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Dual Blades at Rest - Pose Reference

This was actually a lighting test shot, but it came out kinda cool. 8D

This collaboration was funded through Kickstarter. Thanks for your support!

Credit to `jademacalla for the photography on this. :heart:


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LunaTheHedgie12's avatar
i used it to do this:  |Seer Gone Dark| by LunaTheHedgie12
AdorkaStock's avatar
I get really excited when I see you've used my stock lol :heart:
artofAM's avatar
I'm flattered Blush it means I'm doing my job well :)
DanCap11's avatar
hey, thanks for the pose, i used it here
DanCap11's avatar
Hey, I used the reference pose here
Kitty-Brando's avatar
Amazing pose!! I used in this:…
Thanks for share your work!!!
Debochira's avatar
Hi! This was used in a commission requested by me:…
SewnFlesh's avatar
I used this for reference here:


Thank you! ^^
Patnactt3's avatar
Thanks for the pose.
carrotycake's avatar
Thank you for the amazing stock footage! It's really helpful just for general drawing practice, but I also used this pose as a reference here:…
I made sure you were credited there so hopefully that's not a problem :)
thank you!
MTGreat's avatar
Thank you for the stocks. A drawing from this.

Keep up the good work! <3
yurian-miku's avatar
This pose will work great to my character. I'll gonna show you if I'm done with it. Your account is so awesome, really helped me alot. Thanks

Michael Jackson Bow Icon I bow down to you ^_^
AdorkaStock's avatar
Happy drawing! Looking forward to seeing your art :D
CrystalCyae's avatar
I used this pose as a reference for this
Thank you so much!
kavtoM's avatar
Thank you, it really helped me with this one (x)
Lunatic-Blade's avatar
I used your lovely pose as a reference here:…

It's supposed to be part of a bigger piece so it's still in my scraps, but before I reach that final product I'm gonna have to sink another 30-50 hours, but it's taking a while now, so I'll just comment it now to let you know that I've used your ref :P

That sentence made no sense whatsoever. Yay. xD
AdorkaStock's avatar
Wow looks amazing!  Glad the stock was helpful, thanks for showing me :D
Lunatic-Blade's avatar
Thank YOU for making awesome stocks! :hug:
Sasiadragon's avatar
This picture frustrates me greatly. I'm doing studies (in the vain hope that maybe someday I'll be able to draw a decent human being from memory), and your right (my left) wrist is doing something in this picture that looks really pretty, and I've tried to draw it so many times, but I cannot figure out what it is that makes it so great! :nuu:
AdorkaStock's avatar
I hope you can figure it out!!! Maybe try flipping it upsidedown? Sometimes that helps me :D
Sasiadragon's avatar
Oh, that might be an idea! Must try!
MissBarb's avatar
great pose!! i use it in here!!! thankkss :D

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