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Female Archer Pack 3 - Pose Reference

Important Notes:

I have no archery training; `jademacalla was kind enough to allow me to use his bow and give me some basic tips. Thus, these are probably not accurate references for a skilled archer. These photos were taken with a non-realistic approach to archery in mind; they are more geared to the magical and the fantasy. Please consider this when using them for reference.

Please refrain from making comments about the model's ability. I am already aware of the shortcomings of the technical aspects.

Download for full res on all images.

Funded through Kickstarter.

Big thanks to `jademacalla for the photography on these.


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Thanks for the great bow reference! It helped a ton <3

Alvis Filianore
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Used the top-right photo as a reference for this picture! Thank you so much <333
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and thanks to model for such a beauty and amazing work
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Big thanks to `jademacalla for the photography on these. 
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Yeah he's the best. :D
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Amazing. Thank you for posting this.
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ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau?
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thank u!! I love you!
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These are amazing. I need some dynamic poses for cover art and while searching Hawkeye, Arrow, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,... I came across these. I marvel at your ability to jump around with pointy things. I would probably loose an eye. ☺️ Thanks.
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haha yeah it was challenging, glad it looks helpful! 
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I used one of your lovely poses for my character illustration final. :)…
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Hi! i used your stock here!…   Thank you so so much!! :sun::hug:

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Hello, I loved all your stocks. I'll try to make something beautiful and when
the work is
ready I'll show you and I give you the credits
Thank you for providing us with these so beautiful :)
Sorry my bad English Ashamed 
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It's okay! I look forward to seeing your art :D
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Hello! I referenced this for a drawing here :) :)
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Wonderful!  Again you've provided an excellent reference for what will no doubt be a recurring theme in my and others' arts.  Thanks, Senshi stock!
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