on the darkened floor,
The soiled earth and distant core.
Sinking mind and dieing street.
Wanting everything he refuses to meet.
Broken wings, last train home,
Trapped in his skin, with nowhere to roam.
:iconadrenalinerush:adrenalinerush 1 17
Blissful Serenity
Close your eyes and listen to
The things you cannot see.
And open your empty hand to feel
The taste of serenity.
Take off all your cloths
And feel the raindrops on your heart.
Listen to the moon
As you dance in a world apart.
Feel the beauty come upon you
As you smell the grass below.
And rearrange the stars above
For your eyes to grow and glow.
Feel the rainbow as it glistens
Above your beaming soul.
And touch the elements around you
As you body becomes a whole.
Watch the open flame
As it burns throughout the night.
And breath in the things around you
Just relinquish all your sight.
:iconadrenalinerush:adrenalinerush 4 15
-Utter Bliss-
I can still remember the smell and taste in the air there. The way it blew through my hair, seemed to entrance my mind. I would sit on the same rock every time I visited, the one right next to the shore. The dew would chill my feet as I hugged my legs close to my chest. I would sit there and close my eyes, dreaming that the waves would rescue me. That by the time I opened them it would be to the feel of the salty waters embrace. To the sea of eternal bliss. I would go in the mornings, barefoot, with sand still encrusting my squinted eyes. But I knew the second that the wind touched my face they would magically disappear. Everything would. The sun would be rising, bringing a pink haze to the sky and awakening the sun dulled by nightfall. The harsh waves trickled my legs with water drops giving me an overwhelming desire to run. For nothing. From nothing. I would pace the water's shoreline for hours, never tiring, because each footstep taken seemed to bring me a peace. A happiness I hadn'
:iconadrenalinerush:adrenalinerush 2 10
My Sanctuary
Running fast twords sanity
Too fast, she falls.
Blood trickling down her scratched hands.
She must run harder her serenity calls.
Canvas like scenery paints across her eyes.
Dawn dampens the ground.
Bowing down to the perfection,
She sits in the canvas nobodys found.
Animals and insects scurry across their path.
Not a second thought to stop or slow,
Away from the city,
Away from the flow.
Stones formed on the ground sit at her feet,
Laying silent and dead yet still strong, still solid.
When everything was to much, with them she hid.
Alond she sits, not as strong but the beauty brings peace.
Dead weeds trickle her arms,
As she crawls down the path.
She whips her tears and says goodbye.
One foot at a time she walks away,
With no more need for shelter,
She leaves the place, her sanctuary lies.
:iconadrenalinerush:adrenalinerush 0 4
Gasping For Air
by tears
with longing
if i dont sleep
I wont die
if i dont cry
i wont hurt
tired of being here
surrounded in a pool of pain
by only me
i want to scream
but who would hear
by the hollowness inside
i lie in reality
trying to escape
trying to fly
but only to fall
finally i drown
holding my last breath
:iconadrenalinerush:adrenalinerush 0 5
The walls slowly sink,
Around my dieing skin.
And my lungs have frozen solid,
When they see the state im in.
I want to scream and let it out,
But who would even hear?
I want to cry and see my blood,
But I can only shake in fear.
I\'m trapped in this prison,
With no reason to awake.
And the walls are sinking deeper,
As I feel my body ache.
My eyes are getting blurry,
And no light can be seen.
Consumed with frustration,
Life and death I lay between.
:iconadrenalinerush:adrenalinerush 1 8
-What If I Was Gone-
What would be left behind when I die?
A wilted flower or the wink of an eye?
So many say they\'d miss me if I was gone
But weeks from now I know they\'ll move on.
If I died today what would be said at my wake?
And what of the tears that fall will be sad or be fake?
What lives did I change as I live day to day?
And what opportunities did I let
From my fingers slip away?
Who did I quickly throw away from my life?
And cast away because of ignorance and strife?
We\'re all waiting for the meaning of life to be told
But in this society, if gotten it would be sold.
Is it wrong that I can\'t embrace right now?
Is it bad that I always want to change things some how?
Is there still time to change the way that I live?
Is there still more to offer
And any more to give?
Is it crazy to think if I was different things would change?
That I could any how help this world rearrange?
If I died right now everything would be the same
A few lost memories and an empty name.
:iconadrenalinerush:adrenalinerush 3 10
I fall
Into the icy lake.
In the cold
I tremble.
Filling and spreading
Into my lungs.
For something
To hold on to.
Alone I die.
:iconadrenalinerush:adrenalinerush 0 2
-My Words Come In Scars-
The metal hits me like a ton of bricks
But also sets me free
It oozes out the feelings
I would never be able to see
My head goes down to look
At what I have just done
The shame comes upon me
And I see what has begun
A scar for each feeling
Waiting to be healed
An open sore that burns
Its what I keep concealed
Each cuts a line of writing
That brings out what I feel
Every word inviting
Another layer off I peel
My words a way of dealing
With what I think each day
Each line revealing
The things I cannot say.
:iconadrenalinerush:adrenalinerush 62 116
Adoration for life,
Is what he lives for.
Infinite possibilities,
As he steps out the door.
One day at a time,
Is how he must live.
And whatever he can,
Is what he will give.
With polished shoes
And a leather briefcase,
He faces possibilities
In this daily race.
Wanting to look past
All the hate that he sees.
Through the prejudice,
discriminators, and anarchies.
He's been given the chance,
For a happier life.
A chance to make things up,
To his son and wife.
He steps of the ledge,
To the dependency sea.
He is confined but he knows,
He is always free.
:iconadrenalinerush:adrenalinerush 1 8
To Eternally Dream
Only to dream eternally
Shall steal this dull reality.
Night has come, leaving behind,
Every reasoning, restless mind.
Hopes now been overcast,
Reasoning turned into our past.
Is it what we see, or what it seems?
In each soul lies an undieing dream.
The sun awakes the arising dawn,
Back to my dreams I stay drawn.
Serenity broken by the chirp of a bird
Only to the peacful may this sound be heard.
Night releasing your relentless desires,
For day break to cease the ignited fires.
:iconadrenalinerush:adrenalinerush 0 6
Show Me Through The Fog
Look into my eyes,
And tell me what you see.
Rip of the disguise,
And establish that I\'m me.
Can you see my soul,
And reach into my heart?
Am I still a whole,
Or am I torn apart?
Deep within my eyes,
Show me something true;
A glimpse of my future,
With no distorted view.
Fix the divided feelings,
About the person I should be.
Tell me how to know,
When my heart and head agree.
Stop the contradiction,
Screaming inside my mind.
Deep within my psyche,
The answers there you\'ll find.
:iconadrenalinerush:adrenalinerush 0 11


Push me away
Actress smile, you are now on film,
you have no privacy, and you never will,
this is your part, you have to play it,
this is your life..
you just can't change it.
Actress ACT, that's your que,
and what's with that frown?
Smile would you?
....The curtain rises, and there she is..
The floor is covered with a haunting mist,
it covers her feet, is she touching the ground??
She's enchanting, she's magical..
she's still wearing that frown.
Told to smile, told it'll be ok,
while everything great has been pushed away.
Pushed from herself, pushed from her eyes,
pushed from the one who opened her up inside.
She can't smile.
And the crowd screams ACTRESS,
they don't even remember her name,
she's just another face,
she's just there to entertain.
Why didn't she know it would all come to this,
how could she be so blind?
She missed out on that first kiss.
She put it all away, stored it deep inside,
thought it'd be so easy to forget..
now she lives a lie.
"Ladies and Gentlemen," she slowly starts to s
:iconxcarpexdiemx:xcarpexdiemx 1 1
-mirrors truth-
so many times
i've stared into this reflection
and nothing has changed.
it's the same sad face.
my pathetic blurred brown eyes
and the sloppy makeup i wear
in an attempt to convince...
somone of something.
too often
does this picture bring me to tears
and i have to quick pain on a smile
as much as it hurts...
maybe eventually i'll convince myself
of everything i need to.
:iconlucidenigma:lucidenigma 2 11
Mature content
The Temptress :icontemptress-gaea:temptress-gaea 6 12
-let her be-
sounds hides anywhere it can
careful not to wake her.
she is so very pacified
lost in her dreams
no one knows of these
dreams she has
of the monsters calling her name.
you see a peaceful sleeping girl.
but she is the one who konws.
only she can feel them.
the ever so sneaky tears
crawling down her cheeks.
only she hears those words
the lying words that pierce like no other.
let her be.
let her be.
she is safe in her dreams.
just let her be.
:iconshatteredone:shatteredone 0 29
The Void in Me
These anguished screams still echo,
Through the void in me flowing,
Unleashing pain you could not know,
And yet I still feel nothing...
This body died, its soul has fled,
Lifeless corpse all that remains.
After all the blood I've bled,
Life itself has left my veins.
Empty now I stand alone,
I have nothing left to give.
All that I had ever known,
Sacrificed that you might live.
:iconunheard-voice:unheard-voice 9 27
-cold as ice-
paralyzed here in this bed of mine
these tear soaked sheets
they know so much.
once my tears cried..
they used to be warm
now everything is ice.
ice cold is the blood that
runs through my icy bones
inside my cold cold flesh.
and so here I lie once again
numb to all extremes
and there is no warming my soul
so cold.
ice cold.
:iconshatteredone:shatteredone 2 17
Forever Dreaming
Did I get into this
What am I doing in here
How did my arms go numb
Why is my sight blurry
Im cold
Im sad
No one knows
Everyone's watching
Is where I forever dream
Nothing but nightmares
I cant move
I cant see
I cant scream
Im so lonely
:iconimyselftheking:imyselftheking 2 18
then i scream
another drip and the bottle fills
slowly to the neck, and then
straight up to the lip.
now its spilling out and its too late
cause this bottle is breaking
and the cracks are starting to show.
everybody knows your hurting
and they can't do a damned thing.
so you swallow those pretty pills.
quickly to the gut, and then
straight down to the basement
where you can let out all the
pain in silence and alone,
knowing they wont see the anger
unless these wounds dont heal right.
those men in suits tell you as you lay
on their leather couches that you should
let it out, but you can't. you try
and the whole world knows theres something
wrong that they cant see
but when you show them they run.
so i run faster the other way,
until i reach the shore, the cliff, the wall
the end, whatever it is but when im there
i dont move. i just stare off into the horizon
thinking things i should never think
and i know theres something wrong,
that i can't control it. so i scream.
i beat that bag until i bleed and
:iconunattached:unattached 4 29
Just Tell Me
Here is a little, I can't give you a lot,
i wish there was more but it seems this is all I've got,
u want it forever and so this bit is yours,
but fair warning from above says there is no more.
I love you forever, i love you for you,
the cry of a child that doesn't know what to do,
have me for me if you think it's ok,
I'll give and you know it so take what you may,
not a depth undiscovered, is that what you want?
Could you handle my fire when it gets too hot?
Walk away from me while you still can,
how can you really be sure that you know who I am?
And what if I confess my truths?
After that moment could you still say I love you?
I just need to know.
I need to dissappear before we can grow,
in this fit of my madness,
I refuse to bring out your sadness,
talk to me, ask me, what do you feel?
I love you so much i love you, it's real,
but do you know for sure?
Does my infection have a cure?
And so I need to tell you,
what you feel could just be my truth,
all the love comes so naturally,
:iconxcarpexdiemx:xcarpexdiemx 1 7
Raped by all
trashing whores riping out your chest
guns exploding through your breast
words echoing out of your mind
fucking the anuses of the human kind
signs of protest and or signs of war
burning the flags of a country already born
disgust in the man that gave you this land
but who did they take it from, shurely not their own hand
the bleed their mindless public with ease
because no one stops to think, just please
thats\'s all they\'ll ever do you see
they can\'t think for themselves, like you and me
but then again, what do we think
were do we get our info, some dirty sink?
or is it just made to look like that
really cleaned and spotless, spick and spat
and spoonfed to us willingly
so cold, so chillingly
no one can say they are not changed
by the media, by the government, the sources are ranged
the words are the same, weather you think it or not
obey the law, don\'t smoke pot
be a good little boy
and our little toy
let us rape you blind
and play with your mind
we fucked you over just like before
:iconozak:ozak 3 5
-taken away-
is it my turn
to wish you were lying here?
take my mind.
can i hold you hands and
tell you i love you
or will you not hear me?
take my heart.
can i be the one to
watch you walk out of my life
and totally understand?
take my soul.
now i\'m drowning
under my pool of tears
take my mind
take my heart
take my soul
because if you\'re gone
i would die without you
:iconshatteredone:shatteredone 3 23
Scarred by Tears
A jagged scar hides the tears,
I vowed would never be shed,
Yet the sorrow is too much,
To contain within this wound.
All at once it surges forth.
Saddness flowing through my veins,
Pain now free torments the soul,
Raging fires consuming mind,
And shards of ice impale heart.
Saturated by my hurt,
Crying out for it to end,
Knowing relief will not come,
I give in to the anguish,
As tears flow from my closed eyes.
:iconunheard-voice:unheard-voice 5 15
54 - My Will
Shadow of love, perfection, and peace,
Spare my worthless, pathetic heart.
Winds of change and worthless times,
Carry me along to do my part.
Bright, beautiful, and great angel,
Lift me above with just one wing.
Ears of forgiveness, reflection, and misery,
Open up to hear me sing.
Sweet, tender and soft music,
Can you soothe me now once more?
Wondrous, blue, and clear sky,
Please appear to me like before.
Timeless love of truth and trust,
Can you tell me where you are?
Loyal, honest, and faithful sun,
Are you just another star?
:iconlost-mister-me:lost-mister-me 2 7
confusion and misplaced thoughts
jumbled up and stirred
mixed and shaking
frequent taking,
love hearthen sworn.
mindless putrid pity plotted
engrossed in a balm of sand,
its unfinished heart distraught
feelings felt continuously misunderstand.
a true bid heroine,
taken aback from hate,
a childhood full of dreams,
its awkward earthens within.
it hardens like a blow to the stomache,
your lungs filling with fluid,
drowning in a fathomous pleasure
of a kindred hand overlooking
touch this dream and wish a star,
fall again very far.
depthened dreary dread and die.
never look. its life has died.
:icondevotiontodying:devotiontodying 1 3
Visions in the Dark
The Visions In The Night
An Insomniac's Reflection
Somewhere deep within my mind
Like a twist in the yarn of time
Lie a thousand nightmares deep
Me from sleeping do they keep
In the silence I lie there wide-awake
Which my shallow breaths do break
My lips are parted and do whisper so
Of things I fear and do not know
The walls caked with blood and mire
The air thick with breaths expired
Brittle shards of bones and teeth
Scattered on my bed and underneath
Such visions dance within my head
Things even demons tend to dread
Me my dreams slowly begin to take
But I return back to the world of wake
I can't sleep and awake can't stay
The dark shapes my mind like clay
All these thoughts I toss aside
But this evil half I cannot hide
My mind is growing numb from fear
The time of dawn is drawing near
I know this night will end sometime
So in hope I write this rhyme
:iconlittlemaggie:littlemaggie 2 5




Artist | Literature
Current Residence: Austin, TX
Favourite genre of music: alternitive, industrial
Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams
Personal Quote: I am a part of everything and everyone, the universe is an extension of myself
This author is great so I though I would share:

A woman spoke saying, Tell us of Pain.
And he said:
Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.
Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that its heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain.
And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life, your pain would not seem less wondorus that your joy;
And you would accept the seasons of your heart, even as you have always accepted the seasons that pass over your fields.
And you would watch with serenity through the winters of your grief.

Much of your pain is self-chosen.
It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self.
Therefore trust the physician and drink his remedy in silence and tranquility:
For his hand, though heavy and hard, is guided by the tender hand of the Unseen.
And the cup he brings, though it burn your lips, has been fashioned of the clay which the Potter has moistened with His own sacred tears.


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