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Tumbledump VII

By Adoradora
Hey folks, I'm participating in an art jam over on tumblr. I ain't never art jammed before, but I'm enjoying it mightily! And the gracious hosts, :iconsephiramy: in particular, are being very patient with me. I'm sure I'll test that patience before the week is out ;)

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chickey251's avatar
The dialogue and character design flow together so well. Amazing! I know people have already commented on her outfit in the last panel, but the taxidermy is seriously top-notch. 
ziblie's avatar
This is beyond fantastic. I want her hat.
I absolutely need that cigarette holder.
Adoradora's avatar
I think I might've unconsciously swiped the whole finger-mounted cigarette holder idea from 'Sunset Boulevard' -- in fact, here's a picture of Gloria Swanson using something similar. So who knows, maybe you'll stumble across one in an antique store someday!
desidala's avatar
oh, that lady`s accessories! I love them! the hat is genius, the neck and that cigarette holder. i`ll give so much to have one of those 
lockland's avatar
Ah Doooodie!! I love it so much! The wit and the spit, and the slurring speech fantastiche my dear!!
Adoradora's avatar
Cheers mister! I am slowly getting into this whole 'writing dialogue' schtick. I don't really know what the hell I'm doing but it's all a voyage of discovery. Hope you're doing well up there in the frozen north!
lockland's avatar
discovery is lovely, yeah the vortex of terror has been fun for the last week.
though as a now de-virginized tobogganer winter can be pretty dang awesome!
hows life in the bayou?
Those are really gorgeously written. I can practically hear their voices in my head.
Adoradora's avatar
Many thanks! I'm just slowly finding my rhythm writing-wise, so it's really encouraging to hear that the dialogue seems to flow okay.
Ohthehumanityplz's avatar
George looks adorable on the last panel. :XD:
El-R's avatar
Haha this is great. I've never seen your art before but this is making me super curious. I love your lines and your characters seem great. The line about the son's father was fantastic. xD
jojoseames's avatar
Oh, bless you for this. :heart:
Ninnik's avatar
I love the way you draw his trousers. Such fluid lines. And wow, the animals on her dress and hat.
inktoad's avatar
I'm so in love with your lines:iconwhaaplz:
EpineQueen's avatar
Oh my, I just love your style and humor. If you ever bring out a book of sketches or cartoons or somesuch, I'm buying it,
Sephiramy's avatar
Patient nothin', I'm so thrilled to have Izzy, Pixie, AND George in attendance! It's an ORIGINAL character ball, and it'd be tough to get much more original! Not only do I love these, but now I'm filled with glee at the implication that there is more to come! :dummy:
Adoradora's avatar
Aw, shucks! And speaking of patience, you must have near-saintly patience to have so lovingly rendered every ribbon and ruffle and sequin and spangle on your characters' glorious outfits, dang! I was wondering -- I don't suppose I could borrow one or two of your darlings at various points during the proceedings? Perhaps Bea and Mona? I'll make sure to return them in good nick. Although I may not be able to entirely do justice to their incredible getups. 
Sephiramy's avatar
Oh my goodness-gracious, PLEASE DO!! Consider me practically herding them towards you! I can't express how flattered I would be! Gosh-geez!! *u*

Also, I hope this doesn't make me rude - I was planning on borrowing Izzy and Pixie without even asking. I hope that is okay! They are too fun to not try and draw. I promise to do my best to not louse them up...!
Adoradora's avatar
Oh man, please borrow away, I'd be thrilled! There is absolutely no way you could louse them up. They're pre-loused. And I'm so sorry about Pixie's outfit, I don't even understand how it works. You're welcome to just throw a tablecloth over her or something.
Sephiramy's avatar
Heck no, I'm renderin' this HAT AND ALL! (I love that hat.) Lettin' it all hang out - er - maybe that's poor phrasing. Uhh.. BASICALLY, I'm doin' it! And that's all there is to it.

Also, they are awesome, I assure you any lousing will be my mistake. Unless you're talking about lice... Do they have lice? I know Izzy lives in a storage closet... aw no, that's okay, you don't have to answer that. At any rate, I'm looking forward to drawing them!
Adoradora's avatar
They have SO much lice. They are going to give all your guests lice. Possibly even scabies. I'm so sorry.
Sephiramy's avatar
Ahahahaahaha! I appreciate your honesty. That is very big of you! I feel a little itchy, now, though. I'm going to assume it is the itch to make artwork... that's what I'm gonna hope.
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