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Hotel Regal Deluxe

So I drew this in the midst of searching for a new room, and yesterday I FINALLY found one in my price range. It's a 7'x7' windowless cubicle, accessible by ladder, in the attic of a vast, labyrinthine Victorian deathtrap. So it looks like my six-year run of living in seemingly uninhabitable spaces is set to continue a little longer. Although I'm not sure how well I'm going to cope without a window. My sleeping pattern is chaotic enough already.

I guess the only point I was trying to make with that boring little insight into my life is that this image is very relevant to my current situation.
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You are are hero to me, always, no matter what.
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Beautiful work, as always. I'm studio-hunting myself at the moment. Trying to move out of Hawaii, which has inflated prices due to everyone wanting to live here. It's hard to grow up with parents here expecting you to move out when it's literally impossible for anyone but the rich to afford anything liveable. Anyway, Izzy's place looks cozy, at least, like he's made it his own. I love pictures of peoples' living spaces where the artist took the time to develop the character and express it by what's in their room, and you've done just that. Each drawing of yours is a world all its own, and it's fun to disappear into, even in as cramped a space as this.

I hope you're able to make your quarters a place of your own, too. Things will get better, and sometimes the worst experiences become the best stories. You can tell everyone about that period in your life when you lived the Bohemian artist's life.
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As a person currently living in San Francisco, this picture speaks volumes to me haha. Living here, Izzy's room would be considered a spacious quarter and cost you a MERE $1,200 a month. Btw, I was totally convinced this was a real watercolor until I read the details that its "digital media"?? You fooled me very well! Great job on the coloring and as always the collection of details that I can stare and inspect throughout the piece in awe (while constructing my own little story on how he got all these items haha). Love it! :heart:
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I can share those small-room woes with you, I live in a similar sized room, gotta love the game of playing storage-tetris with all of your belongings!

In all seriousness though, I'm glad you were able to find a room BUT I do hope you are able to find somewhere more habitable and roomier in the future. And with a window as well, oh gosh.
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I'm claustrophobic.
No windows.
Better die now.
I love your art but I wish you'll find something more comfy to live in..
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For a comic page, the coloring is perfectly fine.
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Please tell me you're going to open commissions or something soon so there's some way we fans can offer our support??
(I mean.. MERCIFUL HEAVENS Shiver  my legs are cramping just at the sight of that non-existent space! EEEk~ ... but I suppose that just bears witness to how well you drew this tiny room. *shudder*)
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This. This is gorgeous.
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7'x7' is not a room O_o
That is a cupboard ;u;

Awesome artwork though
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"In case of fire, pop open a bottle"
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That sounds horrifying.
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Okay, better not be claustrophobic I guess xD but there IS an advantage to tiny spaces by experience : everything is at reach. Downside : it's very very easily messy and dirty. What's left is a matter of organisation.

Excellent illustration by the way, I'm impressed by your backgrounds : simple but very lively.
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I'm not sure what's more tragically comedic -- your depiction of Silver Snoot's Izzy's neighborly dispute or your description of your new dwelling place.  Sure I live in a 'former' trailer park and sure we have had a flock of new families move in on the street -- with their noisy larvae -- but at least the place is mine.
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Geesh well there are at least lots of fun storage solutions for tiny spaces? Good luck!!
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from conception to execution, perfection!

sorry 'bout the small room... hope you find that barely hidden enchanted door to something better...
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There are actually several mysterious doors and hatches in and around my room, so here's hoping!
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Elaine, I feel ya.
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Reminds me of the apartment in blues brothers.
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If there was a window, I'm sure there'd be train tracks right outside.
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Hunting that lone moskitoe? Or attempting to assasinate the noisy neighbor with the power of his mind and the ritual sacrifice of a wooden instrument?
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The picture has a kind of comical claustrophobic aspect, it's done with a lot of diligence and detail. Very good job.
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Where's the freaking bathroom?!
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It's down the hall! Although you can piss in the sink, if you're desperate. I'm not saying he's ever done that, but I'm not not saying it, either.
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