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Female Rope Pack 1 - Pose Reference

Jade put me into this crazy contraption and tied the other end to a car. I felt totally safe and normal. :paranoid:

Funded through Kickstarter.

Thanks to `jademacalla for his awesome photography! :D


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Hhmm this one 404'd me too. T.T
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Are you unable to download it?
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I got it it was just some weird thing that didn't work on my end. I'm using firefox now instead of chrome. I'm tired of google.

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Used for reference: 16. Web by PersephoneWatching

It doesn't look too safe up there.
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I've been putting off finding abseiling ref pics and I can't believe I just happened to stumble across some in your gallery? You and your team are ANGELS
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Haha we can thank Jade for this sweet set up. I want to do some more belaying and stuff at the local climbing gym but I need more people for it (can't belay myself... and take pictures lol) 
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Thanks for the stock~

I used it for Inktober~…
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Sakky! Thanks to your extraordinary pose (last picture lower right) I was able to create this piece:

Lara Croft tribute to Michael Turner WIP by wayner8088

Reference credits and linked to your page!
Thank youuuuuuuu! :hug:
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I used one of these as a reference for this drawing:…

Keep being super amazing!!!! :heart:
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Theres a mixture between, I have to practice these kind of poses and I just wanna do boring standing posesCURSE YOU! 
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Check some of the older stock, I couldn't catch action with the old camera so if you go back far enough you should find more static poses. Also check the folders like these:……
PikachuLightnin's avatar
Thanks you!Wink/Razz  But I think you may have misunderstood.;) (Wink)  I was implying that I should try practicing more advanced poses then boring standing poses. But I love how you were so generous to find a folder for me!:D (Big Grin) 
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oooh sorry lol I have so many messages sometimes I am guilty of half reading/half guessing ^^;

YES DO THAT. :D You want these folders instead:……
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dude!!! i know that harness!!! lol.  ah, i miss rigging.  ...i miss stunts.  you should definitely sign up for a wire workshop if they pass through your area.
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I don't really have anywhere to do this sort of thing unfortunately xD
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ah, that i understand, lol!  all my photos were taken at stunt school in seattle, or ny circus arts academy.  it's so hard to find a good space for rigging.  or people who can rig...and have harnesses...::sigh::
so, double thank you for posting! lol
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Sure! haha it was all the model with whom I worked, he knew all the stuff I just spun around like a maniac :D
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these are great. I used one as photo ref for a sketch…
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Great poses! I'll be drawing comic art very soon (for my own pleasure and for my DA gallery) will definitely be using some of your pics as reference, they're GREAT! :D (Big Grin) Thanks. Also massive congrats, I wish you all the very best.
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Thanks! Looking forward to seeing your art :D
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