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Female Gun Pack 2 - Drawing Reference

I have very little training in the use of a handguns. These photos were taken with a fantasy/magical approach in mind; please consider this when using them for reference.

Because I've had a few people ask: the handguns we used in this set are an M9 and a Sig. Both are replicas and not functioning firearms. I don't know anything else about them or which is which but if you need more specific details about them, I'm sure jademacalla can help if you send him a message. :thanks:

Please refrain from making comments about the model's ability.

This collaboration was funded through Kickstarter. Thanks for your support!

Credit to jademacalla for the photography on these. :heart:

Uncertainty - Pose Reference by SenshiStock Male Gun Pack 1 - Pose Reference by SenshiStock Light Test for Guns - Pose Reference by SenshiStock Shot Through the Heart - Pose Reference by SenshiStock Female Gun Pack 1 - Pose Reference by SenshiStock

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Used this here:

Lady Deadpool


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Thanks for the great references. I actually used this one twice.

Space Vixen
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Used here:


Thanks for awesome references! :D

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Hello, i used one of your pose to complete my work, thanks a lot! :)

Shelly's Routine by Mynistrhell  
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Hey there! I used your photo (The top left one) as reference for one of my drawings!
I love your stock photos! Really helpful <3

Lara Croft by FideDraws
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Cool! This'll be a lot of help for future drawings so thanks :D
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I love this model and her poses! Was instantly inspired for a drawing!! THANK YOU FOR THE STOCK PHOTOS!!! <3  Picture:
Shoot! by cupcakelover821
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How does she fly? 
RetroRemaker's avatar
Yeah thats amazing BTW may i ask? You do and kind of sport? You look fit. I'm not pervert its just a normal question!
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I have photos from various times in my life so I have various levels of fitness. At the time of this shoot I was in pretty good shape and exercising regularly  
RetroRemaker's avatar
But whatever happened you should not stop lose hope that easily ?you were awesome!you still can do it believe in yourself :)

I can never believe i'm saying that but "don't give up" you must not be disappointed whatever what happened.
AdorkaStock's avatar
haha I'm not sure what you mean but I am okay? 
RetroRemaker's avatar
Okay Hope you are always fine :)
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Hello, I used the stock. The middle one.
(4) Underwater

Thanks as always!
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I know that these are only female bases, but how in the world to you take these photos?
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Jump!! land in pile of mattresses. Have very sore body the next day ^_^; 
twodeee's avatar
Oh, well that's quite interesting lol. Poor body
AdorkaStock's avatar
Yeah it was fun but a little rough ha
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I used your pose here…

Thanks so much!
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Nice. Thanks for showing me!
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Hi ! I used your photo as a reference here :  Major by Corelle-Vairel
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