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Nov 13, 2018
6:33 pm
Nov 13, 2018
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Nov 13, 2018
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Nov 11, 2018
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Nov 10, 2018
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello, I`m ADraognNamedFerrous, but you can just short hand that to Ferrous.
I always liked art and recall drawing a few odds and ends when I was young. Back in 2017 was when I really started to get back into it, at least mentally. It was early 2018 that I actually got some art supplies and started drawing again. I did a few things before trying my hand at digital art basically just falling right into it. I`ll still do some traditional as you can see from my gallery but I must admit to a digital art preference.

I also write a little bit. Not a lot but there might be a nice little story hidden in the description of my art or floating on its own as a little short. Its more a hobby of my hobby so don`t expect too much literature from me.
Wow, I have ten watchers! 10 people think I`m good enough to warrant being informed of my actions on DA. This incentives me to actually improve my art further and continue to produce more and better quality art, and maybe a few stories here and there as well.

Any way, about this raffle. All entrants must be watchers, and if a new watcher comes along then feel free to join as well. Just note that anyone who watches and then unwatches will get blocked, so please don`t do that. 

In order to get a ticket, you must simply write a journal about this raffle and find one piece of art in my gallery and write a short summary of what you like about it and what you think could be done better with it. Constructive criticism only, and please write something a little more in depth than "it looks cool". Link the journal in a comment on this raffle so I know you posted it and I`ll give you a number. At the end of the raffle I`ll go to a random number generator and see who won. 

Extra tickets will be provided for every two additional pieces of art you critique.

The prize for the victor will be a full color picture with up to one character in it doing what ever you want (so long as it isn`t lewd) where ever they want (again, so long as it isn`t lewd). 
Examples of what I`ll draw
An Artifact by ADragonNamedFerrous

Mylian homeworld by ADragonNamedFerrous

An interpretation of Scout by ADragonNamedFerrous

OR, if you really want, I`ll write you a short story. Just give me location events and characters (and make sure it isn`t lewd). Just remember its one or the other.
Example of some of my writing
Welcome to MarsThe Galactic Coalition for Military and Economic Development (GCMED) was founded officially in the year 127 PFS (Post Federation Standard). The formation of this alliance between the United Earth Federation, The Republic of Zagash, and the Disciples od Avos helped to cement the end of the first true Galactic War. The admission of several other major powers into the Coalition, namely the Mylo Scientific Council and the Glaring Order for Planetary Expansion, helped to cement the Coalition’s reputation for galactic unity.
            The GCMED now has member worlds over the majority of the galaxy. The largest addition to the Coalition was following the Second Galactic War against the Neo-Nazi Autocracy in 234PFS and the finalization of the Pan Galactic Warp Network in 240PFS. Each event saw the Coalition grow by nearly 27% of its current total size.

Just MachinesMachines are inferior to us in every single way. This is not a flaw, but a feature. -Professor Blue Star
            An Iron Lake in the Sky, or Iron Lake as his friends called him, was not pleased with his current assignment. He and five other Canis Elites had been tasked by the Glaring Workers Union (GWU) to recover a moderately valuable mining drone. This kind of work would not have warranted the skill of any Canis warrior save for the fact that the drone was now on a post atomic world inhabited by highly advanced but still pre-FTL hypocrites. They believed in equality and freedom for themselves and total servitude of anything that was clearly not of the same species.
            Before I introduce you to Iron Lake and the other five people he will be working with today, I must give some context on the Canis. They are a highly advanced, post FTL species consisting ent

Deadline for submitting journals is next Saturday, the 17th of November. 


Litterature! Holly crap did I have  huge amount of old half done stories sitting in my hard drive. Without anything else a fair few look like actual one of short stories. 


All of the art on this profile posted after the middle of 2018 is hidden and requires you ot be logged on to Deviant Art to view.


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