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Pose Reference Reflection Mirror Figure Model


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Image size
1134x2752px 1.57 MB
Shutter Speed
1/60 second
Focal Length
18 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Oct 23, 2015, 3:36:56 PM
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Katarzyn666's avatar
Hey, I commited another one :) Digital version, thank you for the reference :heart:  Come with me to the Other Side by Katarzyn666
Katarzyn666's avatar
Used reference :) Thank you, also I'm planning to do digital version so I'll let you know in the future.  The Other Side of The Mirror by Katarzyn666
emcorpus's avatar
It's relatively rare and difficult to find mirror poses. Thank you so much.
AdorkaStock's avatar
Happy they're useful! I have a whole folder where I put them!…
KittenChomp's avatar
I know this is random but I just noticed your freckles and I love them! :D
AdorkaStock's avatar
haha ty I have some big ones on my back 
KittenChomp's avatar
They're so unique! :D
AdorkaStock's avatar
they're my chocolate chips haha :'D 
are you wearing a diaper?
AdorkaStock's avatar
No my ass is really just that big 
JohnRaptor's avatar
You handle rude comments with such grace.
AdorkaStock's avatar
Years of experience I guess lol
CarnivalLilly's avatar
This small comment chain made my day (idk why)
Lullaby-of-the-Lost's avatar
I couldn't stop laughing for about 30 seconds straight so I agree
AdorkaStock's avatar
ihasnotomato's avatar
Ohhh do you have/ will there be a set of mirror poses? These could be incredibly helpful!
AdorkaStock's avatar
Yes, it was a themed pack so there's more to come!
Raven-635's avatar
I have been holding off on something like this for so long because I didn't know how it would look in my head, and this is perfect. You're a savior to all artists. THANK YOU!!! <3 <3 <3
AdorkaStock's avatar
More full body mirror images to come! ❤️
ViiginUnimii's avatar
There's a difference between stock reference and model posing. Her build has nothing to do with the goal of the photograph- to be used as a reference instead of an aesthetic by appearance. You simply cannot judge somebody's build- and just because she may be built like a man in your opinion does not mean she's not attractive to others nor her references are useless. If you had a little more politeness and common sense about stock references, you'd know this kind of stuff doesn't matter to an artist. Not to nag on you or your personal opinions, it's just that pose referencing is not normally in the category of aesthetics physically. 

In my honest opinion Senshi looks completely fine :).
I'm just starting my opinion on her looks and that I really don't care that she is doing this for posing or modeling or whatever. She is still ugly, and that's the end of it. I am too, but I'm saying it because she's putting herself out there for all to see. She should expect aesthetic critique due to her being a model. I am not taking into account her help with poses
There's always been sad little pricks trolling Deviantart but you're one of the most laughable and pathetic I've seen for a while.
Voiii's avatar
What do you hope to accomplish by telling her you find her unattractive though? (idk seems rude, you're free to your opinion and all, but I don't get unhelpful comments that could be hurtful.)

I don't get where you see the man build. xD So that comment seems odd.:
Women Body Shapes:…
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