SenshiStock is now AdorkaStock

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Name change! ✨ Can't go back and edit hundreds of watermarks but AH WELL, it is what is is. ♥

© 2021 AdorkaStock
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a cool name change. I myself had a name change... haha.

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Congrats on the name change!!!!!

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Oh man, it's a good thing you made this! I saw that name in my Watch and went "Who are you??? I don't recall an AdorkaStock..."

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It's meeeeeeee 8D

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Just love when kids come up with the right names for things. :) I like it.

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shes such a clever bean :3

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XD I had just put up a picture with 'senshi' credits, and when I saw it was 'adorka' in the posted picture notes I rushed to try and fix it because I thought I had a typo and credited the wrong model. lol

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I assume I will have weeks if not months of these feelings :'D

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This name is really great :3

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AdorkaStock is a great name <3

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Too bad Eclipse took away signatures. I can see this in your dig “The Stock formally known as Senehi” >3

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Oh did they?! lmao oh well

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Yep, and it bites as I LOVED to see people’s signatures... Oh well =3

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The stock formally know as Senshi™ :D

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What inspired the name change?

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I've honestly been wanting to change it for a super long time, like years. But coming up with a new name I liked was really hard. I wanted to use SarahStock but that's the name of a Canadian wrestler?! hahaha my 6 year old came up with this one and I love it so much. I'm so hype even though I will be cleaning up the mess from the change for a few weeks :')

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