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Tumbledump XVI

… Featuring a background study, an inventory of a certain character's personal effects, some miscellaneous doodles, and a response to a tumblr query about the extent of Izzy's criminal activities.
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Gorgeous. I don't think you get nearly as much praise as you deserve, so here's some more: The love and detail in all of these is astonishing and palpable and just so's ya know, toots, you are my favorite artist Of All Time. No exaggeration.
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beautiful!  Always appreciate these collections :3
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Izzy will never not make me think immediately of Steve Buscemi.
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Oh Izzy, this is just evil. :XD: Especially the band scam! Or the signature fraud! And the thing with the bottle caps is JUST CHEAP!

I love what you do with lines and colour but it's your characters being as messed up as mine that makes every dump like this a treat! :) Keep it coming! :D

And who's that cycling with a desk?? :omfg:
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Cheers mate! I'm glad all the time I put into thinking up daft, unnecessarily elaborate swindles is paying off :)

And that curly-haired nebbish cycling with a desk is actually myself. I had to put up a commissions post on tumblr to help defray some of my moving expenses. Luckily my car-owning housemates stepped in to assist (after being bribed with beer) so I didn't actually have to transport my furniture by bike.
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Ehehe, I hope someone out there feels this way about my daft doodles! :XD: It's like.. .there are these people in your head and you draw them going on about their lives and then it becomes sort of real for somebody else and THAT'S THE GOOD STUFF, RIGHT? :D

Ooh, I see! I keep missing out on stuff on tumblr, bad at tumblr-time management (and can't even find the time for my free online classes these days, bad me). Would it be weird (but hopefully not creepy-weird) if I say you look kind of like your characters? But I think many artists do, if you put a row of sketchbooks and a row of artists in random order it would probably be possible to match most of them. :B
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The diner shot is great.  I've never eaten anywhere that required that much ketchup (although the cafeteria at my previous job was close).  Izzy's pocket contents remind me of a wanna-be meme on Flickr a few years back.  I think we've seen some of the character sketches before, but you've colored them now and they're great, anyway.  And why does the long-suffering Clytie stick with this clown?  Entertainment value (and a whiff, perhaps, of desperation).

But your crowning achievement is always Izzy on the phone.  So elastic, so flexible.  There are precedents in Nature of course.  Eels and weasels come to mind...
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Goddamn, these are so good. When it loaded in my feed I may or may not have let out a yell that would have been more appropriate for a touchdown at a football game. I love your work so much. 
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Once again, another bunch of art that is a pleasure to look at.  Hirschfeld meets Hoffnung.  I love it all, from the pocket items to the full painting.  Thanks for posting these.

My favorite image is the woman with the feathers.  She looks like a voodoo showgirl.  I don't know why, but I keep coming back to it.
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Your art is so eyecandy. Thanks for sharing it.
So okay, I've spent half an hour trying to figure out my favorite bit, but there's an Umm Bear-Ass Mint of Wretches, or some such. It's gotta be one of three things: The top picture in its entirety (with ketchup), his taped pince-nez, or his next-to-last phone pose.

As for his wonderfully retro accessories, I have one question about the receipt/address/coupon/whatever book; does that bold black line-with-three-globs-descending logo mean something I should recognize? (Pawnshop, maybe???)

Your fan,

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You guessed right! Those are pawn tickets. I'm not sure what the provenance of the three-globe symbol is (just googled it out of curiosity -- it has something to do with the Medicis, apparently. Who knew?). Thanks for the comment!  
Yeah, growing up mostly in midwestern college towns severely limited some aspects of my knowledge of Classic Big City Culture, and a few weeks visiting my sister in Queens (Jackson Heights, two blocks from Little India) this last decade didn't really help. Otherwise, it's mostly New Yorker cartoons from the '20s and all, which certainly left me with a great delight in Art Deco pomposities and Art Nouveau swoonage, but even those don't tend to include the full range of pawnshops, flop-houses, male tea dancers and their customers, and similar joys.

I don't normally LIKE artists who draw human grotesqueries because they're usually sneering at them from outside, but you clearly delight in every horrible human foible, avoirdupois or bony angle, ghastly pet, ridiculous taste, and grotesque contortion we can manage in all our preposterous glory.

For which I thank you, O Adoradoradorable You!

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seriously great
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You're one of the best cartoonists I've seen. Period.
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Always such a pleasure to see your works :)
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These drawings always make me so happy. Also, I can't keep still when I'm on the phone, either, and when I hang up, I'm always in some weird, unnatural position. :D And I never get tired of the way Izzy talks. Or the way he does anything, really.
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Your artwork gives me life.
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Your poses are just so damn dynamic<33 I loooove it
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Oh gosh, every time you post one of these it's just a delicious collection of masterpieces. 

Delicious art. 

Delicious dumps

Wonderful work :heart:
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