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SenshiStock To Go - Romance Outtakes

One of the models let her hair down during the book shoot so these aren't typically stuff I'd put in the gallery for reference, but they are still really fun poses so hopefully some of you will still find them useful! :D Download ZIP for full size.

Photography by William Gardner Photography.


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used this here Forgiveness by keyootee
AlexBerkley's avatar
i used one of your poses here: Amber And Fitz

thank you
EllieSmolWitch's avatar
Used one of these poses in one of my latest watercolor pieces, Icare I <3
CandyDays's avatar
I used on of these poses here:…
It really really helped, so thanks! :>
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I was just coming back to your page to help your friend out a bit and I always use the search to find your page. How explicit is this supposed to be? What is this supposed to be reference for? Lol. I could see an erotic artist using this, just saying. Of course, you might have rules against that sort of use. Anyway, I'm just spit balling lol.
AdorkaStock's avatar
Oh I didn't have rules like that lol its a reference for whatever people can make of it xD
TheSkaldofNvrwinter's avatar
Cool. I should get my mind out of the gutter!
TheSkaldofNvrwinter's avatar
I do sorta like your more intimate stock--it seems intimate to me--with your friend who needs help, sinned angel right? Those definitely stand out. Maybe I'll do something with them one day.
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Yeah, I'm super comfortable with her so the chemistry is good. Too bad she had to move so far away. ;(
TheSkaldofNvrwinter's avatar
That's awesome...and sad. Of course, I've known women that moved away and I was GLAD. Lol. But I know the feeling you're talking about. Life is like paths running along, crisscrossing sometimes, and separating again.
AdorkaStock's avatar
Yeah I have a feeling we haven't done our last shoot together, she and I :3
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i like as she's going down his facial expression doesn't change at all
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Hey guys i know this sounds silly but I love the work you do enough to let you know that I'm mass-downloading your stock for personal (non-commercial use) If I remember to, I try to give credit in my post, but sometimes I don't know/recognize whose stock I use.

ANYWAY (lol) I just wanted to ask if you'd be willing to put a little non-obtrusive watermark with your dA name on the picture somewhere so if i use your references I know who to credit. All my references are thrown into a folder where no names or anythign are kept unless they are visible somehow. That is, unless it's too much effort.
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I've been adding watermarks on recent submissions, but unfortunately I have about 1700 deviations that were submitted before that and I really don't want to spend the amount of time it would take to go back and fix that. Maybe just save my stuff into a "SenshiStock" folder so you know?
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Yeah, I'll try to credit you when I can. Since you use the same actors it's pretty recognizable.
AdorkaStock's avatar
If it's pose reference then credit is optional anyway, but I still want to see the art! :D
zoru22's avatar
TheSkaldofNvrwinter's avatar
I'm just curious, since I often think about heights, and I just might measure from one of the shots. How tall are you? How tall is she? How tall is he?
AdorkaStock's avatar
I am 5'4" can't tell you about the rest though sorry
MintyTheLadyPirate's avatar
I love it, the poses are great and so are the expressions!
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