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Tumbledump XVIII

My tumblr followers good-naturedly endured a deluge of lounging Izzys this week.

Now that they're all in one place I can marvel at my total inability to maintain his proportions in relation to the chair.
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Even split between how much I love the writing and how much I love the art.
A lovely collective portrait of his communications AND his body language, but the rooster geometry is probably my fave.\

You continue to be a national treasure, love!
BrooderBoy's avatar
I don't know if I'm in love with him or your blazing talent.
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I love these little snippets of this characters life so much. The physical language of your artwork is genius. The comedy writing is not just funny, it's also engaging and interesting. I can't think of any post in these internet-ADD days with that much text that I actually read every word.
If you are not somehow already famous then I really don't understand the world.
Adoradora's avatar
Aw, thanks! I've been getting a little carried away with the dialogue recently, so thanks for taking the time to wade through the whole mess.
Farbjous's avatar
May this chair never be scratched.

Also those dainty feet.Fool Emoji-32 (Crazy Dance) [V3] 
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Izzy the lounge lizard, loping the line betwixt languid and liquid...

I'm starting to think Pixie did the nasty with one of those Eel folks.
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I missed this fellow!

...what, exactly, is his profession?
Adoradora's avatar
He's kind of a theatrical agent/promoter/publicist/talent manager/dance instructor/whatever he needs to be in order to keep himself in gin and sardines.
MMWoodcock's avatar
:lol: The best summary ever. love your work :)
almighty-pedestrian's avatar
I gotta say my favorite thing in this compilation is the roosters. They're all so pretty and lively <3
ocoelho's avatar
Hahahahaha vry nice!
ThatGameFox's avatar
Nice! I like the style
Comitz's avatar
These give me life. I can't wait to see more of him and of the misadventures he goes on!
lynzinitus's avatar
I feel like this chair should be a drawing meme. Fantastic job, by the way!
I-m-a-g-i-r-o's avatar
No, not all comedy is supposed to be turned into memes.
Very little if you ask me.
lynzinitus's avatar
Nah, what I mean is like using the chair for those struggling to draw their characters into chairs. Not for something funny, but for those who are trying to better themselves in their art.
I know I have trouble drawing people in chairs, and this would be useful.
Adoradora's avatar
I completely get your point. I really enjoy setting myself little exercises to see how many different ways I can draw a character doing something mundane, like eating a sandwich or lying in bed. It's a good way to break yourself out of the habit of re-using the same few poses and gestures over and over again (something I'm often guilty of when I'm feeling lazy or uninspired).
lynzinitus's avatar
I think we've all been there. I know I'm bad for drawing the same type of facial structures or Ill accidentally clone an old oc. So, Ive started doing different types of random exercises to see if I can get out of that rut.
Quarter-Virus's avatar
Your style and this character are utterly fantastic.
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