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Tumbledump XIV

A bunch of old characters and some brand spankin' new ones.
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@ the guy on the top left, SAME
AtLeastimalive's avatar
I like your style B-)  .. Good work Nod Nod Nod   
Skellagirl's avatar
Your character design skills are ridiculous; so inspiring
Metalero099's avatar

Excelent work! Really unique!

MamzelleZephyr's avatar
I love your line. Great work !!
Themrock's avatar
Just incredible!
squonkhunter's avatar
THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL. Your exaggeration and caricature is inspiring. You make me want to be a better artist.
IrresponsibleDad's avatar
The lineart for the guy with the camera and telephone is so detailed and complex i love it!
bearblue's avatar
I love that guy dowsing for he win. Of course, there is more to love, altogether. Awesome humor and wonderful art. Thank you for sharing this.
Monstrous-Mimi's avatar
Your character design is so inspirational, really makes me want to improve my skills where they are really lacking. Keep it up!
desidala's avatar
I love your fantasy world!
lockland's avatar
Dude this made me soooo happy, I got semi naked and danced along with it :P
Comickpro's avatar
oh man! A collection for the eyes! These characters really stand out and all have such a unique shape and personality and elaborated about of details! I swear I have to sit and just stare at the whole thing in awe for several minutes just soaking in all the amazing line work and expressions and poses ahaha. My favs are the chandelier man, the crying lady, and that funky squished cook frying a bat in a pan hahaha. Amazing work :D btw riding 2 unicycles with one broken arm...that's some hardcore riding skills there! 
BS-ADOPTS's avatar
Pockets-Deep's avatar
Good god. Amazing.
ReineDesCanards's avatar
Each one of your posts is such a treat! I look at my dashboard and when you're there, I keep you for the end 'cause I know I'll spend an eternity admiring whatever is on the menu. GNGJHH I LOVE YOUR ART
TeenyTinyTena's avatar
My initial reaction was to spam this with hearts and exclamation points but then I decided I should act like an adult (boo). So yeah, absolutely wonderful and imaginative and original, the lines, the movement, the dynamic style... I mean, this is sooooo much better than anything I've seen in a LONG TIME as far as character design goes.. uhhh I just want to see them animated somewhere :heart:
MZELLYFOO's avatar
Those are really cool! I love how they all are so creative and demonstrate different personalities. LoveloveLOVE it! ^_^
chingaowfunk's avatar
Kool design. .thanks for sharing.
chickey251's avatar
I really love the dynamic feel of your characters- they really move! This, as well as, your celebration of different body types makes your artwork very unique and genuine. 
DreamKeeperArts's avatar
A great deal of awesomeness going on here.
You've earned a watcher.
Asahi-sensei's avatar
waaaah... such inventivity ! ^^ 
i'm always amazed by your artwork :heart:
Famigirl's avatar
The strong lady!!!!!
SquidHatJenkins's avatar
YOU RETURN!!!LALALA  And with a VENGANCE!!!! I LURV IT!!!dramatic emote 
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