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Facial Expressions - Jerod

By AdoraLynn
Just a couple of quick sketches showing something new. EXPRESSIONS.
It's not that I didn't know how to draw them before...I just didn't have the occasion.
But now you get to see my OC Jerod and his natural reactions to certain things...because I thought he might be getting a bit boring with his only and omnipresent smirk.

Sad, surprised, impatient/bored, *Facepalm*, flirty, angry, confused and disgusted

That disgusted face...I don't know what could possibly be gross enough to make a filthy pirate, with a background story of 3 years of living on the streets and eating whatever he could get his dirty hands on, with no hygiene at all as you can imagine, all that only before joining a crew of smelly and dirty pirates like he now is, and having faced a lot of spoiled food, smelly crew mates, seasickness and scurvy, be as disgusted. But apparently, such things do exist. And whatever that is, I don't wish you to encounter it...or him...or her...

I really love the flirty one. :heart: I might pick it out of there and finish it someday.
I hope you enjoy. Please leave feedback because it makes me happy.
Jerod belongs to me, and so does the picture and it is not stock.
If you use any of these as references for your own pictures, that's fine, but please credit me and show me what you drew. I'd love to see it!
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Dizzy-Possum's avatar
oh he have nice expressions ^^
tamowicz's avatar
I really like these expressions, nice style of drawing.
Psyghostis's avatar
What a great grin that guy's got.
L-Y-N-S's avatar
Nice assortment. Well done
roamingtigress's avatar
Great sketches, great expressions!
SgianDubh's avatar
Great work! I like your drawing style :)
ANimeMOrganMAnga's avatar
I love Jerod's Expressions!! i need to update a pic on Dominic's expressions....
NydraonWoW's avatar
... youre too awesome. I havent done anything artsy in months, I dont really have the time. When you draw stuff like this, you make me want to again :) I wish I could just draw like this, without references.
The-Dark-Ashenik's avatar
Upper third expression is just... :lol: Reminds me of me, a lot. Its an expression I make.
"Oh for fuck sake, why are youstill here, leave me alooooooone"
Living-In-Whimsy's avatar
Facepalm :heart:
Why can I see him doing this after Maggie tries to blame him for their incident on the ship?
KabbaV's avatar
I love you're technique. Soooooo much!!!
Sweetseek's avatar
Loving his face expression! 83
AdoraLynn's avatar
Thought it was about time I show more of his faces. :XD: I felt he was beginning to get a little boring with no change of expressions.
Sweetseek's avatar
Lol the expression-less man. XD
Don't let him be like the actress off of Twlight who doesn't have any expressions at all. XD

But I really love the faces. :3
FeatherhowlArt's avatar
AdoraLynn's avatar
Adorable? Not what most people would describe him as.
But heck yes he is! :icononionx3plz:

Though I thought I was like the only one who found him so.
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