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Pekoe - New Baby Kitty

This is the new baby kitty. She is 5 months old. Her birthday is Sept 24, 2008. She has one eye, even though you can't really tell in this pic. Her left eye (our right when facing her) is the good one.

Our first kitty's name is Java, named after the drink and the programming language. New kitty is named Pekoe after the tea and, phonetically, the programming language Pico. :3

Java is still not particularly happy ^_^;
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right?! She is still SUPER cute.
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She's so pretty , it looks like she's smiling :meow:
Did Java finally warmed up to her?
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No, they fought until the day Java died xD
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That is the happiest looking kitten in the world!
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she's still pretty happy. Once of the nicest cats I've ever had! xD
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0.0 soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!
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:3 She didnt get much bigger...
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she's adorable, I once had a cat who looked just like that (but wasn't missing an eye) named tigles LOL! We had a huge backyard in which she claimed as her hunting grounds and almost every day would leave a dead animal at our doorstep, even a squirrel one time, one tough cat! When we moved she was so upset that she ran away, never saw her again :-(
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lol aww thats cute but also sad. T_T I bet she went back home :O I've heard of pets doing that
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She's such a cutie? Why her, and how did she loose her eye?
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She had an infection, they told us. She was a stray but a shelter took her in. :3
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More kitties to muck up your photoshoots, yay! XD

She's cute! Oh, she's a pirate? Name her Rummy and watch the Pirates of the Caribbean fans laugh! XD

"Where has the Rum gone?"
"To harass the Java."

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Rummi was my first idea XD
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Oooh, someone you barely know shared your brainwave? You should definently go with that. XD
AdorkaStock's avatar
husband vetoed it. Her name is now Pico :3
galacticpink's avatar

Pico, eh? As in "small"?

*thinks of Digimon and is pretty sure Pico means small or tiny as in Pico Devimon (Japanese name of Demi Devimon)*
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She's named after a programming language ^_^ [link])
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You're a SM Otaku and your husband is a computer geek, eh? XD Geeks of the world unite! XD
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