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Shoot 29 - Couch Pack for Drawing Reference

The remote for my DSLR is busted. I ordered a new one, but since I had everything all set up I decided to shoot some pictures on the couch with the old camera. It's so crappy, lol. So here's the entire shoot (some extras that I've shopped together). I am sure they will be useful, but I don't feel like they are worth posting individually.

Once I get all the old stock from this old camera posted I am going to try to only post images from the DSLR or from photographers who know what they are doing. I know that the quality of the more recent stock has gone up and I don't want to be making new stuff at a lower bar.

ANYWAY, my impatience results in a massive stock dump for you! :happybounce: Have fun with these! Some of them are pretty funny IMO ;P

Download the ZIP pack for the full resolution images. Hold down Crtl and F then type in "download file" if you cannot find the link.


Please check out for pre-sales on unreleased stuff! :happybounce:

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So I just spent an hour going through a ton of stock for exactly this sort of thing, only to learn that this exists, even though I went on your page first of all :'D Go me (I am not the brightest, obviously)!

Now I am inspired and will get to work straight away C:
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yay happy drawing!
thanks for your help
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i love me a good couch rest

thanks for showing me!
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Gestuet Stories Teil 1 - part 10 by GutCaballo  and thank you again ♥
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You are a legend!
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haha I should do something like this again with the correct camera :D
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It'e really usefull! Thank you!
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I love your gallery, I can find what I'm looking for!
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I used your refs here…  

I hope I understood the rules correctly?
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Looks great! And yep, that's perfect. For tumblr, you can also use hashtag senshistock. I check it once in a while :D
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nice idea this. if i use it i will definitely send my art to show u
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Oh my God, this stock pack. xD 
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This is fucking awesome, your poses in this are so natural and relaxed. Helps me draw a lot more realistically. Thank you so much!
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glad it's helpful!! :D
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