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SenshiStock T-Shirt Design for Kickstarter!

Here it is! The t-shirt design for the SenshiStock To Go! Kickstarter project!


The shirt is available for ONLY a $25 donation which includes shipping in the US!

If you aren't interested in the physical book but you want to support me and the project, please get a shirt and help fund this awesome book for all who are interested! There are also levels at which you can donate to get some digital stock. ^___^

The shirt was designed by my husband, Steve Forde. :hug: For now, I plan to have it available with white print on a black shirt but if people are interested in the inverse I think Kickstarter might allow me to provide the option.

You can come visit me at AnimeNEXT this weekend in the Artist Alley! My table is listed as "Sarah Forde" due to some confusion with their application form. Here's a map of where I'll be. Please come by and check out the prototype of the book!
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Love this shirt! I bet lot's of artists relate to this message.
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haha yes, me too :3 I still have some available, if you're interested! :D
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Hear my words : I Want It!!!!!!

what do i have to do to have it?
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Woo!! I am packing up the Kickstarter stuff now and once that's all out I will be updating with a store that includes the book and the shirt. I will make a post when they are available :D
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ow il just have to wait then thanks for your reply Senshi and by the way the Tshir is soo cool when you release it for sale il defenetly buy it :squee: and the book (maybe) Hug High-five!
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"It's for art; I swear."
"Yes... it is for ART." :iconnotimpressedplz:
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That's just perfect.  Absolutely wonderful, and way too perfect for a lot of people here on dA (particularly in the stock photo business).
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I need this in Male.
AdorkaStock's avatar
male size or like... a dude on the shirt? xD
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haha I meant a man on the shirt XD
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Pfffff- awesome!
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haha whatever you say. Then I donated my plasma for "science"
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This is amazing. :D
The second I find some spare money lying around, I will fund the hell out of this... <3
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Ah thanks! The Kickstarter is over but I might have some shirts available afterwards. ^_^ They will be for sale on :D
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Awww I could only afford $10, but maybe if you do print them in the future and take them to cons I could buy one then! :D
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thanks so much for helping!!
ChristaDoodles's avatar
Thank you for helping me all these years! I only wish I could have contributed more! :D
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