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Viola Pack Preview Image - Sitting Pose Ref


The Viola Pack is now available on!  Click here to get it now!

Pack includes photos from two different sessions using the viola, mostly playing, some stationary and some with motion and a few poses at rest.

Photography for this image is by :iconmjranum-stock:

OBLIGATORY VIOLA DISCLAIMER: I have never in my life played or been instructed by a professional to play a viola! I tried my best, but I am not a good reference for a perfect playing stance/position/etc. If you want to make sure your artwork is 100% super accurate to how this instrument should be played, I recommend you do additional research. :heart:

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Image details
Image size
2672x3984px 3.52 MB
Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Shutter Speed
1/128 second
Focal Length
55 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Aug 27, 2013, 3:18:26 PM
Sensor Size
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I play the violin for 25 years and I can tell you that your pose is right! It's just that a violinist cuts his fingernails of right hand for convenience!;) (Wink) 
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Yeah that's probably a must xD
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Heyy ^^
I just wanted to thank you for posting these and sharing! I used this face in this piece below.…

Fire Maiden REDRAW by LynnTV

I also used your fire background sample pack 
Tabenrea's avatar
Ah this pose was perfect for what i wanted to draw thank you so much!…
Pandamonium-Chaos's avatar
Violins and pianos are downright evil to draw TT^TT...people aren't impossible, but violins are beyond my capability
AdorkaStock's avatar
Practice, practice!!
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Nowadays, most people use a shoulder rest when playing the violin or viola. You may want to use a shoulder rest next time you take a shot with a viola or violin, as it is much more comfortable and easier to adjust, as well as preventing slipping. Many people use a KUN, but that's expensive, and since you're only doing this for ref shots and stock, I'd go for a contoured sponge or just a plain towel.
mfMarLei's avatar
^ Thank you as a viola player, I approve
Ori-Chan1's avatar
do you sell the stock photos at all?  I have been trying to diversify my body positioning but its hard to do with a mirror and myself lol
AdorkaStock's avatar
I sell some stock as advanced download packs from my website, but they are all for a limited time. However, all the images from the packs will eventually be posted in the gallery.

Were you looking specifically for more viola/violin images, or just more poses in general?
peacelovegenius's avatar
Just a note for artists going for authenticity- you play both a violin and a viola sitting on the very edge of your chair, and with a device called a shoulder rest on the bottom of the instrument- playing without a shoulder rest is horribly uncomfortable!! Otherwise, fantastic ref!!
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Hello! I used this stock here:…

Thank you very much! :3
VioletLightning's avatar
This picture is absolutely beautiful, thank you so much for posting it! I used it for reference here if you'd like to look:…
Stormdeathstar9's avatar
What no shoulder rest? 
AdorkaStock's avatar
Sorry, I didn't have one. Though of you use it as a reference you could make adjustments to add it in. :)
Stormdeathstar9's avatar
That alright in the first years I play I didn't have A shoulder rest until one day at a music camp/summer class for fun they told me,  I need one because itll help you play better and it did work till it keep falling off when playing and then got a new one and it broke and then when Back to the one I liked and didn't have a promble since then xD but yeah I love to play so how long you been playing I been playing About 8 years I think :3 and still need improvement xD but better then before :3
AdorkaStock's avatar
Oooh I can't play at all. xD I just rented it as a prop for stock. ^___^;; That's awesome though!! I am sure it's a challenging instrument. I played the flute for a week in jr high and then I did some percussion stuff, but when I got to HS they wouldn't let me write the notes in over the sheet music so I quit and joined the color guard lololol >_> /lazysakky
Stormdeathstar9's avatar
Oh, ok :3 i use to rent my for years and then my mom got a discount on my viola i have now an it was about 500 or 800 dollars and its a nice viola.... 
Actually it easy, but once you get into "third PosTIon" that tricky because you havE the violin notes, which are different completely it looks the Same if you put them side by side on notes but actually it a higher octave(?) then ours, we're consider the background noise, the woman's voice, or 3rd violin and I think that it =_= but we do get our moments once In while, but people don't realize how different we are  from violins because we kinda have the body of a violin and the strings of a cello xD that the best way of how I describe the viola :3 and ps I used To play recoreder before I played viola x3
AdorkaStock's avatar
It's an under appreciated instrument :D
Stormdeathstar9's avatar
Yeah I wish people Knew about the viola 
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I just read through the comments…. Have I just found a fellow violist?
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