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SenshiStock Expression Pack Preview

The complete Expression Pack includes 133 expressions, each from 3 points of view for a total of 399 photos.  Each image in the full pack is 3872 x 2592.

Download the full Expression Pack from my GumRoad for $12!

This free preview pack includes 75 images: 25 expressions from three points of view. The images are naturally lit and include the neck and shoulders. They have been scaled to 1200 x 803. The expression shown is the file name - though your opinion on those may differ!

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Pairs Pack Preview - Couple Pose Drawing Reference by AdorkaStock Viola Pack Preview Image - Sitting Pose Ref by AdorkaStock Top Down Pack Preview - Reference for Drawing by AdorkaStock Swing Pack Preview - Drawing Reference by AdorkaStock
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Here is one of my tries

Big Eyes2
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References need to be like this,especially facial ones. You get to see how the form changes from different angles.

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Oh thank goodness this exists! I realized that in order to learn how to shade (without a professional teaching me), I had to use model references. So I will basically be copying what I see from models. :eager:

I have reread your guidelines. I'll show you when I'm done and provide credit. Hopefully, this will help me when I return to my cartoon style, too. But for now, it's about observation and imitation with and without tracing. We will see how I do. ^^;
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yay happy drawing!
RTNightmare's avatar
I did it! :3 One of them at least. XD 
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YES! I've been looking for a good expression sheet! 
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Senshi, you are god.
AdorkaStock's avatar
A mere mortal but thank you :'D
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May I use this as a study of sorts?
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wow great job! great ref!!
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:highfive: Fun to make, too! 
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I was just looking to see if you had anything like this! SQUEE! THANK YOU!
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Oh my goodness, this will be so helpful. Thank you. 
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so glad to hear it, happy drawing!
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Used your shoulders here. Thank you for having good shoulder pose, without hair.…

Artist credits at bottom of post.
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:highfive: Glad it was helpful!
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Hi, great stock! Used this here: Cancer Tales
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