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All-Night Diner

Hey deviantart, long time no post.

I tried to paint something, with mixed results.

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GypsyNatayla's avatar
Awwwww that's cute😍🤗
Riana-art's avatar
I lov ethat picture - the poses, te expressions, togehter with the "graphic" look of the shapes of the lamps and her hat. Its very easy to imagine the long evening they have had :)
JohnKeane's avatar
Crazy beautiful work. Amazing use of shapes with the characters, great colour choices. 
MatteoPaolelli's avatar
Great! do you use watercolors?
Themrock's avatar
You are freaking good and am happy that you get the attention already!
GPawlick's avatar
Simply fantastic! He knew his job tanglefoot tumblr. Really a wonderful job!
(I do not speak english, solve any problem understanding it with Google translator, it was he who told me that if I wrote that)
jojoseames's avatar
Yaaaaaaaay, paint! I like the colors you used.
Adoradora's avatar
Thanks m'dear! How in the heck you have the patience to render every single panel of your comic in glorious technicolor, I will never know.
jojoseames's avatar
A very specific form of madness.
Neillustrations's avatar
Mono or duotone is bad ass and can fit this comic nicely
barksodaverne's avatar
how come you call it "with mixed results"?
perfesser-bear's avatar
Isidore and Clytemnestra -- even if, as you say, "Izzy really isn't her type. Y'know, on a chromosomal level," (implying, perhaps, Clytie may not date outsider her species), they certainly seem to have this interdependence thing going on.  The events leading up to their meeting might be a good starting place for the comic.

Geeze, you got an artsy following -- at least three other people figured out this is at the same diner pictured in Edward Hopper's Nighthawks.  Just a little farther to the right, past the door, you would have seen the red curtain in the next window.  Hopper couldn't fit the whole canvas into his studio...
Diinzumo's avatar
Very nice composition! I love the situation and the watercolors look good. That fur wrap sure seems comfy...
Comickpro's avatar
Oh! I've missed your amazing drawings! :heart: the coloring is subtle and works well with the sleepy mellow tone of the piece. Haha I imagine they were out dancing all night and ended up here in the end for the late night pastry and smoke. Great piece! :)
lockland's avatar
HA so nice Anna!! I loves it!!!!!
U23Art's avatar
How delightful and dapper.
iHaveAChair's avatar
This is MARVELOUS! The use of colour and shape and IDEA is lovely, and frankly, adorable. The sense of space conveyed is delicious for my eyes to behold and -- I love it, really. Thank you for sharing! You have a wonderful mind!
barbarasobczynska's avatar
this  just splendid! bravo! :clap:
ReineDesCanards's avatar
I love your art. You're awesome. I want to read/see your stories!
hoity-toity-holiday's avatar
First thing I thought of was Welcome To Night Vale. :)
Fizzyl's avatar
You've got this amazing combination going; that old-timey cartoon charm of exaggerated features, and your own unique way of making simple things beautiful.  All the littlest details in this make it fantastic, and the piece as a whole is as familiar as a warm hug.  Reminds me of nodding off over strawberry pancakes at Roxie's at 5 in the morning.
Hari-Jizo's avatar
You need to do colors more often! Looks great.
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