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Tumbledump XV

More of the usual magoozlum, featuring a couple of lady Izzys drawn in response to a tumblr request I've received surprisingly often.
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Hey do u do request, art trades, or commissions?
DragonlordRynn's avatar
I love them. Now I have a sudden urge finding out what Anarchy Pottery is.
RyuIcefox's avatar
awweeee I love these dumps they make me smile
Themrock's avatar
Looking at your stuff always makes me fell like I have to pressure myself more. You hit everything I like! :)
J3V1L's avatar
Lady Izzys?

I almost had half a mind to draw her myself.

Maybe reacting to being thrust suddenly in front of Regular Izzy. The reactions...
Taojoe's avatar
Beautifully drawn - witty & the characters' personalities are so fully formed,  Wonderful art.
To this casual but ardent fan you seem to be tapping into some parallel world and reporting back to us via cartoons.
It's always a bright spot to see a new post!
Aazhie's avatar
omg the last one with birthday things XD  I love it.  Izzy makes me feel better about my crappy days <3
chid0's avatar
oh my god Izzy in drag you're my favorite thing on this site
ziblie's avatar
I wondered if that was a genderswapped Izzy! Perfect.
Comickpro's avatar
Izzy is such a great character, he oozes personality and wit in every doodle of him. And wow thats cool to see more of Neetu! Quite a daredevil...and to poor Izzy's horror! haha great work as usual I always squeal in glee when I see your work in my inbox! :D
perfesser-bear's avatar
Topiary and Civil Disobedience -- Clytie is such a polymath.  Or a Dendrologist-terrorist in training.

In re: Izzy's amortization negotiation for the potato & pie, I can only suggest J. Wellington Wimpy's promise, "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today"
petitecat's avatar
This is so cool, I love your style so much!
batchix's avatar
I love these.  The humor is so awesome.  <3
Minnie-Salinas's avatar
'featuring a couple of lady Izzys drawn in response to a tumblr request I've received surprisingly often' Are honestly that surprised? But as usual your artwork is absolutely lovely. I wish you'd swing by here more often because it always puts a smile on my face (and a dumped tumblr). Will there be any plans in the future for commissions?
Adoradora's avatar
Ha ha, I guess I'm not that surprised (isn't there some term for that? Rule number something? I don't know, I'm too old to keep up with these kids and their World Wide Web-speak).

And oh no, I still owe you a commission. I'm not sure when I'll open them again, but I'll reserve you a slot before I do. I know you were next on the list that time I had to cut my commissions short because I overcommitted myself. Sorry about that.
Minnie-Salinas's avatar
I believe it's rule 63? And no you don't owe me a thing. I was just asking out of curiosity. I know what it's like biting more than I can chew so I completely understand the need to close up shop. I'll keep my eyes peeled when you do open again though.
Otakui's avatar
this is delightful
ChartreuseNoir's avatar
You are one of the best cartoonists I've ever seen.
And Izzy's niece is my kind of lady.
elecktrum's avatar
Pure awesomeness!
Algesiras's avatar
Thanks for sharing your wonderful work. <3
ISO-3103's avatar
I really love your style, the expressions are just amazing!
Tomokatu's avatar
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CrypticDog's avatar
The expressions are brilliant and the dialogue is absolutely hilarious :D
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