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There's lots of awesome models on DA and lots of great places on the web to find pose reference and stock! Here's a little list of some great places to check out for some quality pose reference stock:

is a group I founded that accepts submissions of stock photos that are useful for pose reference. To be considered, the model must be wearing form fitting clothing or nude. There are separate folders for nude stock. Watching this group will result in quality pose reference stock appearing in your inbox!

You are here. :D

highly recommended male model, contains non-nude male stock with some action, and couple (m/f) refs with no nudity.

has an MASSIVE gallery, many of the female models are nude and make great pose references! There are also some self portrait pose references in the bearded, wizard type variety. :giggle: 

female model, much variety! 

Mostly male, mixed undies and nude. Some fem parts.

Her gallery is full of great female reference including some wonderful lying, reclining and sitting poses.

Small but useful gallery of plus size female model in form fitting clothing.

has a folder of pole fitness stock photos that are really stunning. Some more in the main gallery, too

has some images where he's in just some black shorts.  Other action and expressive resources with costumes, there's also some nude stock in the gallery.

mostly full body female, clothed

provides some high quality stock photos mainly of herself. Her gallery is very well organized and has a lot of awesome packs available for quick download.

is a fantastic place to go for male nude stock! There's also a ton of images with more than one model.  If you need man on man action, this is the account to visit!

has a series called "Melted Wings" which contains really dynamic pose images!

has a few male pose reference images in his gallery as well as a ton of head and face references.

has an amazing assortment of very high quality, professional resources. Some of the models are nude.

A lot of male reference, mostly pretty classical, nude.

Has some form fitting clothed pose stuff in this folder

Male, nude, full body, as well as face an anatomy

New and small gallery of female, clothed poses in this folder

Trans FtM poses, clothed (account includes art too, see folders) 

There's also some places with 3D figure photos which are pretty helfpul, too! Like :icontat2duck: who has this folder and :iconbjd-poses:

SenshiStock Sketch is my web app for randomized SenshiStock poses for gesture and sketching practice. Posemaniacs is a fun site with lots of fantastic poses that you can rotate in a virtual space for reference! Also check out Pixelovely.com for more gesture and sketch practice as well as tutorials.

See also: Find your way around DA #1: Pose ReferencesComing up with interesting, accurate poses for your characters can be difficult. Either they all end up looking the same, or the poses just don't look right. Drawing from a reference is a great way to practice this. Luckily, there are lots of amazing resources available to help you out, both here on DeviantArt and one the big bad WWW. I've listed the ones I know here, so you don't have to do the digging.
- I've picked resources that focus on poses, not on anatomy. This means that the drawn pose references listed here are not necessarily anatomically correct. Though the two are definitely related, to me they're not necessarily the same thing. Your anatomy might be great, but a good pose can really bring your image to life. 
- This journal focuses on humans, not animals. Animal references will be listed in the next journal.
A little guide to the list
Real Life Poses: Stock photographs of real people in various poses, generally against a white backdrop.
Drawn pose stock:&

Feel free to look through the Model Stock I Love folder in my favorites! This is where I tend to collect stock that I find useful for pose reference.

Got any other pose reference resources you think should be listed here? Please let me know!

Happy drawing! :happybounce:

Other great stock accounts on DA that aren't exactly focused on pose ref but are way cool anyway:
:iconaction-stock:  :iconsyccas-stock: :icontanit-isis-stock: :iconfaestock: :iconcharligal-stock: :iconraeyenirael-stock: :icondamselstock::iconmjranum-stock::iconbackward-perspective::icondanika-stock::iconaimeestock::iconartreferencesource: (mostly pay to use) 
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Thank you! I needed this. Using search in DA has become close to useless after its big update... probably its worst change. Good thing you had collected all the good stuff here!

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Getting rid of categories basically made DA useless for finding stock, it's heartbreaking. I'm glad this is helpful! I really need to update it though T^T

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Thank you. I was searching for great references stock.

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Oh my god thank you for making this! references are so hard to find! (especially plus sized references) and as somebody who doesn't know smack about anatomy and posing this is a great resource for me!

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yay happy drawing!

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Hi! I have bought a lot of your stock that you have online but I was curious if you have any packs from other creator's you would recommend? I really want to diversify my purchased stock with different body shapes and was curious if you had any great links for gumroads or any other website where I can buy stock to support them!

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Hey thanks! The only one I can think of off the top of my head is Noah Bradley gumroad.com/teambradley

If I think of more I'll let you know!
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Thank you so much! Funny I have a lot of their stock too. I love both you guys <3 thank you so much.

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Thank you so much for this list. The S&R category is sometimes full of some rather odd things that have not a lot to do with S&R so it's hard to browse, and sometimes you don't know what pose you're looking for, just something inspiring, so can't tag-search. Love your stock by the way; my parents used it and now I do. You've spanned generations 8)
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that's awesome! I'm so glad it's helpful! :heart: 
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O. O I have officially started watching every single one of them and I sent join request for the groups 
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Incredibly helpful!  Thanks so much! :heart:
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Do BJD poses count? :shy: 
And for that... tat2duck is useful, too!
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Thanks for the mention and link
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Oh yeah great idea. There's also BJD-poses
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Thanks for this! *O*
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