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The St. Saphronia Girls' Reformatory Jazz Ensemble

Oh, right, Deviantart still exists! Hello Deviantart. Still the same shade of bilious green, I see. Always thought that was an odd color choice.
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DeeRose's avatar
Uuuuugh, they're all so awesome and beautiful in their own way!
I-m-a-g-i-r-o's avatar
Yeah the background color is pretty weird.
But I've found use for it! Some artwork actually looks pretty nice on this green.
And you can cut out a piece of your image leaving that as the background color.
Katie-W's avatar
These ladies designs are nothing short of fantastic.  So expressive too.  Great work!
Comickpro's avatar
These are so amazing, each one has such character and personality. :D My fav one is the trumpet player, she looks like she will kill you if you criticize the performance haha. Awesome drawings!!
JuneDelph's avatar
Is there any other site where you post your wonderful artworks ? I love 'em so much :happybounce: 
Adoradora's avatar
Aw, thank you! I'm much more active on tumblr these days.
almighty-pedestrian's avatar
These ladies are so wonderfully designed <3
starblinx's avatar
Your designs are amAZING. I've never seen such energy in poses.
Diinzumo's avatar
What? Where are you hiding? We'll go where you are!
Comitz's avatar
I would follow these women and their band! They're where the party's at!
Shirakei's avatar
What other colour would you have chosen?
PhilowenAster's avatar
Such a bunch of characters! 
xXmidnightsnackXx's avatar
oh my goodness! This is amazing!
Minnie-Salinas's avatar
I'm glad to see you stop by once in a while.
auriceli's avatar
God damn, you're always so phenomenal.
MMWoodcock's avatar
I have missed your work. I am lazy for asking but do you have Twitter or Instagram or any other active sites??
leasel's avatar
They are cool! 
VikJones's avatar
Yaay! You're back and, once again, with a freaking masterpiece. Bravo, you.
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