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Uncertainty - Pose Reference

I have very little training in the use of a handguns. These photos were taken with a fantasy/magical approach in mind; please consider this when using them for reference.

Because I've had a few people ask: the handguns we used in this set are an M9 and a Sig. Both are replicas and not functioning firearms. I don't know anything else about them or which is which but if you need more specific details about them, I'm sure `jademacalla can help if you send him a message. :thanks:

Please refrain from making comments about the model's ability.

This collaboration was funded through Kickstarter. Thanks for your support!

Credit to `jademacalla for the photography on these. :heart:

Other gun stock:


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wow looks amazing

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Thanks! You make fantastic references! :)

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Used as a reference here. Thanks!
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Used! There's also an alternate image.…
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Used your photo as a reference here.
Thank you!
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thank you for the amazing images as always!
used this image here:
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Excuse me, but would I be able to get e for my concept artwork? Here's the address: king-of-the-aegis.deviantart.c…. I've drawn the pose over and over but because I don't have a woman's body I know the anatomy's off so I want to get a reference. If not would you be able to refer some fellow modelers on deviantart that I can ask?
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Are you looking to get some customs poses done? :D I think pyjama-cake might be taking post commissions
King-of-the-Aegis's avatar
I did have some others I was thinking of. Thanks I'll check pyjama out.
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 ID usage... um it's a close up of my previous deviation 
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I feel like doing this pose with eternal sailor moon in it. Do you think I should or not?
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That would be cool!
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Thank you for the reference <3333 although I only used the part of the pose if you don't mind (its in the description)

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*leaps in front of bullet*
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Thanks for the pose reference! I used it [link] :hug:
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Amazing!! I can feel the inspiration!
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I have a weakness for floaty poses like this, your legs look really cool and elegant in a simple way - at least I can look at my character sketches and say these poses aren't impossible, ha!
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I hope now that I have the DSLR working I will be able to catch more floaty things like this. I love drawing them xD
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I just love this girl! :D
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The flying gun-toting shrug! :lol:!
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I imagine a bullet wizzing past my face xD
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