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2AM Kicks - Pregnancy Reference for Drawing

Baby is about 2lbs now, so when she moves around I can really feel it. I wake up a lot at night because I have to roll over or go to the bathroom. Any time I get up, she usually becomes a little more active when I lay back down. Sometimes I will just fall asleep with my hand on my belly, feeling her little wiggles and thumps. :3

Baby FAQs:
- It's a girl!
- Her name is Amalia!
- She's due in mid July!
- She won't be a stock model!

All 284 pregnancy photos are on the new SenshiStock USB 2.0 Drives which is now available for preorder on! It includes over 1,500 unreleased stock poses!


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Something about shoelaces and tumblr.

Pregnancy Stock - Couple 6 Months by SenshiStockPregnancy Drawing Reference - 6 Months by SenshiStock
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Apr 11, 2014, 8:25:38 PM
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Used as a reference here 
[Wyngro] WP 2 - Dream a Little Dream by slayingallhumans
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I used your stock here:
Thanks so much for your help :D
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I used your stock for a photomanipulation here: Sunbathing Woxie
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Hello! I referenced your wonderful stock here:… Thank you so much!!
AwesomeSauce5Yolo's avatar
wait, how do you use stok images?
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Kind of any way you want? Mine are mostly made as pose references - hence the limited clothing - but I've had artists use them for manipulations, too :D
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Yup. This might also help:

FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?

DeviantArt has a whole section dedicated to Resource & Stock images :D
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thank god! thank you!
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I used this picture for reference to draw this.…
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Aww that's so sweet. X3 Probably uncomfortable when she moves around and wakes you up, but still precious moments I'm sure. X3
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She was pretty good, most nights she barely moved and now she sleeps at night :D
lonesome-wolf-child's avatar
Oh that must be nice! :aww: She's about three months now, is she not? :) (Hope you don't mind me asking. XD; )
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Yup, 10 weeks! :)
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Aww, talk about time flying by. X3 Haha 
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indeed! Days seems long but the weeks seem to pass quickly
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Oh I know the feeling! Haha I babysit for a living currently and the days do seem long until school starts from me, and then when I get home, it's like the time I have left to relax dissipates almost immediately. XDD Hahaha But then at the end of the week, it's like, WHOA... Where'd it all go? 8P Haha
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Amalia is such a pretty name <3
Your little girls probably due here any day now, good luck :D Im sure she will be beautiful like you
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Sakkkyyyyy, this is the picture I have been searching for, for like ever. Thank you!!!
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I usually use your poses for reference but I am normally silent
So, I just want to say congrats and thank you for uploading all that you do ^_^
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thank you very much! :hug:
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