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These rules were last updated March 27, 2021 - language translations have not been updated.
For Español, Português, Deutsch, Swedish, Italiano, Français, русский, Українська, عربي,Dansk, Norsk, & Polski go here.

For 中文, 日本語, 한국어, Suomi, Nederlands, Cymraeg, Român, Taglish, Hrvatski, Bahasa, Hebrew, Ελληνικά, Türkçe go here.

:star: :star: :star: Read the RULES! before you USE! :star: :star: :star:

:bulletpink: You can share and distribute the stock as long as you give credit and link to the DeviantArt account.   Any stock found posted without credit will be seen as in violation of this rule. THIS INCLUDES PLACES LIKE PHOTOBUCKET/PINTEREST.  If you re-post this stock somewhere, credit must be given. 

:bulletpink: NOTIFICATION IS OPTIONAL.  I like to see your art but you aren't required to show me anymore. You can if you want! I will see some of it. :heart: Other places you can tag me for pose use: TikTok, twitter, facebook,  Instagram.

:bulletpink: Credit MUST be given for stock used in photo manipulations.  Prints and off site use is allowed.  A link to this account in your comments is appropriate credit.  For help, read this FAQ page.  For off site, do not just credit to 'AdorkaStock' in text, there must be a live hyperlink to the account.  

:bulletpink: Credit is greatly appreciated when the stock is used for solely pose reference, but it is not required when making original art using the stock as reference.  Please be advised that DA's FAQ suggests linking to stock used to avoid any "confusion or misunderstandings."  A link to this account in your comments is appropriate credit if you would like to include it.  For help, read this FAQ page.  Please send me a link to your work as I would like to see and collect it.

If you still have questions after reading these, please visit my FAQ! :dummy:  

Creative Commons License
This work by AdorkaStock is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
© 2011 - 2021 AdorkaStock
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DJMadameNoir's avatar

Are your stocks available for commercial use, like book covers?

AdorkaStock's avatar

Yes, you can use my stuff for commercial work.

If you are using photos for references and making pieces in a new, non manipulated medium then there's not requirements.

If you are using the actual photos and altering them, it's required to credit me and show me the art :)

M8deUp's avatar

What’s the difference between photo manipulation and pose reference?

AdorkaStock's avatar

pose reference is when you make your own image in a new medium with my image as a guide or resource

photo manipulation is when my photo is part of the new art form directly

M8deUp's avatar

Would drawing sticks be photo manipulation? Like im not tracing the body shapes or hands or anything at all, instead im just drawing a single line on where the legs and the arms and the body should be.

AdorkaStock's avatar

It sounds like you are using the image as a guide to make a work in a new medium. That's a pose reference use. Even if you traced every portion of the photo you'd still be producing work in a new medium which is considered pose reference.

Credit and notification are optional for those :)

M8deUp's avatar

Oh Im still crediting you guys, you guys are incredible and a big help and deserve every follow and favorite you guys have. I just wanted to know the difference. Thank you.

AdorkaStock's avatar

Happy drawing! <3

AriBach's avatar

Thank you for making this, I've referenced it here-

JustAnotherMadOne's avatar

I love your references so much! I have a question though; is it okay to trace the poses? So, basically the same pose, but flipped because of tracing? Sorry, if I didn't explain myself well.

AdorkaStock's avatar

yes it's 100% totally okay to use tracing as an art technique with my poses! ♥

TBBishiXO's avatar

I had the very same question. As I only need the basic outlines of the pose to fill in the rest myself. I will try to show you my creations every once in a while. It is embarrassing to me to even have to use pose references let alone trace them.... :(

I physically cannot visual anything......

I have used a few in my Webtoon

Driziana's avatar

I think tracing is perfectly okay. 1. it gives practice 2. you learn more about figures.

As long as you ask the creator if you can post and give credit, you're doing perfectly fine!

its highly unlikely to magically understand poses and figures when drawing, practice is almost always required.

It's nothing to be embarrassed about, everyone learns differently!

PS: thats awesome you have your own webtoon!

TBBishiXO's avatar

Awww thank you so much for the reply. I feel happy with the way my art is coming oit right now. All I ever really need is just the figure outline. I do the rest ;)

Thank you so much for that!! I am trying to post weekly but with everything going on in my life, I now have to post every two weeks.

Hi! How should I credit your work when using just small parts of the photos for academic work? Is text mention okay, becuase I don't have an option to include a working link? (I'm making an animated collage of different legs and such, don't ask lmao)

AdorkaStock's avatar

you actually don't have to credit me if you're just using the poses for reference, it's not required. I like to see the art though so if you can/want to show me it's always fun :D

XxAnimaTorixX's avatar

Hopefully I can find the pose I'm looking for! This should prove a big help in studying the human form so I can get better at anatomy either way! You, Senshi, are a GODSEND!!

AdorkaStock's avatar

yay happy drawing!

Shadow-Royale's avatar

I'm awful at drawing people (I'm a total beginner/noob) and only just discovered your profile. Thank you for being a big help to artists everywhere!

AdorkaStock's avatar

ah yay i hope they help a lot!

jillian-artist's avatar

creating drawings with some parts of your great references I recently found - especially the movement poses along with the hands/feet - thanks for all the great references.

AdorkaStock's avatar

yay happy drawing!

tomearts's avatar

thank you for all the work that you do! one day i plan on becoming a patreon because ive been referencing your art in my work for several years now. thank you once again!

AdorkaStock's avatar

I'm always happy to hear it's been helpful! ♥️ ✨

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