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Etsydump II

More of the same. All these are painted with watercolors and gouache and lined with ink and brush, for those as may be curious.
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oof god your stuff is good
MephMan's avatar
Thank god you're still posting, although we would love to see so much more...
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Awesome! Especially vampire face.
NoahRodenbeek's avatar
A panthaur!? I thought we already maxed out the awesometer for this deviant account! You keep inventing ways to be inspiring and incredible. You really are my favorite artist to get notifications from.
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That's exactly the medium mix I want to get into more! Gouache mostly- did you do these in a watercolor sketchbook in your spare time or was this a sit-down and work on for a solid few hours exercise thing? I usually like to use ink pens like the Faber Castell ones, are brushes easier?
I love the jaded B&W smoker best, but they're all spectacular, including the wonderfully awful one with the pet iguana.

Your art always makes me wish I had sufficiently exaggeratable looks to be charmingly grotesque! Bland and dumpy just isn't enough. ;)
Diinzumo's avatar
These are incredible. Just takin' the snakes for a slither...
Raven-Halloween's avatar
my absolute fav is the panther lady. because i can see the scenery behind her like if it was there. such movement and shapes!
Totally Brilliant work as Usual!
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the Bulldog portrait at the top is what brought me here, it's the best!
iamzid's avatar
after having though about it for a bit i take it back, it was the Neapolitan Mastiff portrait at the top that brought me here.
perfesser-bear's avatar
The noble Neapolitans make a pleasing couple.  The lady with the skates, though -- just screams Starlight Express.  Nosferatu looks like an Unsafe Tor.
ReineDesCanards's avatar
the devil goat lady and saxo demon are so GORGEOUS! I want a movie about all of your characters. (oh, one of her horns is behind saxo guy, check your layers :) )
I love your work so much! You have such a distinctive style, such clean, expressive lines. All of your characters are so alive in both their movement and their expression. And I love how they aren't cookie cutter, what-you-expect-to-see, beautiful people all the time. They're so much more real and fascinating. 

I can't wait to read your web comic. Have faith and patience in yourself during the process. Love 
Minnie-Salinas's avatar
I wish I could study under you. No lie.
Kplmr's avatar
this concepts are amazing, i love how you mix animals with ppl , your style its so unique :D
Comickpro's avatar
So amazing! I always envy your skills in watercolors haha, such tight controls and perfect blends! Great inking too, I love how each piece is as crazy and unique and the next one :D I think my favorite is the lady with the snakes on a leash, I've had similar wishes that a snake could be walked on a leash and they would slither with you for a stroll...the fancy pooches take 2nd place because of those wonderful droopy jowls ;b
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