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Happy New Year!!! I've started a challenge with Yuuza to make one or more speed paints every day until we make 100. This is my 4th that I liked so much I decided to finish it up and submit it C:

It's an albino dragon, the white pink color scheme has been on my mind for a while now and I think I may still draw a few whiteies :squee: For albino purists: the blue is not pigment, it's a stone/mineral/gem/whatever formation

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The greatest thing about this image is the sheer volume of things to enjoy! With only a few subtle grades of shading, you have manged to captured not only a great sense of depth but also of texture- you can almost feel the Dragon's smooth, rubbery texture as it coils about itself. The head, lovingly detailed, bears an expression of smug laziness, with just enough fang showing to remind us how deadly a creature he can be! The burning ember colour of his eyes and striking clue serve to punctuate the pale milkiness of his skin and make the image pop from the page and settle comfortably in the memory of the viewer- to remain there, cozy and slumbering, for ages to come.
A beautiful piece that artfully uses a sparing touch and a mastery of tone, i agree with another "critiquer" that, had i stumbled across this image in a book as a child, I would have fallen a little bit in love with it!