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Horse 1 Turnaround - Free Now on Patreon!

Hey all! Here's a set that includes 25 images and takes you all the way around Sailor Epona and her horse, Prophet. 

This set is FREE now on Patreon! :la: 

Photography by Blue Amrich. :thanks: 

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DragonKhaleesiLiz23's avatar
Will these poses also work if you're trying to draw your character riding a dragon?
AdorkaStock's avatar
I've never personally ridden a dragon, but maybe? I'd check dragon anatomy and see where the legs might go.
DragonKhaleesiLiz23's avatar
That would help a lot thank you so much lol haha my character live in a sort of medieval fantasy world with magic and gods etc...and I wanted to practice drawing dragons.
AdorkaStock's avatar
Dragons are awesome!! I hope you can figure it out, if these help def use them!
DragonKhaleesiLiz23's avatar
Indeed they are and I will thank you ^^
hyakamaru's avatar
thank you a lot for providing it for free !!  this is really useful for practicing
Vizslan's avatar
Used here: Facing the Odds
Thanks so much! It was a perfect ref!
theblock's avatar
"Shut up Sakky get on my hoorse!" LOL (hope you get the reference) Amazing Horse 
AdorkaStock's avatar
theblock's avatar
It's one of those looping meme songs, can't believe you never heard of this!
AdorkaStock's avatar
not sure if I'm better or worse off for having watched that :P 
Meritre's avatar
So beautiful and thank you so much!
Iunya's avatar
Thank you so much for this free set! :w00t:
DannimonDesigns's avatar
I cant buy it I was hoping it was in the gallery :( 
AdorkaStock's avatar
DannimonDesigns's avatar
My apologies, I downloaded the pack. I felt bad because I though had to be a subscriber in order to get it but not really and it was a set I needed because I have characters who ride horses ^^;
AdorkaStock's avatar
I hope it's helpful. :)
BigMac1212's avatar
Nice to see the horse behave him or her self.
AdorkaStock's avatar
He was a Very Good Boy.
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