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When she fought, she was the blade

Teaser from my shoot this week, a whole set of dual blade images with my new props. Love them. Patreons who join or stay at $2.50+ in May 2021 will get a full pack of poses like this so join us there and get some more neat perks, too. ♥ Over 5 years of pose reference archive goodies!


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Mar 31, 2021, 3:51:21 PM
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Nice pose! I don't how she froze herself in the exact stance, but it would nicely into Street Fighter or Metal Slug!

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Love the new hair... I've been looking for some new stock for some image ideas and didn't recognise you at first in this image.

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This is great. I'm going to use it as reference for my drawing. I'll link to here if I post the drawing online. Thank you for your excellent work!

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You're looking all Norse and shit lol.

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It's certainly a new look...unless I haven't paid attention lately? I'm having Assassin's Creed Valhalla flashbacks lol. I played the female Eivor.

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I've had the undercut since 2019 with various lengths but I haven't posted much new stuff to DA :)

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Great! Thanks for sharing.

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Undercut woohoo you go girl!

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I tried to grow it out at the start of the pandemic and quickly realized that I now HATE having hair lol

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Having it chopped off is so much easier isn't it? You still look beautiful. 💜

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ty yes it's really nice and I'm super happy with it! Just enough hair for a bow :3

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