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2021 DEJ 19 - Down

This pose is part of the Draw Everything June 2021 Challenge! Check out the DEJ 2021 Journal for all the info! ♥
Draw Everything June 2021It's time for my 6th annual, month long drawing challenge! 🎉The challenge is to draw every new AdorkaStock pose that I submit between June 1, 2021 and June 30, 2021. New poses will be submitted at 9PM Eastern every Sunday - Thursdays in June. (No new poses Fridays and Saturdays)PLEASE READ EVERYTHING IN THIS POST CAREFULLY IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE AND QUALIFY FOR PRIZES. 🌟HOW TO ENTER:🟣 Draw every pose submitted to the AdorkaStock DA gallery between June 1, 2021 and June 30, 2021 (22 poses, some include multiple models)🟣 When you have drawn ALL THE POSES please SEND ME A NOTE by July (July! Not June ❤) 15th, 2021 with the subject "Draw Everything June 2021" and give me the link to your completed challenge art. Yes, this means you have an extra two weeks to get everything done!🟣 It is REQUIRED that you submit one large deviation that has ALL the drawings in one image, please number them 1-22. If you have individual drawings and cannot put them together as one digitally, put them into a folder or gallery and take a screenshot to submit. Entries submitted as Folders will NOT qualify this year!🟣 You DO NOT have to do completed work with every pose - rough and gestural sketches are okay! But it *does* have to be the full pose (yes, even multiple models) to qualify. IMPORTANT: The majority of the pose should be visible for it to count for the challenge. If you draw the head and shoulders and cover the rest of the body with a huge dress, it's not going to count as drawing the pose. You can use anthro characters and other slight anatomical changes; you can change the genders of the characters.Poses will be in the DEJ 2021 Gallery Folder and at the bottom of this journal as they appear in the gallery.If you want to see the work people are doing as they complete the challenge, you can check my general Favorites folder where I will be collecting stuff as I can. When they come in, I will be collecting fully qualifying entries into a new 2021 DEJ Favs Folder. Entries will NOT be accepted by any other submission manner other than together in ONE IMAGE sent BY NOTE with the CORRECT TITLE as outlined above. Please please read it all carefully as I will not have time to correct or contact invalid submissions and they will be disqualified. (Sorry!)All participants who complete the challenge will be eligible to randomly win something fun like pose reference USB drives, DA subscriptions or fragments, pose card decks & books, unreleased stock, gift cards, art supplies, and more! I plan to again try to give everyone something for entering, depending on how many people complete the challenge. PLEASE NOTE: Prizes are assigned RANDOMLY to any eligible participants. If you enter this challenge, you agree that you understand the prizes will not all be of equal value or distribution. This isn't a competition - it's a fun challenge for fun and I just really like to give stuff away. Please keep the positive spirit of the challenge! ♥HAPPY DRAWING! PS. If you're supporting me on Patreon, check the recent posts! There's a link for special advance access to all of the scheduled poses for this challenge! Tag your images on DeviantArt and other social media sites with #DEJ2021!As with usual stock usages, I can't comment or collect every image but I will be looking at them as I can! I love seeing the work! POSES: [coming soon~!]


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glackory's avatar

I liked this pose, I might use it to draw. :)

JuliaMersmann's avatar
DEJ2021 19 Flora of the moon

I had to change the pose a little bit, because of the long body of that creature. Still the upper body and the legs are quite same same as in the reference. :-)

DuchesseOfDusk's avatar
AssassinNahomy's avatar

MAss effect, I LOVE IT <3

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Hikatsuke's avatar
Elythe's avatar

I'm still kinda keeping up >w<

2021 DEJ 19 - Down
Shirkit-Victoria's avatar
Draev'ju XIX

~ I really loved this pose !

Katieline's avatar

I gave it a bit of a twist, you might say... ;P

PookaWitch's avatar
2021-DEJ-19---Down - Sophie

I hope that it's still okay for the challenge if I twisted the position of her hands a bit.

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