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Jan 8, 2011, 2:52:21 PM
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(Gulp) W-whatever you say, m'lady! I will bow down to you! (shiver)

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Loving these, such badass poses ~
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Thank you so much for making this!!! Helped a ton!!!
"Ask me how many effs I give" :)
SamanthaJosephineArt's avatar
Oooh I love the facial expression
AdorkaStock's avatar
Pissed off/neutral is one I'm pretty good at xD
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I used your pose as reference here Integra fanart 
Btw. I love your stock Little Pixel Heart 
BisexualZuko's avatar
"I'm wearing my formal leather jacket. It's the one without any blood on it."
(sorry, that's all I can think of when I see this picture ><)
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I used the stock here. Great image and perfect practice.
Sylistra-The-Scholar's avatar
Bah I love this pose, but I'm having trouble figuring out how the pants will flow on this character design I am developing. I don't want super tight leggings and it's a little difficult deciphering how and where to add fabric lines. I don't want to overemphasize the crotch, and those fabric lines are always tricky. But still this is a very good pose, simple, but it has a great expression and for those that are trying to branch out of standard standing positions, poses a challenge. (See what I did there? AHAAA HA HAAAihatemyself.)

Puns aside, I love this. And now to look up some fabric tutorials and refreshen my memory.
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haha :'D I'm sorry for your plight but I wish you the best. You can do it!!
Sylistra-The-Scholar's avatar
Fabric Liiiines. When you're learning to draw people and characters you hate hands at first, usually, then I hated feet. Now, I don't like fabric lines. xD But I did the deed. And I am pretty sure I like it. ^-^

Sketching art series are frickin' tough. I dunno how people do all of those character series drawings. o.O
AdorkaStock's avatar
Yeah, I agree - character art is hard!  Studying fabric can be pretty interesting though. Someday I gotta set up a still life and sketch xD
50-Shades-Of-Faye's avatar
Badass Levels Are Over 9000 by 50-Shades-Of-Faye Thank you so much for the reference!
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Hey I'm probably going to do a bunch of Resident Evil Sherry Birkin and Ada shots with your poses. I just love them. Gotta hook up my scanner later to load them up. I already did one. Will give you a shout out when done. Thank you! :)
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aaaaaah i used this as a reference!… it helped so much! thank you!
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hey there, i used this as a reference here:…
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I used this stock as reference here: [link] !!
You are my hero, thank you so much for your hard work!!
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