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Tumbledump XVII

And here's what this guy's been up to lately.

Sorry for not having posted here in a while, folks -- I'm way more active on tumblr these days.
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You're a real classic cartoonist. What's this guy's name?
TremeOne's avatar
Your works are awesome, story is so funny , i love your tumbledump series.
BrooderBoy's avatar
Hahahaha I love everything you draw, and this guy is a paroxysm of class. You got me on the waxed floor. :)

You're just too awesome. All I have left are exclamation points . . . 
Okay, I was giggling and chortling through all of these--especially his foot in his suspender, and the waxed floor, though as always it's hard to pick favorites--but that last sequence made me shriek loud enough I hope my downstairs neighbors haven't called the cops.

You, m'dear, should be a national treasure!
Oly-RRR's avatar
This is epic! Especially the sleeve, it made me laugh out loud! :D

Though that lady does look badass!!
perfesser-bear's avatar
Hello, Adoradora, I see you're back and you've brought the [vaguely insulting adjective] Izzy with you.  Always a pleasure; especially the ones where he gets his heart torn out... (like, um, any given episode).
ReineDesCanards's avatar
I savour each of your drawings
tetso's avatar
I love your sense of humor.
TuesdayNightCompany's avatar
Oh god, I love your writing so much.
Comitz's avatar
The wax floor one killed me.
shadowofalife's avatar
Quite a character you have here! I love him!... I wouldn't date him but he's hilarous, I'll give you that. :D (Big Grin) 
The old cartoon elasticity fits you so well; your style is amazing. It makes me very happy to see your art. It's truly outstanding and inspiring, just like fresh air
schaadenfreude's avatar
ah man, going over the older dumps and this, it's easy to see the improvement. they've gotten slightly more consistent, less elastic (a little less cartoony on the whole, though that elasticity is still there when it's needed), but i still get shades of the funnypaper comics like Berkeley Breathed in all the right places~ these show such a delightful range of the shapes and sizes people come in, which you don't often see outside of satire. but these characters are themselves, like it or not, and it's so wonderful to see! and Izzy is such a character, you can't help but like him, at least a little.
Auramiyonautica's avatar
Love how dynamic they are OMG
AngryFrenchKanadian's avatar
more of this
Minilog's avatar
I'm pretty sure I love him? Like 99.9% sure. Your art style is really expressive, which complements his personality and makes him even more adorable. ;_;
Kabudragon's avatar
I just can't get over this fella. He's endlessly delightful.
PhilowenAster's avatar
I love the 'getting ready' montage ending with unraveling the sleeve of his dress jacket. Giggling like crazy here!
Comickpro's avatar
Izzy is such a charmer haha, you really know how to weave in his actions with being an unwanted creeper and yet being so honest and sincere about his cat calls you admire his voracity. :B Who else would order the drink "pre thrown" to face?? Now that's a gentleman! hahah Great job as always! 
Laylabelle97's avatar
Wait, I feel like I've seen this one before, and not just on your tumblr.
Adoradora's avatar
Hm, I don't think any of this has appeared on DA before… maybe my humor's just getting a bit repetitive, haha. 

Actually, it's definitely getting more than a little repetitive. I've been fretting about that for a while.
Laylabelle97's avatar
My mistake, then.

Ah, I'm always down for 1920's schmucks
Azurilla12's avatar
Cometkittykat's avatar
never seen this before, this made me smile.
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