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Dear watchers and folks wandering who happened to stumble here: Hi! :wave: Thanks for watching, visiting, using the stock!

The images in this account are posted into the Stock & Resources section of deviantART. By the site's definition, this is section is for: "Resources submitted by deviants for others to use in their own works and/or learn from." They are photos from which artists can draw inspiration or use in order to create their art.

Critique is most useful to someone who is passionate about their craft and wants strongly to improve. Critique is not desired on the stock I post because it is presented "as is" to be used or not used by artists as they see fit. They are not finished work, nor are they a works in progress. I have no intention on improving existing images, most notably because they are often taken months or years before they are posted. They are not polished photography or (in most cases) professional models.

The models are wearing limited amounts of clothing because the specific type of resource I provide is mainly for pose reference. The attire (or lack thereof) provides ample information on the form while avoiding nudity which would bar underage artists or those with a predisposition to blushing (tehe).

Often times props are used with which the model has limited or no experience. This is usually stated. If you seek real-life accuracy references for certain things such as weapons, instruments, etc. please seek additional resources as necessary.

Comments are left open on deviations for people post links to the artwork they have made.

If there is some technical thing in a photo about which you would like to advise me, please send a note.

Thank you, and happy drawing!
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Updated with a new and incredibly more sterile and boring version :yawn:
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